Unholy Knight

Ziron and Eldon woke up with a slight pain in their sides. Sleeping on the floor of a cave was not the most comfortable thing. Aegis had awoken before them and stared out into the mossy waters. He looked around to see his guests awake. “Good morning,” he said with a warm smile. “What will … Continue reading Unholy Knight

Death Rider Continued

Ziron stood up and encapsulated his body with a thick layer of light as a massive fox began to appear around him. He rushed towards the terrifying knight and clashed with its blade with vengeance. The crashing of claws and metal echoed through the mossy plains. Picking up the massive creature Ziron leapt into the … Continue reading Death Rider Continued


When Eldon and Ziron are challenged with the feat of a beast known as the Slaver, they uncover more than they bargained...” Eldon walked through the deep woods with me trailing behind him. I looked around anxiously at the darkness that seemed to seep into this forest. “What are we looking for?” I asked desperately. “The … Continue reading Slaver