Hacker Story

In this world identity is everything! Your ranks in the leaderboards, the stats of your characters, and your team, decided your fate. Ever since the new GameSlayer Computer Game System was released, life is all about winning! Apple and Microsoft were actually working together to make a Computer Game System! I couldn’t believe it! I … Continue reading Hacker Story

My Dark Angel

She was always running up to me. Her step filled with energy and bounce. Behind her the lockers were a blur. Her beautiful hazel eyes and rebel smile accented her angel-like face, boring into my soul with such softness only she could radiate. She would always say, "I love you," as she leapt at me. … Continue reading My Dark Angel


The name is Seth Kaileen, age seventeen. I am tall with long black hair. My eyes are brown and I am pretty muscular. I have really good friends and the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. However that is not important. What is in this story will blow your mind, I know most people will … Continue reading 2084


Aceion           These demon rebels were proving to be more of a hassle than Aceion had predicted. He knew however it didn’t matter he needed to get it done!           “Aceion, you are a disgrace to your race being Lucifer’s little bitch!” a creature snarled. Burly figure, snarling with white pointed teeth, with a crazy … Continue reading Excalibur

Dream Police

Follow a 'stereotypical' teenager and his 'stereotypical' life in which is changed by the mere step into the Dimension. Soon he must make very 'unstereotypical' decisions to save his friends! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part One I walked through the small house and into my room, tossing my backpack by my desk and plopping myself down into the bed. … Continue reading Dream Police

Night Owl

Vampires were always known for their incredibly feats. But sometimes darkness can engulf even the most powerful Vampires. Join this posse of Vampires as war and romance bloom on their planet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part One: A Battle of Love --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The weather was warm and the atmosphere was dark. It was night and I had just … Continue reading Night Owl

Day Trekkers

Werewolves and Vampires have lived in harmony for many decades, so why is this ruthless Vampire Lord named Vladimir hiring hunters with the sinister goal of Exterminating their species? Join the elite as they defend their species! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part One I was stuck riding the metro bus today and I couldn’t stand it! Then she got … Continue reading Day Trekkers