I think I HaTe her HaTe what she's become HaTe how its ended HaTe how it unfolds But it's not only her I HaTe him too A wreck for sure A fool that only exists Like an endless soul He's lost someone And it's changed him But not only that Someone close Has closed her … Continue reading Hate


The slap left a red handprint on my check… Cheater Seth Kaileen I pulled her close to me and pressed my lips to her. This would feel amazing, but I was not thinking, what ran through my mind was not my thoughts it was lust. Lust was fueling my passion. I felt her lips, they … Continue reading Cheater


The name is Seth Kaileen, age seventeen. I am tall with long black hair. My eyes are brown and I am pretty muscular. I have really good friends and the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. However that is not important. What is in this story will blow your mind, I know most people will … Continue reading 2084


Aceion           These demon rebels were proving to be more of a hassle than Aceion had predicted. He knew however it didn’t matter he needed to get it done!           “Aceion, you are a disgrace to your race being Lucifer’s little bitch!” a creature snarled. Burly figure, snarling with white pointed teeth, with a crazy … Continue reading Excalibur

Dream Police

Follow a 'stereotypical' teenager and his 'stereotypical' life in which is changed by the mere step into the Dimension. Soon he must make very 'unstereotypical' decisions to save his friends! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part One I walked through the small house and into my room, tossing my backpack by my desk and plopping myself down into the bed. … Continue reading Dream Police