DAEMON (Excerpt 2)

So this is going to become my huge work in progress. Not much might make sense but I am hopefully going to be doing this project! Thank you for reading! Damien sat in class as the teacher drew on and on about the infamous DAEMON and what they have done for us. He had drew … Continue reading DAEMON (Excerpt 2)

DAEMON Excerpt

I've got a crazy mind, and so many weird things to try and convulse into one thing. This is a little bit of what I am thinking. Needs a lot of development but... "Try not! Do or Do Not. There is no try." So come with me on this wacky adventure! (I promise I will … Continue reading DAEMON Excerpt


Arcane, Prometheus, and Ophelia had been transported back to their home bases at the tower. They received word that the Speaker must talk to them. They each popped by the vaults and emptied it of their Armor, Weapons, and Support Inventory. They gathered all of themselves together and traveled to the Speaker. He sat high … Continue reading Bonding