Mahus Clan Revenge (Part 2)

The two men beside him quickly did hand signs as they locked eyes with each other. “Yin Release, Two-Timing Combo!” They yelled together as chakra strings flew through the air connecting the two enemies. Suddenly their bodies became one giant monster. “Yin Release, Speed of Light Jutsu!” The leader exclaimed as Chakra built around him … Continue reading Mahus Clan Revenge (Part 2)

Mahus Clan Revenge

I've never been any good with introductions... So I decided, why not throw our heroes in a perilous battle with unguessable odds? Sounds fun right?  Suddenly Malik threw hand signs as I looked over at him. “Thousand Arms Jutsu!” He cried out, light came out in strings around his body forming into arms that rushed at … Continue reading Mahus Clan Revenge

The Showdown

Caspian came from behind the brick, with a grimace on his face. He looked thoroughly pissed. “So killing your own kind is a specialty of yours?” Caspian said through gritted teeth. “I killed you?” the man said flabbergasted. “Didn’t take,” Caspian laughed as he whipped out his hand and snapped his fingers. Flames came at … Continue reading The Showdown