Dissociative Identiy Disorder- A disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states. I haven’t a slight clue who the hell I am anymore? It dawned on me this evening while I was smoking. I looked at my cigarette and just was shocked and ashamed that I involved myself in something I … Continue reading Distraught

“You Need to Decide, What Kind of Person You Are!” 

Facing the possibilities that the very nature of your soul might be shattered, is something not to take lightly. I mean really how the hell could someone manage four completely different personalities, and more importantly, which one is the most prominent? I’m sick to my stomach thinking of the very things that could have happened … Continue reading “You Need to Decide, What Kind of Person You Are!” 


I sat on the bench, desperately smoking a cigarette as a young man walked up to me and sat down.                 “Hello Seth, how have you been?” he asked in an anxious tone.                 “Hello Austin, I’ve been doing okay, how about yourself?” I said nonchalantly as I puffed away.                 “What happened to you … Continue reading Sapphires