Unholy Knight

Ziron and Eldon woke up with a slight pain in their sides. Sleeping on the floor of a cave was not the most comfortable thing. Aegis had awoken before them and stared out into the mossy waters. He looked around to see his guests awake. “Good morning,” he said with a warm smile. “What will … Continue reading Unholy Knight


Derek sat at the bar, tapping away furiously on the table. The speakeasy was busy tonight, not something Derek liked. Suddenly the doors were thrown open and in pushed three people in long white jackets. Great, Derek sighed, now the Artesian police force was strolling in. Hopefully they would overlook him. He really didn't feel … Continue reading Untitled

Tower Siege (Excerpt from Tiez; Killer of Kings)

Disclaimer: This will NOT make any sense as it is the very end of the story, however struggling with creativity I decided to pick out pieces of my thought processes to hopefully invigorate my creative energies... please forgive my disappointment with NaNoWriMo this year... I still have time, I am still trying... Tiez blasted through … Continue reading Tower Siege (Excerpt from Tiez; Killer of Kings)


Arcane, Prometheus, and Ophelia had been transported back to their home bases at the tower. They received word that the Speaker must talk to them. They each popped by the vaults and emptied it of their Armor, Weapons, and Support Inventory. They gathered all of themselves together and traveled to the Speaker. He sat high … Continue reading Bonding