November 7, 2018

NaNoWriMo Updated

Good Afternoon to the readers I might have. If you are paying attention to my “NaNoWriMo Project for 2018”, you are more than likely incredibly confused. So let me updated what’s going on. So first of all I did not intend to do it this year, last minuted my significant other decided to do it this year and I couldn’t let her do it by herself so I decided to just do it. I had a three day mess where life got in the way of uploads and such but that’s semi-resolved now. However, I had no real outline I had a general idea so in order to test the waters on this, I have written a bunch of scenes from the story developing deeper into what I want it to be laid out. When I come back to edit it I will stitch it all together. But so I keep writing every day and stay relatively in goal I have done random scenes to explore my characters and opportunities. I will be revising my outline ASAP in order to bring some organization to the chaos!


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