Day Six

Kasey Grimhold sat at his desk scratching away with his pen. He had short messy black hair and a chiseled face accented by green eyes. A journal laid flat on the desk and papers and books scattered around his desk. He pushed up his glasses and took a sip of a glass of hot black coffee. He heard a knock on his door and reluctantly got up from his desk. Walking up to the door he pushed it open.

“Hello this is Kasey? How can I help you?” Kasey said looking the stranger up and down.

The stranger was an older slim man, his eyes were a deep brown, his clothes were ripped and torn and he wore a bomber jacket with some sort of embroidery.

“You’re the occult scientist right?” the man said, almost shaking.

“Yes Kasey Grimhold, I study all that is occult and paranormal, who might you be?” Kasey said stroking his chin with curiosity.

“I’m here for power,” the man said shyly, “the name is Logan Rhett.”

“Well I don’t know how I can help with that? It’s awfully late maybe you should come back again later, I can give you a card?” Kasey said annoyed by the intrusion.

The man furnished an old revolver and aimed it at Kasey.

“I think you have some time now?” Logan said threateningly.

Kasey just sighed to himself, he always knew his profession would attract some people that were a little crazy headed but not this soon. He stepped back with his hands up and was forced into a chair.

“If you are seeking real power, you’ve already got the most dangerous weapon known to man in your hands?” Kasey said slyly.

“Yeah, well guns are unpredictable and not the power I am looking for. I only have six bullets. I need the power to kill hundreds,” Logan said as he quickly rifled through the desk.

“I don’t think you will find what you are looking for here in all honesty, my science is largely based on hypothesis.”

“Yeah, that is usually where the secrets lie Dr. Grimhold, religion is not a milestone in our society for no reason.”

“Looking for anything in particular? You’re disorganizing my highly organized mess,” Kasey said in annoyance.

“Demons,” the man said without looking up.

“Ah, the most unknown of the occult, Demons are mythological beings that exist within their universe underlay within ours. It is said, through mythical statements, that demons look for vulnerable hosts to infect. A tragedy must befall them to make their own spirits weak enough for possession. Once possessed the demon will protect its host with an array of powers. First enhanced abilities. Secondly what we call ‘aura control’, and finally their most powerful Transformation,” Kasey stopped and rubbed his temple, he had already said so much. He was so passionate about his profession he didn’t think to hold back so this man wouldn’t try to use it.

“That is helpful indeed!” Logan shouted with happiness as he walked over and quickly bashed Kasey in the head until he was unconscious.

Logan walked out of the building with a sadistic smile on his face and made his way to his parents’ house. Knocking on the door his parents greeted him with open arms. Hugging him and holding him. Not a care in the world for why he might be there.

“How’s life mom and dad?” Logan asked.

“Oh you know just trying our hardest to get by every day.


Logan walked into the bedroom of his parents and quickly grabbed the father by the hair. Dragging him to the bathroom. Logan quickly stabbed him in the throat a dozen times as blood fell to the floor.

“Hey dad remember that time I got a C on my exam and you took me to the closet to kick my ass. I remember. This is why I’m stabbing you right now,” Logan said his eyes wide with bloodlust.

Blood pooled on the floor and his father lay dead on the floor with his eyes closed. Logan walked to the bedroom for his mother. He decided it would be best to do it peacefully. Crawling on top of her he wrapped his hands around her throat. She chocked and gasped as she slept until Logan could feel her body go limp.

“That school I wanted to be in so badly, it was only a signature that is all I needed but no. You wouldn’t sign in. That’s why I am killing you. But since you haven’t laid a hand on me, I decided it would be best to just simply kill you peacefully. Goodnight forever mom,” Logan said as he walked out of the bedroom.

He sat on the couch looking around anxiously for the treasure he worked so hard to claim. Suddenly the door blew open. A glimmering figure was there. A black mist of horns and claws. It walked up to Logan and picked him up by his throat.

“This vessel is what calls to me?” The beast screeched.

“Hello, demon. I am here to claim the power that is rightfully mine. GIVE IT TO ME!” Logan yelled wrestling the creature to the ground. They rolled around grunting as Logan attempted to overpower something beyond his control. It had won. Lifted him up and bashed him into the walls. It ripped his body open and crawled inside. Suddenly crumpling to the ground Logan woke up.

“Hello foolish mortal vessel, my name is Buey, and you are MIND NOW!” It growled inside.

Logan felt the power coursing through his body. He saw his wounds instantly heal. He laughed manically as he made his way out the door. The evening air was nipping at him. The mists caressed the body that felt like an illusion to him. He continued down the road as he approached a house. He quickly kicked the door in and looked at the screaming couple in front of him.

“Hello Davis, hello Cara,” Logan smirked.

“Logan it’s been so long, what are you doing in my house?” The man said instantly furnishing a weapon.

“Oh that won’t work on me anymore,” Logan laughed.

Suddenly light built up around his body and virtual horns grew from his head. He walked up to the man and quickly ripped his body to pieces. Shots were fired but only absorbed by the light that shimmered around Logan. The girl anxiously tried to crawl away but couldn’t get away as he pulled her leg towards his demonic presence. He picked her up by her neck and the aura around him faded as his face came inches from her.

“I loved you Cara, more than anyone could, and you sleep with the guy who made my high school life a miserable existence? That is terrible of you but I will take one thing from you before you die. A kiss,” Logan laughed as he brought her face close to his and kissed her gasping frame. Suddenly limp in his arms he laid her down peacefully on the couch.

Logan stepped out of the house and looked up at the moon, feeling it’s white light wash over him. He howled to the moon in bloodlust as he made his way to the undesirable part of town. Walking through the old moldy bricks and crumpled fire escapes a bunch of younger kids were smoking some drugs and hanging out by a barrel fire.

“Evening gents,” Logan said tipping an imaginary hat.

“Who da fuck is dis?” One boy said instantly pulling out a gun.

“No dear mate,” another said pulling out another gun.

“This is Teflon territory, get the fuck out,” another one said turning around to face their intruder fists raised.

“Oh goody, toys!” Logan screeched.

The boys shot at him but they did nothing to his body. He continued forward. Bashing the two men together in violent succession until pieces of their skull and brains were running down their bodies. The third boy had taken a step back preparing to flee.

“I wouldn’t” Logan said as the horns reappeared.

“What do you want,” the boy said tears running down his cheek.

“I’m looking for your boss. Please I wish to make a business deal with him,” Logan smirked as he approached the frightened child.

“Yes please just don’t hurt me,” the boy cried out.

“Then, lead the way!”

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