Day Four

The room was suddenly filled with white robed figures. Each one holding a sword at the boy frightened in the middle, his eyes darting around desperately seeking some sort of escape from the hell he had been tossed into. He could find no hole in their defenses.

“Well, a disgusting creature of the night lays before our feet. Hurriedly looking for some sort of escape? I will tell you now, there is no escaping us. We are Paladins, wielders of the light shined upon us by our lord and saviors. We will use the power he has vested us to slaughter you where you sit. Your black blood will overflow onto the tile. Your wretched existence extinguished. Cleansed by our forgiving light,” One chanted raising their sword high.

The teenager on the ground trembled with fear and suddenly felt the pinching of anger as power whelmed up inside him.

We will not be perishing here this evening,” a voice rang out inside his head.

Power exploded from the boy sending the people surrounding them flying into nearby walls. A growl shook the building as the boy suddenly had claws where his fingers should be and attempted to slaughter one of the men in white. Blood oozed from their wound, but light flickered around the wound and the blood was siphoned back inside, the skin completely healed.

“So youthful, yet inexperienced, your little claws can’t harm us foul creature,” the one that was attacked laughed as he pushed the sword into the unsuspecting teenager, gasping.

The sword began to glow white, repealing the healing the teenagers body was attempting to perform. Blood trickled out as much of it gathered around their sword. Blood shot from his mouth as the blanket around the sword fell to the ground. Red washed beneath them as the claws began to evaporate, a fog where they once were.

“Why though?” The boy cried as he crumbled to the ground.

“The thing inside you is evil boy, it will twist your thoughts, entice your suffering, make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. They infect your very humanity, feasting on your luscious soul. We cannot allow that,” he said drawing the blade from the crumpled man on the ground.

The body begged for blood light reached out trying to siphon anything it could, fighting for its life. The man kicked him into a dusty corner. There would be no blood there for a while. They each sheathed their swords and began to leave. The boy dying on the ground gasping for help.

The celling crashed above them. A man stood in the middle of the room gazing at the group of paladins that had thinned their mission a success so they let some of their men go. The man looked sadly at the ground covered in blood.

“You did this?” He said not once looking up.

“Of course, these damned creatures must be slain, and who might you be?” The paladin said walking in front of the man staring at him menacingly.

“Tragic,” the man from the celling said as a hole had suddenly appeared in the paladins chest.

The mans arm had been surrounded in thick hide, sharp terrifying claws on the other side. The light begged to repair the man but it was evaporating on contact. The paladin cried out as he quickly closed his eyes.

Another paladin stood in complete shock and awe at his mangled associate. Trying quickly to summon his weapon before the man who had done this came after him. He soon realized that he had been killed moments before. Claw marks on his chest oozed with blood as he crumpled to his knees. When? How? He felt nothing but death encompass him now.

The third paladin did not attempt to fight but instead decided to run. A creature had blocked his path. Shifting light played in the hallway. Angry red eyes glowing in the darkness. The paladin shuddered for a moment as he fell to his knees to prey. His heart laid on the ground before him as the man who had came from the sky had punched his heart from his chest.

The man stood surrounded by bodies as he carefully began to emit some sort of vapor as his skin returned to normal, the bloodlust in his eyes ceasing. He walked up to the boy who was gasping for life.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here in time, I would have saved you if I could,” he said as he carefully peeled the heart from the boys massacred body and drank (from) it.


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