Day Five

The room was quiet and damp as Radon sat meditating on the floor. The damp evening air danced around him as he slowly descended into unconsciousness.

“Hello foolish mortal vessel,” a deep voice rumbled within.

“Greetings Verthral, how are you faring this evening? How is your power?” Radon asked with a sly smirk.

“I will never be as powerful as I want to be, we must drink more hearts to sap them of their power,” Verthral growled.

“Perhaps soon we will find more people to take their power from,” Radon laughed menacingly.

A clank rang out behind him, drawing him quickly from his comatose state. Without turning around using his demonic powers he could see the red haze of his surroundings. An old man limped carefully towards him leaning gently on his walking stick. His face was wrinkled and covered with locks of white hair. His eyes were sunken, piercing at Radon. He wore a pair of slacks and a polo shirt. He stood behind Radon and smirked, something sinister about his presence.

“Who might you be, and why are you here?” Radon said, turned around staring down the old man.

“My apologies sir, my name is Runne Baker. I am a magician of sorts just trying to gather a little coin for the long trek home, do you have time to see some mystifying techniques?” The old man said jolly and as though he was not at all threatened by the very force that blanketed the room.

“That’s odd, approaching a man for money?” Radon said as he shuffled himself forward.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” the man nodded pulling out a coin, “now lets see this disappear!”

He flicked the coin through his trembling hands and suddenly it vanished in thin air. Radon scoffed and pulled out a rounded piece of Palladium and tossed it in his direction.

“How kind of you young man,” the man smiled.

Radon motioned him away but he remained unmoving.

“Aren’t you going to ask how I did it?” The old man said pulling at his beard.

“Most magicians won’t show me their tricks and I need to rest a bit longer,” Radon said. He was surprisingly calm in a situation that might make him annoyed. He didn’t feel the tug of his demon’s rage, the voices inside his head had stopped whispering. It felt odd. He wasn’t sure if it was the meditation or the silly old man that was lifting his spirits. A piercing pain through his chest reminded him that something was very wrong.

“You didn’t even ask me where the coin went?” The old man said, suddenly much less innocent holding a blade in Radon’s chest, “Cadmium, a weird sort of metal, highly toxic in small doses. Deadly in high.”

“What is happening?” Radon said throughly shook.

“You are what all my followers are afraid of? I foolishly tricked you with magic? How can you be that threatening? What is your body count of Paladins now? Hundreds? Thousands?” The man said pushing the sword deeper.

The wounds was not healing, light was flicking off the mans cane (suddenly turned into a sword) but his body wasn’t even attempting to heal.

“What did you do to me?” Radon cried, for the first time in his life (since possession) he felt fear.

“Neither do you listen, as our words are always far more valuable then our presence? Cadmium my boy, it’s poisonous to your kind. You won’t be able to access your sinful powers now,” the man laughed pushing the sword deeper.

“Well guess I better sort this out then,” Radon said clenching his jaw painfully.

You think a silly metal can handle me?” Verthral laughed.

Suddenly the light was suddenly being pushed away as his body began to heal. Light encompassed his composure as he quickly held out a palm and blasted the old man away. Light quickly sealed the wound and returned the blood to it’s rightful owner.

That shit sucks, this is the best I can do. But I will not be killed by this old coot. Do not fail me vessel” Verthal growled.

“I can deal with this,” Radon said looking at the claws forming around his hands. He suddenly launched, almost teleported to the man. Claws inside his chest lifting him from the ground and slamming him against the wall.

“Who sent you?” Radon screamed, the aura around him shifting and swirling angrily.

“Well dear boy,” the man coughed, blood oozing from his mouth, “I lead them.”

Suddenly the room was bright and Radon was filled with pain. His aura struggled to protect its host from the burning light around them. The man was suddenly swirling with a tornado of light and a ginormous sword was in his hands. His white beard had disappeared and a younger man stood where he once stood.

“Foolish demonic creatures, tonight you will be slain by the God of Light!” Runne screamed. He had flashed away for a moment and Radon stood his ground in fear wondering which direction the man would strike from. He felt the prescience to his left and quickly siphoned the aura to his arm blocking the sword with great difficulty.

“Verthral what do I do?” Radon cried subconsciously.

“DO NOT DIE!” Verthral screamed mentally.

Radon quickly kicked out at the man, smashing him into the metal walls of the warehouse.

“You sure don’t like to die easily, even with the suffocating of the metal in your body, you can still maintain your second stage. I will not allow this, you must perish!” The man said struggling to stand up.

Radon rushed him clawing at him furiously, the aura of his demon echoing behind him following suit with the attacks. The man sat in a bloody mess gasping for life.

“Purge the metal from my body, I’ll handle him with stage one,” Radon instructed his partner.

Radon held his bloody face up and punched it several times. Begging for him to become unconscious before the strength slipped from his body. The man laid pretty much unconscious as Radon began to walk away. His strength sapped from him. The man pulled a vial from his staff and quickly downed a vial of glowing light. His wounds were healed instantly and he stood up looking at Radon with bloodlust.

“The souls willingly given to me by my followers will aid in my destruction of you!” Runne laughed.

“Souls, what?” Radon cried out as he was struck into the wall. Blood oozed from his body in desperate amounts he coughed blood and fell unconsciously to the ground.

“Time to die,” Runne said approaching him his sword held high ready to slice into the man as the final blow.

“Yeah no,” Verthral said as he sucked the two into the demon dimension.

“WHERE DID HE GO!” Runne cried angrily looking around suspiciously.

The world was dark, a glowing light walked towards them. But quickly darted around searching for him.

“They won’t find us here, I just hope they leave soon, I can’t hold us here for long with you dying and shit,” Verthral snarled.

“I’m sorry, he was too strong,” Radon coughed feeling like the world was slipping away from him.

“No you need to stay alive longer, your body has been perfect all this time. We can’t give up now, hold tight. Just a little longer!” Verthral, for the first time in it’s life, begged it’s vessel.

Runne blasted through the ceiling landing on the roof looking around desperately for his fleeing pray. He quickly leapt off the building to the north, wondering if he had fled to the forest to heal.

“Fucking Demons,” Runne cried as he crumpled to the ground his age returning. An old man stood up and limped towards the woods, “I only have two more vials left.”

The world faded back into view as Radon sat against the wall panting trying to stay alive.

“We have a lot of healing to do,” they both said as sleep claimed them, “I hope they don’t come back.”

Kasey sat in his study eagerly eying over his journal. The door was kicked in and an old man stood there. Walking gingerly inside with his cane.

“Kasey Grimhold I presume?” Runne said angrily, “I am looking for a demon.”

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