Day Three

“How do you feel?” The voice inside asked him.

“Much better now, but I still feel like there are more scores I could settle,” Ethan laughed.

“Oh who else has done you wrong?” The voice urged him on.

“Well my tips have been going missing,” Ethan said, “I think I have an idea why?”

Ethan continued through the sidewalk looking for the gentleman’s club. He felt everything so strongly. The cool air. The smells of food in the air. Beer. The laughter of far away people on their way home for the morning. The sign “The Virgins Flask” showed up soon enough. A terrible smile crept across his face as he walked inside.

Bright lights flashed, dots and swirls of light covered the floor, loud music thumping around him, and the smell of sweat, sex, and alcohol filled the room. Ethan smiled, he had not decided to ever go to a “gentleman’s club” before but always was intrigued by it.

Walking up to the bar to order a Rum and Coke Ethan surveyed the area. There were cages with women in thin skimpy clothing. Bills folded and sticking out. Poles stuck out of booths where women flexed inhumanely around. Men sat in their dirty work clothes laughing and drinking. There were a few booths with more admirable women and men in their suits. Ethan looked to the back hall in search of the bathroom. He saw the VIP sign. A decorated beat curtain hung blocking the area from unpairing visitors. It was also guarded by a large man with his arms crossed.

Ethan continued in search of his boss but another feeling was whelming up inside him. The naughtily dressed women were beginning to catch his interest. Well she cheated. Why shouldn’t he? Wondering around he began to eye each woman looking for a particular type of woman. Suddenly his heart thumped and he found something else.

There swinging around a pole was a thin girl with long auburn hair. She was dressed classily in a black panty and bra set. Her waistband oozing with bills. She looked over to him with the sexiest look she could muster. Until her face went dead cold.

“Hello, Natasha, long time no see?” Ethan smirked wirily.

“Oh Ethan, it’s been awhile? How have you been?” She choked.

“Life you know, it sucks, doesn’t seem to get much better, may I take a seat?” Ethan asked.

Three guys looked at him with intense rage and jealousy since her attention had suddenly shifted to him.

“Back off short shit,” one of them said standing up.

Ethan quickly punched the man, a crack filled the musical air and the man crumpled to the ground. The other two put their hands up and began to walk away. Ethan stuffed the mans unconscious body beneath the neighboring table. Pulling out the money from his cashed paycheck he sat it down on the table.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m a paying customer!” Ethan smirked.

She looked thrown back by his behavior but college doesn’t pay itself. She began to gyrate her hips and run her hands up and down the pole. She pulled her undies down a little bit showing him a little extra skin. She fell to her knees and put her breasts near his face. Ethan felt the arousal in the air. A tension began to build between them.

“Has it been as hard for you as it has for me?” He asked quietly.

“Life?” She said running her hands down his cheek.

“Remember High School? Not a care in the world, just kind of going with the flow. Letting it all just happen. Nothing mattered then but a boy and a girl and a secret trip to a cornfield.” Ethan smiled, suddenly reminiscent of old memories.

“Remember when we snuck off because my parents weren’t going to be home? Then we got there in the light was on, the look on your face was priceless,” she laughed suddenly sitting on the edge of the table facing him, just being casual.

“Prom. That was my favorite, we were just like fuck the prom party,” Ethan began to laugh, “we spent that afternoon by the lake. After the party we spent it under the stars.”

Natasha laughed cutely as she covered her face from embarrassment. Her hazel eyes were sparkling the light show around them. Her small lips curled in a flirty smile. She had began to play with her hair before she realized where she was.

“Oh I’ve got to get back to work, Jerry catches me slacking off it is not going to be good,” Natasha said suddenly standing up to grab the pole.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m looking for VIP services,” Ethan said his smile slightly twisted.

Natasha looked at him, taken aback by his request. She could feel the tension too though so she leapt off the table and grabbed his hand. Working through the crowd to the back rooms. The guard just smiled at her and let her through putting his arm to stop Ethan.

“There are rules. You break them. I break you,” the man said with a snarl.

“Don’t worry sir, I am not going to be breaking any rules, here,” Ethan said a sly smirk.

Leading him to one of the rooms in the back. She chose one with a nine on it. Opening the door inside was a chair and a bunch of toys on the wall. She quickly pushed Ethan to the chair and put her heel on his groin. Ethan looked at her with complete shock.

“So, thought I cheated on you didn’t you?” She said grinding her heel into him, he squirmed uncomfortably and looked at her deeply.

“Well that’s what I was told?” Ethan said clenching his teeth.

“Do you just believe all rumors?” She said releasing the pressure.

“Well I had my suspicions for awhile,” Ethan said relived.

“Well I wish you had decided, hell maybe I should talk to her? Maybe I have a misunderstanding, perhaps something else has happened?” She said as she began to peel off her top.

“That makes sense, back then I just felt like everything sucked. Nothing mattered, why bother?”

“Why bother going after a connection? With someone you claimed to love?” She said as she sat on his lap. Her nipples inches from his face. His arousal screaming to the air. He suddenly pulled her into himself and indulged himself on her excitement.

“Maybe I should have tried harder? Shouldn’t have let it all go?” Ethan moaned.

“Perhaps you could have just decided on a second try,” she whispered holding his head tight to her. Memories flooding her.

Ethan quickly released her breasts and pulled her head towards him. Kissing her deeply as lust blanketed the room. She moaned as she rubbed herself against him. He pulled himself out of his jeans, a quick reminder of how inexperienced he had been in high school. In moments he had slipped her panties to the side and entered her. Far more skilled now. Her hands were clenched behind him. Nails biting into his flesh as she bit her lip.

They thrust into one another in synchrony as the arousal built. Ethan could feel the pangs of anger, lust, and his intruder panting at him. He started going harder, faster. She bit into his shirt to muffle her screams of passion as he hammered into her.

Suddenly pulling her hair back as he got more into it. This was too much for her and she shook on his lap. Pulling herself into him as she came. Her panting and sweat filled the room. He didn’t stop though. She was sensitive but she held him as close as she could as he did. It wasn’t long before he followed suit. Pulling her tight to him as he came inside her. He leaned back in the chair and brushed the sweat from his brow. They both looked at each other and laughed.

“You’ve gotten a bit better haven’t you?” She said still laying against him, spent.

“I’d have to say the same to you, that was pretty incredible,” Ethan sighed. The world was quite to him, as if some sort of relief washed over him.

I’m still here you know?” the voice inside his head said quietly, “If you are done with this tramp we have work to do!

Ethan jerked up. Pulling Natasha off him and pulling her close to him. He kissed her again, pulling her body as tight to his as possible. Was he falling for her? Was this just a passionate fling? He told himself he would worry about it later. The anger inside him edging him for more closure.

“You are amazing, and this was great, but I’m actually here looking for someone!” Ethan said, his smile again grew sinister.

“Who are you looking for?” Natasha asked, her face red with arousal from their session.

“His name is David, he is an older out of shape man with thinning hair,” Ethan said describing him best as he could.

“Oh he is here every weekend, flashing around money like he owns the place, not sure where he gets it,” Natasha said putting on new lace.

“Excellent, who is his favorite?” Ethan asked, not able to help himself from ogling her perfect frame.

“Kassandra, just ask Garret the bartender, he will point you in the right direction,” she smiled as she fixed her hair.

Ethan and Natasha stepped out of the room and walked out of the VIP section. She made her way to her table and he to the bar, they couldn’t help but glance over at one another. The bartender was putting on a show, mixing drinks and tossing them down the bar to their patrons. They each grabbed them and drank deeply. Ethan walked up to the bartender and requested for Kassandra. He pointed in the direction of a table where a girl, somehow looking younger than Natasha, who was flipping and twirling around the pole as if her life depended on it. Six guys sat around her, each with wads of bills. Egging her on as she teased each and every one of them. A bald head stood out from the rest of the messy mops. Ethan smiled as he felt adrenaline burning inside him.

Yes, the man who has been taking your money… What should we do about him! ” the voice inside snarled with bloodlust.

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