Day Two

Ethan had enough with the evenings events and decided it was best to go home before he hurt anyone else. The sun was beginning to shine and he would need to go to work tomorrow. Wandering through the park again as pangs of hate filled his veins. He clenched his fists and shouted to the sky.

Suddenly he was thrown backwards. His body violently crashed into a tree cracking it in half.

“You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons,” a voice bellowed.

Ethan looked up with a shocked expression. Looking at the man who had struck him. He had spiked blonde hair and wore a long-coat etched with a Holy Grail. His hands glowed a brilliant white as he began to walk towards Ethan.

No they found us this is not possible!”the demon cried inside him.

“What is happening?” Ethan begged his intruder.

They are going to try and kill you, use my power and don’t let them!” the demon cried, almost desperately.

“His hands, they’re glowing?” Ethan said as he pulled up his body. He felt the twang of pain though his entire frame. It was a struggled to even stand up, how did they hurt him so much.

“I am Michael, the fist of fortitude. I will use violence only in this instance to beat the evil from your body,” Michael cried as he went in for another strike.

“Yeah no,” Ethan said catching his fist.

He was pushed back by the force the grass being ripped beneath his feet. He quickly leapt into the air and kicked his attacker. Michael crumpled to the ground and looked at Ethan with a gaze of disbelief. He frowned and stood up again. Dusting himself off.

“You seem to be able to hold your own?” Michael said with a great frown, “how long have you been tainted by evil?”

“A couple hours now,” Ethan smirked.

Michael took a step back his mouth gaping open. He suddenly clasped his fists together with a loud slapping noise and light built up around him. The wind howled around them as suddenly he began to glow.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble,” Michael exclaimed. Suddenly his fists were covered in gauntlets glowing more vibrant than before. He began to levitate in the air and floated towards Ethan.

Run” the demon screamed in absolute fear.

Ethan turned around and beelined from the park. He felt the fear of the thing inside him fueling his instinct to flee. Suddenly before him Michael appeared. He lashed out at Ethan. Flying backwards the pain echoed through his body. He felt the tug of his soul being extinguished. He cried out as he crashed into the bench where his lover betrayed him. Unconsciousness begged for compliance.

This is where I die? Foolish mortal couldn’t handle this overwhelming power. If only we were together longer.” the creature cried out in his mind.

“Before we die guess I should ask? What is your name?” Ethan gasped, feeling blood ooze from his lips.

Sarnath” it exclaimed.

Ethan could feel the shuddering of fear. How it must be to be in a situation where you know you’re going to die. The feeling that pangs a heart attack victim. The numbness of a stroke. His heart broken and his spirits crushed. Probably for the better, he thought. Life was pointless anyhow.

“I will scatter you among the nations and I will disperse you through the lands, and I will consume your uncleanness from you.” Michael preyed as he aimed the palm of his gauntlets at the broken teenager.

A blur caught in Ethan’s eyes and the man was blasted away. Crashing through multiple trees as he screamed in agony. Standing before him was another man. His body spiked, and horns on his head. His eyes had became a red haze. Claws had replaced his fingers. He leapt forward and grabbed the assailant crashing him into the earth multiple times as the light began to evaporate from the mans body. He lifted the glowing man to his eye level. The man looked dazed and beaten. No longer protected by light. Looking at the attacker, Michael frowned again. Tears welling up.

“You are all monsters,” he wept.

The mysterious creature bashed his face multiple times, blood flying from the abuse. Dropping the battered man to the ground. Turning around to Ethan.

“You fucking idiot,” the creature snarled.

“What the fuck did I do?” Ethan said weakly with defiance.

“You are a brand new demon, you shouldn’t even be attempting to fight a paladin, if it wasn’t for me you would be dead. Disgusting the lot of you,” the man snarled.

“He attacked me,” Ethan tried to defend himself.

“Of course he did, walking around in an open park, you have to be the biggest idiot I’ve ever met. You shouldn’t be out. You need to go home. Stay home. Cope with your pathetic life and move on. If I see you again, I’ll be the one kicking your ass,” the creature said threateningly.

With a blur the man was gone. The crushed body of his attacker unconscious on the ground. Ethan stood up shaking. He felt more afraid than he ever had his entire life.

We got lucky kid,” Sarnath whispered in embarrassment.

“I have no fucking clue what is going on, but I’m following his advice and going the fuck home before someone else tries to kill me,” Ethan choked.

He quickly ran through the forest counting the steps until he was safely back to his apartment. He walked inside and quickly slammed the door haphazardly onto its frame and crawled into bed.

Nothing could save him from the tears this time.

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