Day One

She laid on the bed, her slender frame a silhouette of red lace. Her blue eyes sparkled with the reflecting flame of the lit candles, her long black hair gracing her shoulders. He gingerly reached for her chin as he lifted her head up to meet his lips. Staring back at her a goddess that he had wooed. He looked at his phone that was buzzing restlessly on the nightstand. Quickly he picked it up, and flipped it open.

“Sorry to call you so late Ethan, but Ricky called out and we are extremely short staffed, could you come in for a couple hours?” the voice asked desperately.

“Of course, be there in fifteen,” Ethan said with an angry snap of his phone.

“Again?” she whimpered curled up on the bed gazing at him in lust.

“I know it sucks. But didn’t you have plans with your mom tonight?” he smiled slyly at her.

“I almost forgot!” she cried out as she quickly rushed to the shower to clean herself up.

“Sorry baby,” Ethan said as he shuffled on his ripped jeans and pulled over his work shirt. Leaping down the hall with his socks and slipping on a pair of shoes. He grabbed his light jacket, hat and quickly bounced out.

The metal stairs came quickly as he rushed down the fire escape. Landing with his feet planted on the wet pavement below. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a cigarette. Putting it to his lips and filling the damp air with a flicker of light. In his other pocket he pulled a flask, took a quick swig and snuck it back in. He groaned as the rain drizzled down his face. The sun was going down now and night would be upon them.

The buildings were made of old brick and metal stairwells. This was St. Hohenheim, a ragged, run-down, city known for its historical value. The old shops had closed up for the evening but the little pubs were lit with the laughter of drunks. Ethan ignored his pinching desire for a hard drink and continued forward. Looking up at the signs he saw the one he was searching for “Ladrillo de Lume Pizza” known in English as “Fire Brick Pizza”, Ethan never knew why they chose such an old dead language but he frowned and walked inside anyway.

The kitchen was abuzz with yelling and screaming. “Do this do that, we don’t have time for this!” echoed his mind as he wondered over to the time clock, punched his card, and slipped on an apron.

“Ethan, thank god you’re here!” a scrawny, tall, man with a black hat said as he hurriedly tossed pizza dough into the air.

The ticket rail was filled with white tickets, numbers were suddenly being screamed. Him and another person was quickly topping the dough and chucking them in ovens. Ethan just signed and walked over to the dough.

“We’re going to do the assembly line,” Ethan ordered them.

The scrawny boy ran to the meat side of toppings, and she went to the veggie bench. She had long red hair neatly combined into a ponytail under a hat. Ethan quickly stretched and tossed a half a dozen dough as the rail began to get smaller and smaller. Finally they had been caught up and Ethan was told to “take five”.

Walking outside he lit up another cigarette as a man followed behind him.

“Good evening Ethan, the man said with a smirk, “thank you much for coming in as you could see we were pretty screwed back there.”

“No problem! Glad to help,” Ethan said without looking up with a twinge of sarcasm.

“I heard you had some complaints about your tips coming up short? I just wanted to let you know that I’m looking into that for you!” the man said putting his hand on the boys shoulder and walking back inside.

Ethan rushed back inside and finished the day’s work. Tossing his apron in their hamper he quickly clocked out and began his trek back home. The drizzle had stepped it up a few notches and it rained much more angrily. He lit up again and walked towards a pub.

“She’s probably sleeping, I don’t want to wake her,” he said as he sat at the table and requested a rum and coke.


The park was oddly quite on this evening and Ethan had wondered, a little bit drunk from his binge at the pub. He didn’t know why he was quite this sad but he just continued forward. His eyes saw a dark figure moving around in the eerie mist that had crept into the air. A beautiful woman wearing a dark black dress holding the hand of someone. Ethan felt a pang of guilt for he could be cuddling his girlfriend right now but she would be at her mothers.

Ethan continued hoping to catch a better glimpse of her. Her figure had him intrigued. He saw them begin to get a little hands on a park bench and Ethan begin to feel like a massive creep. Her long black hair was in waves behind her and she was holding the man close to herself. He began to grope her beneath her dress and almost instantly he was inside her. Moving in synchrony they moaned together in lust. Ethan just stared in awe, the mists, the alcohol, the nicotine twisting inside himself.

The light above the park bench had some sort of short as it turned on suddenly. Ethan leapt aside to avoid their notice. Peeking through the bushes as he looked at her, her head was bobbing about, looking for anyone that might have caught them.

                Ethan suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest as he realized who he was watching.

                The man had decided it was best not to be so public and had quickly pulled her off him cursing he lamp above them. She fixed her dress and sat next to him. Holding his hand, a shocked expression on her face. She looked like she was pained. Ethan couldn’t fathom what he had seen so he quietly escaped the situation.

                “Fuck,” he cried in satisfaction, “you are a hell of a good lay.”

                “What the hell did I do?” she said holding her face in her hands.

                “What’s wrong?” the man asked almost angrily.

                “I’ve been dating this guy for over a year now and I just cheated on him!” she said, tears gathering beneath her eyes.

                “That isn’t my problem,” the man said as he got up and began to walk away.

                “You’re just going to go?” she said angrily.

                “I got what I wanted, I hope you have a good night,” he smirked as he waved.

                She sat on the bench crying heavily into her arms.

                Ethan was walking through the cold mist but he was completely numb inside. His heart felt as if it had been completely shattered. He continued as the rain began to pour. His body getting soaked from its onslaught. The metal stairs came to meet him and he dragged his numb body up the stairs. Opening the apartment door and chucking himself into bed. He held back the tears though, as the alcohol worked its magic.

                The night had fallen hard. Darkness filled every crevasse. A small light glistened outside the bedroom window. A faint scratching could be heard as if a cat wanted to be inside. Ethan laid motionless in bed, his chest rising and falling with every breath. A comatose state. The light pushed itself through the glass. A faint growl could be heard.

                “Hello little human, you look like you’ve had quite a rough night,” the light echoed. Suddenly a shimmering fox could be seen in the moonlight.

                It crawled onto the bed and looked over the person with intrigue.

                “This is finally it, I will finally get to be someone, and he’s so hurt. His pain literally radiates from this building, I wonder what happened? Well I’ve got some good news for you buddy, WE are going to take care of it,” the little creature said as it crawled inside his body.

                Ethan leapt from his bed in a panic. His head was aching echoing the same words “slut, slut, slut, whore, whore, whore!” he looked around for a glass of water, thinking he drank a little too much. With no water in sight he crumpled to the ground holding his head in agony.

                “Hello human vessel, tonight we will seek revenge on those that have hurt you!” the voice echoed loudly in his head. The piercing headache filled him with rage.

                “What is happening,” Ethan whispered as he felt his body shaking with discomfort.

                “Do you remember the man she slept with? I bet I can find him,” the voice soothed him.

                The images of night played over in his head in glorious detail. Every raindrop could be seen on her black dress, his hands wrapped around her waist, the lifting of her dress in slow motion. His face appeared in the dim light of the park. In great detail. Ethan knew who it was.

                “She said she was done with him, their secrets could no longer kept from me, they were supposed to stop talking!” Ethan said as anger filled inside him.

                He lashed out at his nightstand, shattering it to pieces. The lamp fell to the ground followed by the sound of shattered glass. He looked at his hands in awe.

                “Yes human, you have power now!” the voice screeched.

                Ethan ripped the door off its hinges. Ripping the coat hook off the wall and putting his jacket on. Leaping down the stairs. The concrete cracking beneath his feet. He walked into the pouring rain, the cold no longer bothered him. Desperately struggling a cigarette to his lips as he prowled the sidewalk for the poor man he would massacre today. Approaching a pub he saw a man laughing with a trio of young ladies. His eyes were glistening the soft morning light. He laughed and flirted as he sipped his wine. Disgusting.

                “Well lovely ladies, I must make my way to the bathroom,” he said as he carefully tugged on ones hands, kissing it quickly as he walked to the back. Ethan followed.

                The walls of the Pub were lined with flyers of bands around them, advertisements for things people were selling, and loads of (probably fake) phone numbers. The men’s room was pretty empty when the man went inside. Ethan followed behind him quietly locking the door behind them. The man unzipped his fly and began to pee. Ethan grabbed him by his back and smashed his body into the porcelain urinal. Red blood seeped out of his shirt, midriff.

                “What the hell?” the man said as he looked anxiously at the blood oozing out of his clothing, “Ethan?”

                “Hello Derek,” Ethan smirked, bloodlust in his eyes, “how was my girlfriend’s pussy?”

                All color left the man’s face as he fell to his knees. The blood was pouring a bit faster now as pieces of porcelain stuck out of his skin.

                “Want to know how it happened?” the voice inside tugged, “bring his eyes to yours. Stare at him, I will get the answers.”

                Ethan lifted the hurting man and stared intently into his eyes.

                Suddenly in his mind he was sort of following him? Hovering slightly above him. He was wondering the sidewalk glancing down at a letter. The letter was from her, Ethan’s girlfriend.

                We’ve been through a lot. I know we have. Our history is laced with lust filled evenings and sneaking about. But this time I can’t anymore. We’ve been doing this for so long, I hope you get this before you come over tonight. I will hopefully be at my mom’s this time. We can’t meet anymore.

He walked up the apartment stairs, Ethan saw himself just moments down the sidewalk. He knocked on the door and she appeared with a towel wrapped around her waist. He smiled at her and she showed pangs of guilt. He asked if he could come inside, she agreed. They were talking, everything was muffled as if only the images could be seen. Ethan tried to read lips, with no satisfaction. She was getting dressed and soon they were walking outside. Ethan could tell the tension was high between them, she was laughing, and he was laughing. They were flirting the entire time. Ethan felt anger building inside him. He might kill this man. They were strolling through the park. Just having so much fun. More fun than Ethan and her ever had. He felt a pang of guilt, what happened to them? How long had this been going on?

The evening was falling quickly as they just continued to talk. Ethan wished he could know what he said. Wishing he could hear them because their tones shifted they were holding hands now. This was where Ethan saw them. Suddenly voices filled his head.

“I know we shouldn’t be doing this anymore, but I just am so attracted to you!” she whimpered.

“I know but we shouldn’t stop a good thing, come here, and let me remind you of everything we built together!” Derek said as he lifted her up into his arms and kissed her tenderly.

Their passions shifted almost instantaneously. They were both making their way to the bench now. Running their hands all over each others body. Slurping and kissing. The rustle of clothing in the light rain. Suddenly she had him down and he lifted her dress. Ethan couldn’t anymore.

The world zoomed back into focus as he dropped the man, basically unconscious now.

“I hope you die,” Ethan said coldly as he walked out of the bathroom.

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