Addictions- Micah

Tossed into a limousine for the third time this week! Micah struggled to get the bearings in this new situation. He owed them money. Lots of it too. He looked through the tinted glass and watched the buildings fly by him.

“So pal, where we going?” Micah asked dusting himself off.

“Shut it, Ronaldo is fucking livid with you, you’ll be lucky to get away with your life this time, what’s the grand total?” The driver asked anxiously.

“Nah, chump change where I come from, a cool fifty thou. Nothing major. I’ll get it to him by this Friday guaranteed! Watcha want to wager on it little man?” Micah said with a sly smirk.

“I’m not taking my chances with someone like you man, you just don’t get it! This isn’t fucking make-believe. This is real life. And if you don’t fix it you’re gonna be scraped out of a gutter! Stop fucking around Micah,” the driver said angrily.

They were suddenly pulling up to a dock where three guys stood by the water. Two holding guns, one standing there smoking an expensive cigar. Overweight and well groomed.

“Well he’s finally here, with our fifty thousand I’m sure!” The man said as he walked up to the door and opened it. Guns pointed at Micah as he was pulled out.

“Hello Ronaldo, long time no see!” Micah said with a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah, not happy with you right now,” Ronaldo said as he punched him in the stomach. Drops of blood oozing from his lips.

“Ouch! That sucked!” Micah said angrily.

“Yeah. So here is a phone, here is my account number, fifty grand or death. Your choice. Point your guns at him men,” Ronaldo ordered.

Micah picked up the phone and looked over at the gun barrels. He only had one choice. Dialing his number Micah put the phone to his ear.

“Devon’s cell, what can I do for you?” Devon said furiously typing away. “Hey bro, how much money is in your house account again?” Micah asked


“About seventy five thousand, why? Need to borrow some cash! Gotta get it

back though brother, you stiffed me five grand last year. I don’t like that shit,” Devon said quietly.

“Yeah bro, I’m gonna die if you don’t wire fifty thousand to this account. Routing: 011601100, account 1789 8933 923,” Micah said through a choke.

“What the fucking hell Micah, what the shit did you do!” Devon screamed.

“Devon, keep it down in there!” His boss yelled angrily, “you’re not supposed to take personal calls!”

“Sorry boss, emergency,” Devon said as he walked out of his cubical into the break room.

“Yeah, I really fucked up this time man,” Micah said sadly.

“You are damn right you did, what the fuck man? Are you using again?” Devon screamed.

“No not this time, a little debt I owe or else I die, nothing major. Promise to pay it back by Friday?”

“God damn it!” Devon said fumbling his phone and hitting speaker.

Devon logged into his account and went to “wire transfers” and quickly answered all his security questions and popped in the information.

“It’s there,” Devon choked, realizing he probably just lost fifty grand! “Thanks brother, owe you one!” Micah said, almost nonchalantly, hanging up. “Look at the account Mavis,” Ronaldo ordered.

Mavis pulled out a laptop and logged into his account. A fifty thousand

memo credit was posted to his account. He quickly clicked the “verify funds” button and it was cleared instantly.

“Thanks Micah, don’t let it happen again!” Ronaldo said as he tossed him into the car and slapped the hood.

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