Addictions- Devon

“Get in here Devon!” The man shrieked as the door slammed.

“Yes Mr. Davison,” Devon asked

“This report is shit, redo it. You have an hour.” The man said ushering him

out the door.

Devon threw the report on his desk as he fumbled through his drawer for his

secret stash. He found the little black box pocketed it and walked outside. The sun beating hard on him as he walked to the park across the street, a smoker’s corner was his destination. He pulled out the little white drug and slipped it between his lips. Striking a match effortlessly as he lit it up. Pulling in the poisonous smoke. He shoved into the corner of the trees surrounding them, for some privacy and quiet. He pulled at it as he looked around anxiously hoping none of his co-workers would catch him. His black suit getting a little bit of ash on it as he conveyed his relief.

“Well, well, well, a little faggot in a black suit? Wonder why you’re here, on the ‘shit side” of the park?” A man laughed as him and three of his buddies walked up to him.

“Excuse me?” Devon said as he pulled the cigarette from his lips.

Were they seriously looking to start a fight?

“Well there is a toll to use these facilities, tiered by the quality of life you life.

The raggedy it’s a dollar, small enough to afford and reasonable enough to request. The ‘white collar boys’ they have to toss in a ten, they aren’t making the most money, but better than those that struggle every day. Then The teens, well they need to pay extra, a whopping twenty is acceptable. More is preferred. They don’t want their mommies and daddies discovering their little secrets. I believe they call that supply and demand. Then there are guys like you, walking around in your three-hundred dollar suits, working under the hand of the man. Fifty. Nothing less is accepted. I’m sure you make that in ten minutes? Cough it up boy, or we fuck you up!” The man laughed holding out a blue Crown Royal bag.

Is this guy serious?

“Yeah, this isn’t happening,” Devon said as he turned his back to them. Puffing away while looking into the cloudy skies above. Rain was coming.

“Well boys, looks like we have a trespasser!” The man said as he pulled a police baton from his belt loop and striking Devon in the shoulders.

“Fuck!” Devon cried as the pain rushed through his shoulder. “You guys were serious? What the fuck!”

“Yeah man, it’s just a fifty pocket change for you suit guys.”

“That’s not happening!”

The frustration was whelming up inside him, his control slipping away as he

grabbed his assailant mercilessly and continued to bash his face into Devon’s knees. Blood oozed from his mouth as he dropped the baton trying to grasp the little consciousness he had. The other three pulled out their own weapons and prepared to defend their mighty leader. Devon kicked two to the ground as he picked up the third one and punched him over and over again until he could hear cracking. Unconscious immediately. The two struggled to get up but Devon has retrieved one of their switchblades and proceeded to stab the man in the arm.

That could not satisfy Devon. He threw it to the ground as the man screamed in agony. Rushing the man and tackling him into the ground. Mercilessly bashing at this chest until he fainted. Picking up the next unfortunate soul he tossed him against a tree and kicked his legs until her heard them snap. There before him lay a mangled mass of unconscious bodies as he quickly pulled another cigarette to his lips. He smiled as he finally felt relief by hurting all these people. He rushed to his car for a change of pants. He always kept spares on him in case the urges hit him again.

He leapt into the backseat and removed the bloody pants sealing them away in a discarded gym bag as he pulled his new ones on. He straightened them as he walked back inside. His desire to kill his boss temporarily lifted as he went to correct the report that was “dead wrong”.

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