Outcast 2

The ringing of the alarm could be heard in the morning sunlight. Ethan rolled himself out of bed and ran to the closet to get dressed. Looking over at the bed, Nicole had already snuck back to her bedroom. Ethan quickly ran downstairs to the smell of eggs, bacon, and toast. Everyone was gathered around the table shuffling food into their mouths. The Foster dad had already gone to work, but the mother, Christina was finishing the dishes. Her long black hair and “hip” clothing added youth to her. She had always wanted to be a foster parent since she was young and after her husband scored a huge ranch house, her dreams became reality.

“So it’s Friday today, and I know you guys are all off on your own little adventures so each one, one at a time please, will inform me of your plans and I’ll update our calendars,” Christina said as she opened her MacBook Pro.

“I have Fight club after school, as usual!” Brayden said with a smirk. He was a short but stocky man. His hazel eyes bore into her with oppression. He wore a pair of Express jeans and an Express shirt with “For Honor” printed onto it. At sixteen he had built a legacy for himself.

“I have the poetry reading,” Faye said quietly. Her long brown hair in waves on her shoulders. She wore a colorful dress with flowers all over it. Her hands glistened with rings of natural stone and her pendant across her chest sparkled in the sunlight. Turning seventeen, one of the older ones, she had the best hope of life. Dabbling in poetry instead of drugs.

“I am going to hang out with Dave tonight,” Levi lied. We all knew he was off to some high school or maybe college party to get smashed, “I won’t be home until tomorrow.” At fifteen, he was the most chaotic. Never caring about himself or others. Drinking until he was drunk and rinse and repeat.

“I’m gonna be up in my room doing homework,” Trent said with disgust. He had fallen behind on all his homework and had to desperately catch up, “although my friends might be over later if we have time.” At sixteen his motivation had wavered with the chaos that is adolescence.

“I’m staying with Stacey for a girls night,” Brianna lied. She wore a blouse, fully buttoned but that will change in school, and a mini denim skirt. We all knew she would be spending the night with someone. Her long black hair and blue eyes made her desirable to many men. At sixteen, she was now of age for consent. Although that never stopped her before. Since she was twelve she’s been bedded by many.

“I’ve got club after school,” Nicole said with a sweet smile. At fifteen her life had began the upward spiral of beginning to look into colleges and moving on from whatever this was.

“I have plans with my best friend later,” Ethan added. Seventeen, and quite on his own, Ethan played by no ones rules but his own but treated everyone with the upmost respect.

“Well that is everyone, but Dominic of course, Brayden will you go stir the dead for me,” Christina asked as she typed everything out on the computer. “I swear sixteen is killing him.”

Everyone got a notification with her contact information, her work scheduled, and a list of everyone and their locations. She was always very careful and semi-over-protective. We all adored, and hated, this. As Foster children being abandoned by your parents makes life extremely hard.

“Well your father will be home late tonight, he is off to Chicago this evening, but I’ll be home relatively early if anyone decides to skip out. We can read some books and eat brownies,” Christina said almost desperately. They were all growing up and she began to miss them dearly. They all think a new foster child will be added soon enough.

Like the turns at a subway they emptied the house with no one but Christina at the kitchen table and Dominic throwing on his clothes straying to rush out. Late again. His clothes on backwards and his pants stained from the meal the night before. His backpack tattered and bulging like he has never emptied it before.

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