“Espers” Scene

Suddenly the doors blew open and three men rushed in. They each yelled a word and the doors melted to the frames. The people screamed in terror. Ethan looked around anxiously as Chloe nestled closer to his neck. Alyson sat in the corner frozen in fear.

“We are the Cavances, and we are here to rob this bank!” One yelled raising his fist high.

“You are so loud,” a calm voice said displeased.

Walking out of the crowd was a sharply dressed man, thin, with a pair of wired rim glasses on his face. His brown eyes echoed danger. The head teller there, Miranda, looked upon them with a frown.

“Yes, although my idiot companions are right we don’t want to alert too many people. My name is Jasper, I am the leader of the Cavances, and although stealing your money is a bonus I am actually here for another reason. But before we get into that, the vault combos my lady,” Jasper smiled a sick fascination in his face.

“Sorry we need two people to open it, and I’m the only one here right now that has a combo,” Miranda said with a huff.

Suddenly on her shoulders she felt a heavy weight, there before them appeared a chameleon, it anxiously licking its eyes and a blade from something attached to its tail resting on her the tender flesh of her neck.

“How about now?” Jasper laughed sadistically.

Miranda knew better than to actually mess with them but she hoped her ruse would suffice. She walked with a shake to the vault. Ethan looked in awe as he noticed, this must be another summoner, that means him and his companion animal were very dangerous.

“Chloe you lazy girl, wake up,” Ethan nudged her as she frustratingly purred on his neck, “disarm him.”

Chloe crawled down Ethan’s body and poked out through his coat, quietly inching down his leg to avoid attention. She plopped to the floor and laid low, her slinky ferret body slithering across the floor. The rug was a deep chocolate which helped hide her dark brown fur. She slipped behind the teller line and looked up at Amanda. Slinking up her body without enough pressure for her to jump, stealthily reaching her side where Chloe leapt up and pounced the chameleon.

It flew to the ground and Chloe wrestled it’s tail to avoid its messily attempt at stabbing her. Finally disarmed Chloe pinned it to the ground as it laid unconscious from her beating. Chloe yawned as it watched over its prey.

“What is this, another summoner is here with us today, my who is going to pay for this?” Jasper said looking over the crowd in suspicion.

Ethan pretended to act scared to not give it away and watched Jasper’s eyes prodding him for some sort of tell.

“Maybe they’re outside,” someone said with a shaky voice.

“Why yes I suppose that would be a good guess but then who let them know? Was it you,” Jasper said with a sick chuckle.

“No sorry, I don’t know,” the man choked.

“Guess I’ll just start to kill people until someone confesses,” Jasper said with a shrug.

Alyson leapt into the air and blasted a wave of magic his way. Blasting him and his entire team onto the floor. Ethan looked in awe at her sudden outburst, and quickly eased through the crowd to get to her.

“What are you doing?” Ethan cried to her, “you’re a witch? Don’t you work for the hotel?”

“Yes and I don’t know, know, why I did it I was just so mad!” She said in a panic.

“We will work on that, thankfully we can figure this out,” Ethan said as he whistled.

Chloe dragged the unfortunate creature to Ethan as she stood beside him. Ethan drew a symbol in the air quickly and placed a holding spell on the criminals.

“What was that?” Alyson asked with curiosity.

“Old magic, it’s not very powerful and very inconvenient to use but its all I got.

“Well a witch too, that’s just marvelous,” Jasper said as he floated into the air, beyond the holding spell and back on his feet.

“How did you break through that?” Ethan said amazed.

“I’m much more powerful than you think, you’re the summoner then, DIE!” He yelled as he blasted a bolt of lighting Ethan’s way, rolling to the ground missing it barely he summoned Chloe back into his hood worried for her safety. If she was to get killed, Ethan wouldn’t know what to do with his pathetic life. Alyson muttered another spell blasting a concentrated stream of fire in his direction that he quickly deflected.

“And you must be the witch,” Jasper sneered.

The chameleon leapt into the air and knocked Alyson down as Jasper continued floating towards her, suddenly a blade in his hand, he brought it down but at the last moment, a fluffy red tail grasped it tightly.

“Great catch Chloe,” Ethan screamed as he stepped forward quickly etching another rune into the air for a spell.

“Your esper can transform? Gah!” Jasper said disgusted.

“Took a lot of practice but worth it,” Ethan said as a rune glowed and blasted Jasper into the walls behind him. His sword lifted by magic and thrust into the mans waist.

“Fine, I will have to cease this and come for you later kid, watch yourself!” Jasper said as smoke built around him and he suddenly disappeared.

Ethan pulled the frightened Alyson up and sat her carefully against the wall.

“Thank you, truly,” Ethan said with a smile, “Chloe could have been hurt if you weren’t so quick to respond.”

The little creature ran up to her and wrapped herself around Alysons neck and purred softly as it closed its eyes.

“Haha, I think I made a friend,” Alyson laughed nervously, still trying to get through what had just happened.

Ethan looked at the three men who were still trapped in his spell as he quickly went over to each of them knocking them unconscious.

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