DAEMON (Excerpt 2)

So this is going to become my huge work in progress. Not much might make sense but I am hopefully going to be doing this project! Thank you for reading!

Damien sat in class as the teacher drew on and on about the infamous DAEMON and what they have done for us. He had drew a blank shortly after she had began. They go over this every year. The same story. The same tragedies. Everything leading up to the blind obsession with DAEMON, our “lord and saviors” who would have known that commercialism would be what saved us? His ears perked up at the mention of a name.

“Now we have a guest speaker, Erik Knight from the DAEMON family. He will be talking to you all about the wonders of our heroes, please give him a firm welcome!” The teacher ordered as everyone mindlessly clapped their hands. Except Damien.

“Good morning everyone, as you know I am the son of Evan Knight, one of the founding fathers children, as I carry on that legacy I would like to go into more detail about the things we have done to help everyone maintain their lives here!” Erik said in a too-cheerful voice.

Damien was suddenly filled with anger and annoyance. This Erik was the same stuck up snob that used to be well-versed in bullying. He used to pick on all the children in hopes of making himself feel better. Often rushing into a straight out fist fight that would always excuse Erik of his misguiding, and punish the one he beat up. Damien had spent much of his time in the “Room of Punishment” because of this boys ruthless actions. Sighing loudly Damien began to draw on the tablet in front of him.

He began to scribble the designs of a long-coat he had wished he could create. As an avid nerd he took great interest in following through with the Demon Organization, becoming an officer so he can see the Drylands. The mall that had become his home has grown thin on his sanity and he wanted out. Erik would constantly remind him of the ruthless rules of becoming a Longcoat. His words echoed.

“Damien boy, you are a fool to think you can just walk into a position of power like that! The first rule of becoming a Longcoat is being an avid user of the Forgotten Arts, or Magic because I know you aren’t too smart. You need to be able to survive the onslaught of the ruthless lands beyond our wall. You will never achieve that goal. Perhaps maybe being in Public Security would be better fitted for someone of your stature?”

Biting his tongue in anger Damien scribbled away at his tablet. The long-coats granted to their officers were incredible pieces of technology but as in everything else it could always use some improvement. Sighing at his creation he looked up to see the class clapping. Maybe Erik was right? He didn’t possess any sort of magical powers.


The office door flew open in frustration as a man with a small tuff of hair on his chin and a pair of slim glasses wrote feverishly on his tablet.

“Dr. Grimhold, we need you to explain this mess now!” The man shouted.

He was a huge guy, his hair neatly shaved away. Muscles rippling through his clothes, wounds and tattoos covered his body. He was the chief of the military here, not the direct leader, that was a member of DAEMON of course, but second in command. Reporting directly to the council they rely so heavily on.

“What are you referring to Officer Stronghold?” the doctor said as he pulled at his facial hair a little.

“These mutant monsters that keep lining up outside our walls, I think they are being organized! I need to stop it at the source and they are not easy to destroy,” Stronghold yelled spraying the room in spit.

“This is a new one for the mutants, come here take a look at this!” The doctor spoke as he flipped the tablet towards the angry man.

“Golems? That is what you are calling them? What are they?” He said his voice quieting ever so slightly.

“Monstrous beasts that were formed from the decaying corpses of the mutants. I believe they somehow used the earth around them to form some sort of armor and structure to their forms. This is not unlike the Rock Snakes that slither around here and there. They are snakes that mutated with the rocks they used to live in to form armor of their own. However, the Golems I believe were once human. So they are much more harmful than silly snakes!” The doctor said fixing his glasses.

“So what do we do about them?” Stronghold said concerned, a feature he didn’t show much.

Kasey (Dr. Grimhold) and Davis (Stronghold) have a strong history together. Davis would never admit it but Kasey is the one that kept him alive as they tried to escape a mission gone wrong. His instructions clear and concise to get the poor Cadet out of a stubborn situation. Left alone after a mutant onslaught Davis had to arrive safely. Kasey needed the guys findings and walked him through survival. Although Kasey would never admit it was just science that made him help the jerk of a man, he has grown fond of the bloke.

“We need to find their weakness, I hate to ask, but I need Kaileen!” Kasey spoke softly.

“Ugh, fine, I will get him to report to you as soon as he is free!” Davis said as he rushed out the door.

“You mutants, he may be right, who is helping you?” Kasey said with worry.

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