Unholy Knight

Ziron and Eldon woke up with a slight pain in their sides. Sleeping on the floor of a cave was not the most comfortable thing. Aegis had awoken before them and stared out into the mossy waters. He looked around to see his guests awake.

“Good morning,” he said with a warm smile.

“What will the world greet us today old friend?” Eldon said as he pulled himself up off the ground.

“Where are we supposed to be going again?” Ziron said confused.

“The village of Mitosis, it is said to be hidden amongst the fog of this mossy place. There is word an unholy knight resides there on its outskirts and their provisions are running dangerously low. I do not know why something of that magnitude is wondering about but it is very concerning. Especially since it is smart enough to know how to keep the village hostage. Usually they just wonder about aimlessly hunting for small animals to feed upon.

“Interesting?” Aegis said stroking his chin.

“I know, it is almost like someone has sent him to do the very thing he is doing,” Eldon said concern, like always, laced in his voice. Rubbing the pain eating away at his side.

“You do know you’re getting old right?” Aegis said suddenly.

“Oh shut your trap boy, there is yet so much to accomplish. My age has no warrant on the ability to protect others.

“I know, I can’t believe he is still foolish enough to keep up this good fight,” Ziron laughed.

“You going to replace me someday boy?” Eldon said with a smirk.

“Highly unlikely, I am far to mismanaged to achieve that!” Ziron laughed out loudly.

“Just keep in mind that people do not take kindly to those that are not human, you don’t show it of course but your word will get out and they won’t trust you. I know, I’ve lived this life!” Aegis said sadly.

“Tragically so I’m afraid,” Eldon said with faint anger in his voice.

“We I suppose we should be off,” Aegis said with a quick gather of his things.

“I suppose we must,” Ziron complained as they headed out of the cave back into the wet abyss.

The depths seemed much more uninviting as they climbed through the murky waters and waded through the mist that had suddenly begin to clamber. Aegis kept quite, but Ziron noticed Eldon liming about slightly. Something was not okay, this battle would be on him. Eldon was far too tired and sore to face off against this unholy knight or whatever he called it. Ziron felt something tugging at him, something was going wrong.

“Foolish human, listen to me. You’ve suppressed me long enough!” The voice cried out inside Ziron.

“What do you want?” Ziron appeased the demon.

“Your old friend their has been poisoned. You are a massive fool for not noticing it!” Sapphire yelled.

“What are you talking about how?” Ziron asked telepathically.

“You too have been poisoned I can’t believe you didn’t notice,” Sapphire said disappointment laced in his voice.

“Why though? Is Aegis okay?”

“I believe the Vidus inside him burns up poison. I repel it. However Eldon is only human, he doesn’t have that luxury. I just don’t know how we were poisoned?

“We did fight a death rider think he had anything to do with it?”

“I doubt it, it doesn’t leak poison like some other creatures do.”

“You aren’t seriously considered Aegis did this are you?”

The silence was the only answer Ziron needed.

“HELLO DEMON!” A voice suddenly pierced through our heads.

“What? How?” Sapphire coughed as he felt his power slipping.

“What is going on?” Ziron spoke when his body began to weaken.

“I think the poison is working? How!” Sapphire cried.

“I should have known better than to trust some stupid human to do this job, his poison was easily repelled by you. Foolish fool!” The outsider echoed.

“Who are you?” Ziron asked as the water in his shoes suddenly felt much heavier.

“I am the unholy knight. I am the master of the universe. I poisoned you spineless creatures. I will end you for meddling in my plans!” It screamed the pain filled Ziron’s head.

“Eldon,” Ziron whispered weakly, “what is this unholy knight?”

“Oh boy! You don’t sound too hot! They are creatures of darkness their head is nothing more than an eye, they stare into you and manipulate your thoughts. Quite ruthless beasts really. However, they usually are not tapped into that ability. They struggle to even walk let alone use their abilities to manipulate the thoughts of others. Weak dumb creatures in all honesty. At least usually!” Eldon clapped.

“This one is not so weak!

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