The Trigger

He came home drunk that night. Thats nothing unusual. He collects his shit paycheck and goes to the bar every Friday night. He grabs one two many and stumbles home. Usually the mom takes most of it. He will hit her and force himself on her and it would always be out of the eyes of little ones. Derek and his step sister, Kristi could not be bothered with such disturbing images. Derek would sneak and check on Kristi to make sure she is still sleeping so she doesn’t have to hear his maniac episodes. Derek knew though, as he did everything. A little slip here and there, almost like he had some sort of psychic abilities. He could feel the emotions rising and falling.

Derek got accustomed to this though, he knew if he was to try and do anything his mom would just push him away, like she always does.

“Go to bed sweeting, mom and daddy are just playing!” She would smile, forced and broken it would be.

Derek would obey, he never really knew why. At 13 I guess, you really don’t know what to do in a situation like that. He’s taken his dad before, tried to get him to just go and sleep it off. Run to the garage and take his frustrations out on the punching bag. He would never succeed. Travis, the dad, would always just beat him to a red mess too. It was easy for him. A slow moving target. Derek would take each and every hit though. Even if it was just to soften the blow for his mother.

One night though, the unthinkable happened. Something that Derek, for some reason, could just not let go. Stumbling through that door like he always does. He headed for Kristi’s room. Derek didn’t know why, thought wishfully for a moment to give her a soft kiss goodnight. Derek just laid in bed listening to his chaotic footsteps and thing for a blissful moment thats all it would be. With a big smile on his face he decided to let go of the charade. Stepping out onto the soft carpet he would creep up on them.

Travis was leaned over her, rocking back and forth slightly, barely able to hold his balance. He pulled her covers down. Then he went for her PJ pants next. Derek really couldn’t grasp the situation. It was too unthinkable for something of that magnitude to come out of the scumbag. Derek sat in awe for only a moment. Once he pulled off her panties. Her tiny little butt in full view of the disgusting man. That was when Derek lost it.

All his life he has known something else resided inside him. Some kind of lost soul, or compass of sorts. He spent so much of his life just wanting to keep everyone safe. Going in the boxing ring happily for anyone. Just to soften their blow for them. He felt the anger boiling inside him. He didn’t know that it was even this possible to feel this much frustration. His heart caving at the very notion of what could be happening.

Travis reached his ginormous hands and as gently as a drunk man could touched her butt ever so slightly. Kristi’s eyes were about to open, Derek could feel it. He could not let her see this. This was too much. Too awful. She did not deserve this. No one did. So Derek jumped right into that battle ring again but this time. Something came with him.

Ripping his drunk fathers hands from barely touching her, Derek shoved him out the door. The man weighed roughly 190 lbs of pure muscle and beer belly. Derek was 13, barely 100 pounds. He rushed that man out of her room faster than he knew what was going on. It all became a haze then, but he could remember it. Almost like looking through a foggy window at a horror film.

Light swallowed Derek’s body. His arms pulsed with power as he dragged the man down the hallway. The carpet barely resisting his tug. Travis went in for a couple punches but felt nothing but air. Like a shield had suddenly swallowed the boy whole. He began to scream and swear, words slurred massively as he tried to show off his foul vocabulary. Derek kept pulling he no longer cared what he said, blocked him out as he tossed him down their stairs.

The mother came rushing out for the crash, screaming in confusion. Looking over at her son who was now swallowed in some sort of translucent blue light. Her heart shuddered, as if Satan himself had appeared to her that night. Grabbing the ginormous man who was aching and hurting, Derek dragged him to the front door.

Tossing the man into the snowy evening air he screamed at him. His voice laced with malice.

“You are to go. I never want to see you again. Your hands will never touch the innocent again!”

Shuddering at the sheer volume of his screaming, the mother tried to rush his step-sister back into her bed. Trying to sweeten the tone with lies.

“They’re just playing! Go back to sleep,” she would say, as convincing as she could.

Derek kept punching the man though. He could not stop, the power coursed through his veins as he did it. Punching and screaming terror filling the evening air. Finally when Derek decided he had enough, there in the small dusting of snow laid the very incarnation of disgust. Battered and bruised. Blood oozing from his broken nose, his cut lip, and the scratches that magically appeared on his body. Derek laughed, a laugh he could not fathom. Laced with pleasure and pain he turned to his mother as she peeked out the door. Her eyes filled with tears. The light vaporized. Steam rising from his flesh. He had made his point. And now he was terrified of it.

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