Death Rider Continued

Ziron stood up and encapsulated his body with a thick layer of light as a massive fox began to appear around him. He rushed towards the terrifying knight and clashed with its blade with vengeance. The crashing of claws and metal echoed through the mossy plains. Picking up the massive creature Ziron leapt into the air and tossed it into the moss laid depths.

Eldon struck the mare with extreme power he had somehow summoned. It was blasted back across the murky waters. It howled in discomfort as it stood up again. Eldon approached it carefully, his sword glowing with a bright white light. He aimed it at the beast and chanted quickly. Suddenly a blast of light pierced the creatures flesh. It screamed in agony as Eldon kept filling it with power.

The Death Rider looked around angrily, was he really just tossed by this mere tiny creature? Outraged it leapt into the air. Striking Ziron down with a screaming passion.

“You are all traitorous fools that need to be vaporized by my massive power!” It howled in frustration.

Ziron stood up instantly from the blow, somehow he was much more powerful than before. He would need to figure out why later! He leapt into the air once more and gathered the energy in his jaw. Aegis pulled himself up from the mossy prisons he had been trapped and turned to flames. Teleporting behind the massive Death Rider. Grabbing it with his gauntlets he laughed manically.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A subdued Death Rider? “What a pity, what would your kind think now that you are outclassed by the very thing you despise?” Aegis laughed.

“You disgusting creature get off of me! Traitorous swine must die!” It howled.

Suddenly a stream of light pierced the creatures head. It screamed in discomfort as Eldon aimed his sword at the creature. Walking slowly up to him he began to smile.

“Well, what an unfortunate turn of events?” Eldon smirked.

Ziron had finally gathered the energy and flew above the creature. Aiming true to the ground he blasted out white lightening into the creature. Black smoke consumed the swampy marsh they were familiar with. Collapsing to the ground, the light around Ziron dissipated. He looked around at the others. Aegis was shedding his armor and Eldon had sheathed his sword.

“Great job, thank you guys for your help!” Aegis said worried.

“What were you thinking?” Eldon said as he cuffed the mans ear.

“Hey old man, be nice to me, I was hired to kill what I thought was just a horseman! Turns out it was a Death Rider, my bad?” Aegis said stressfully brushing aside his brown hair.

“Well I’m glad we were here, that this is massively powerful!” Ziron said feeling the fatigue eating away at his body.

“I’m guessing we all need a good rest?” Eldon said noticing his sleepiness as well.

“There is a cave up here a few miles we can camp there, its safe, warm, and most of all dry!” Aegis said as he walked towards a mountain that had seemingly sprang from nowhere.

Trudging through the watery hell they finally reached the mountain line and pushed inside the thick pine trees. The smell of pine filled their nostrils as they pressed forward. The cave suddenly came into view as they all quickly went inside. Aegis summoned a free floating fire to warm them up.

“Well this is much better!” Aegis smiled.

“Let me dry you guys,” Ziron smiled as wind slipped inside and whisked away the moisture.

“Thank you Ziron, so sorry, we never really were properly introduced!” Eldon laughed.

“My name is Aegis I am a Navigational, south particularly!” Aegis smiled.

“I am Ziron, I am a Demon and of course your already know this old fool!” Ziron laughed. Eldon cuffed his ear in humor.

“So Aegis? What is going on where is your partner?” Eldon asked worry laced in his voice.

Aegis held his head low and looked up like a bad puppy.

“We got into a little bit of a disagreement, and decided it would be best for the both of us to separate for awhile. Sadly lost touch with him a bit ago. I still hope he is okay,” Aegis said looking around in embarrassment.

“Sorry to hear that old friend, I’m sure you will either find a new one or rekindle the old!” Eldon said as he furnished a flask from his robes.

“To old and new friendships!” They yelled.

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