A Demonic Introduction

The hallways were narrowing as Devon pulled forward. The walls were oozing blood. He couldn’t understand what was happening. Suddenly the sound of metal dragging on concrete could be heard. Looking behind him to see a massive Goliath. It inched forward, its scales were leaking some kind of liquid as its face snarled and screeched. It raised it’s sword high and brought it down in front of it. It roared and black smoke flew from it’s mouth. It suddenly was rushing towards him. Devon tried to run but he couldn’t move. Tar like liquid had grabbed ahold of my feet. Standing in complete shock as space between them closed.

The door besides him exploded as a boy stood out and suddenly grabbed hold of the blade coming down. His arm was transmuting, spiky scales consumed his flesh. He looked at the creature and smiled.

“Good morning Ferro,” the boy smiled as he ripped the sword from the creatures hands.

“Ugh, Dante, I didn’t want to see you today!” The creature roared.

“I know. I always ruin your creatures days,” Dante laughed.

Dante’s body was completely consumed in spiky scales as a creature, just as terrifying, stood before me. He rushed forward and stuck his claws though the creatures flesh and blasted them back.

Screeches filled the hallways with torment and suffering as Dante continued his onslaught of the massive beast. It soon crumbled to the ground and screeched one last time as Dante picked him up by his throat and squeezed. Black blood oozed from its head and suddenly black smoke filled the room as the creature evaporated. Dante opened his mouth and devoured the smoke. Glowing with black light as he raised his arms up high and yowled.

The spiky scales turned to a fine powder and whisked from his body. A human boy stood where the creature once was and looked over at me.

“I’m sorry you had to see this. This is the terror we all deal with every day, but you silly mortals usually don’t last long enough to notice what really happens interlaced in your day to day lives,” Dante explained.

“What just happened?” Devon asked with voice laced in fear.

“You’re just lucky I was here and in a good mood today, good luck mortal I think you’ll be waking from this nightmare soon,” Dante smiled as he ran off.

Devon stood in the hallway of the school, looking around in bewilderment as classes had continued like normal. The bell could be heard ringing in the distance. He was going to be late to my class if I didn’t do something soon.He ran to the classroom, the creatures he had just saw imprinted in the mind. Rushing inside and pulling out an iPad ready for the class to begin. Devon quickly typed every detail he could remember and saved it. Devon would get to the bottom of this.

Dante stood beneath the great oak tree. The world around him black and unforgiving. He opened a journal and began to draw the creature he had just fought. Scribbling notes besides the images. Closing the journal he slipped it in his coat pocket and looked out at the rising moon. He glanced at his hands as power coursed through them. He knew he would be feeling this achievement soon. Dante always sought power wherever he could find it. They would be here to collect him soon and he needed all the power he could grasp in order to defeat them.

As if his worries had been heard white light began to materialize in front of him. Suddenly a sword was pierced through his chest. He ached and screamed as the blade burned him. He looked around desperately trying to find a solution to his escape.

“Don’t bother Dante, this time you will not get away from me,” a voice echoed as the light began to materialize into a man.

There before them stood another teenager wearing a long coat of white. His hair was short and brown in a complete mess on his head as he inched forwards his prey. His golden pupils burned through the inky void as he came closer and closer.

“They sent you this time? Parion” Dante coughed, black blood oozing from his lips.

“Yes, they were sick of failure when they hate failure they send me. I’m here to finally cleanse your soul and purify your evil,” the boy smiled as a sword came crashing down beside him.

“You have Kassa!” Dante gasped.

“Only the best gets what I have,” the boy smiled raising the large sword with his hands.

The blade was silver, sparkling in the darkness, emitting a light all of its own as he came slowly forwards. He raised it high over his shoulder and prepared to bring it down on Dante’s head. Dante closed his eyes in what seemed like surrender. He petitioned the souls inside him.

“I need your help Thakothe, I need to release my control to you and allow you to fight this fiend without any sort of prevention on my part. If we don’t do this we shall both perish. What say you?” Dante cried in his head.

“MMMMMMMM, yes foolish child, allow me to save your wretched soul!” Thakothe cried out, a blood-curdling cry of vengeance.

Suddenly the air was filled with a thick poisonous cloud. Parion stood still for a moment to collect the situation.

“You wouldn’t?” Parion cried out as he began to run towards him.

“Desperate people do desperate things!” Dante cried as his eyes rolled back in his head. His world now an inky blackness impenetrable by his pupils.

The body was consumed in black smoke and emerged before them was a creature with long claws, lanky arms, a jaw of teeth and nearly 8 feet tall. It grabbed the poor boy and tossed him into the ground. A shattering echo could be heard across the land.

The building began to shake. Devon looked up and felt the pull of wherever I was before.

“Earthquake! Get down!” The instructor cried.

Devon crawled beneath the desk and took cover from the brutal shaking. The pull was harder now. Begging to pull Devon back into the nightmare he had suffered earlier. He finally gave in and was swallowed by darkness. There before him were a boy with a sword and a massive creature that roared in disgust.

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