”An Exorcist and Demon are old friends…”

She shivered in the bed as terrible thoughts flooded through her body. She struggled to sit up as if her very life force was being taken from her.

“Please end my suffering before I end it myself,” she begged.

Suddenly she was naked with men enjoying themselves with her body. Moaning and screaming as each one ravaged her.

She returned to reality sitting alone and naked in bed.

“She is right through there, please, be careful.” The man cried.

Alexander Anderson, the priest of Artesia, stepped forward. Begging for this to be a quick and easy process. She was sitting in the bed fondling her body for him when he entered.

“Hello Grace, I see you have a strong case of darkness inside you?” Anderson spoke quietly.

He began to lay out tools, a Yin Yang symbol adorned his neck. A book carved from leather with gold and silver Yin Yang sat in his hands. He pulled out a knife and a cup, poring some tea into it he sat at the foot of her bed. He pulled the cup closer to his lips as he drank heavily.

She continued to tease and prod at his sexuality with her body as he just watched. Thinking the best way to handle the situation. He pulled the knife from the table and slit his hand, a drop of blood fell into his tea. He swallowed the remainder of it. The world was suddenly swallowed in darkness. His body the only think lit aflame with white fire.

“Hello Anderson, I see we meet again,” the voice shuddered.

Anderson look around but couldn’t see through the inky void. He felt a pang of familiarity as he pawed through his journal.

“With the white flames of Tai I set the darkness ablaze!” He cried.

Suddenly the fire from within him stretched amongst the shadows. There before him stood a gorgeous woman with long blood red hair, perfect perky tits, in complete view of him. He hung his head low and suddenly realized who he was dealing with.

His ex-girlfriend.

Who would have known a Priest would commit an adulterous sin as to sleep with a demon. He was so easily subdued by her that evening at the Virgin’s Flask that he had made the ultimate sacrifice. His masculinity. His frame had no more muscle too it, his sack empty of Testosterone. He no longer felt the pull of women’s lotus, he no longer felt himself attracted to their bodies, his God had taken it from him for payment. However, something about her, and their history, stirred something inside himself.

She sat cross legged in the air as she looked over at him. Her face a carving of the memories they shared together. He imagined her sprawled out in his bed that long ecstasy filled evening. He fixed his glasses with stress as he thumbed an other page.

“How have you been darling?” She whispered, her voice laced with seduction.

“Don’t play games with me Nicole, I won’t tolerate it,” Anderson said with ill-convection.

“Oh come on, don’t you remember all our fun times together?” She whispered inches from his neck.

He felt his manhood tremble at her proximity. He closed his eyes and tried to drown her games out of his mind. Begging his God to bestow upon him the power to resist her.

“Don’t worry my child!” A voice trembled inside him.

Suddenly the Yin Yang symbols appeared below his feet and he leapt aside. Trapping her in a circle of light. She cried and screeched as he muttered his prayers.

“By all that is holy, I will pull you from the light and toss you back into the darkness where you belong!” He cried, a tear flowing from his eye.

The ground swallowed her as the darkness was lifted. He looked over at a frightened girl quickly wrapping herself in a blanket and crying. He pulled her close to himself and whispered to her.

“Don’t worry my child, you are safe now…”

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