Tower Siege (Excerpt from Tiez; Killer of Kings)

Disclaimer: This will NOT make any sense as it is the very end of the story, however struggling with creativity I decided to pick out pieces of my thought processes to hopefully invigorate my creative energies… please forgive my disappointment with NaNoWriMo this year… I still have time, I am still trying…

Tiez blasted through the castle gates alchemical energy surrounding his body. Talon had rushed through and slain multiple guards that stood in the way before Tiez was completely through the gate. Kain had already slain the two teams beyond the walls with his demonic blink abilities. Almost instantaneously the first wall of defense had been slaughtered.

Talion stood in his throne room, a disappointed scowl on his face. His captain came in with his head hung low.

“They have breached the castle walls King Kesh,” he said.

“I felt their presence, I am very disappointed in you Garrick, you had one mission to protect me and you have not proven yourself useful,” Talion said anger swelling on his face.

Talion stuck out a finger as darkness pierced Garrick in the throat his blood pooled at his feet as he clutched his throat in agony.

“Master Kesh, why!” He cried as death instantly claimed him.

“Talion, are you sure it is safe to use those powers now?” A man said slinking from the shadows.

This was Baron, the master of the darkness that Talion had confessed his secrets too for advice on the best to hide them.

“I don’t think it serves a purpose to hide it anymore. If Tiez and his goons get here the battle will be too fierce for me to pretend anymore that I’m a worthless human.” Talion said no longer able to hold his anger that festered inside him. His pupils had been swallowed by darkness as it invigorated the darkness within him.

“Yes of course master,” Baron said with a bow and slipping back into the shadows.

Two more captains came in to the sight of Garrick’s dead body littering the floor.

“You two, I need you to hold the intruders off the best you can whatever it takes, we need to slow them down. I have ordered the Black Wings Elite Battalion to return but it will take time. And for the hell of it, summon OUR sorcerer and make him do something about the force knocking at our doors,” Talion ordered, “or end up like him, your call.”

The were shaking from the sight of one of their partners death. So they quickly scrambled out and began to shout orders to the leaders of each group. They did not want to end up like their unfortunate friend.

Tiez had come across a new challenge as a group of magical defense systems stood in place.

“I see our enemy has learned from his past mistakes. I will need time to disassemble this, this magic is more complicated then what I am expected of Kesh’s King,” Tiez ordered.

Talon stood high and strong in his silver armor as he prepared his sword for battle from the clanking coming from behind them. Kain was blinking in and out of reality as he crossed into the Demon Dimension to sneak up on his foes. Tiez had placed his hands on the shield and began to try transmuting it into a more weakened wall.

The soldiers began to pour in the room as Kain had rushed his claws through several of the defenders to open the floor for his partner. Talon slaughtered them one by one. Their gold armor laying in piles at his feet. His sword like waves in the ocean as his perfected swings were filling the room. The magic shield Tiez was working on began to turn into less of a blue light and more of a thick impenetrable mist. Magic coursed through his body as he felt his reserves tightening.

Every magic being only has a limited amount of energy before they are completely drained. Being an Alchemist Tiez understood equivalent exchanged and better maintained his reserves pulling from pockets throughout his body as not to weaken an entire pool at once. The magic shield Talion, the King of Kesh, had set up was high ranking magic. More adapt than a human king, which they all knew their King was no longer.

The soldier sent to slow them down had all been defeated. The magic wall had suddenly turned into vapor as Tiez crouched on the ground panting.

“This is not going to be easy guys, I think we just got through the easy part. Are you all ready for this battle?” Tiez said panting as his reserves began to balance their pools for consistency.

“We can do this!” Talon said, but he too was panting.

“We will be okay,” Kain said, although like the others he was quite winded as well.

“Seems our plan has worked to some extent?” A voice rang around them.

“What?” The three said.

“The room is made of elite luxury materials, hence why your demon is having such a hard time, not such easy access to that dimension when there are magnet energy fields all around. Talon, we sent you the best we had, we knew they would all die but your betrayal has shocked us all filthy silver knight. I know why you’re so weak now! Finally, the biggest threat we’ve had in a long time, an alchemist. I’ve poured a lot of resources and magic into that wall, I see it took you a few minutes to figure it all out. No matter, this is where you shall all die…” it echoed and faded.

Through the door a small group of three soldiers in clad black armor appeared. Dark energy steaming from their bodies.

“Say hello to the Black Wings Elite Battalion!” The voice laughed.

Talon stood up and took a few moments to think of the journal he carries with him, Chapter IX: Courage and stood tall to fight the vicious creature approaching. Kain had instantly felt the pull and scratching of the magnets he was now aware of, his hope was quickly wavering. Tiez stood up and saw the hope faltering from the siege. He quickly leapt into the air and struck the ground. Alchemical energy rushed in every direction and quickly seeped into the heroes bodies.

They felt invigorated energy returning to their bodies. Talon struck one of them with all of his might, alchemical energy fizzled around his blade. The darkness was soon whisked away with the light. Kain began to ooze more Demonic Energy than usual and no longer felt the pull of the magnets as significantly. He rushed the second one and ran his claws through the darkness with ease, absorbing it into his own body to fuel him further. Tiez had his blade through the other ones chest in the midst of it all and transmute it into a large pillar of stone splitting their body.

The three bodies lay torn apart on the castle ground. Tiez looked around for a second attempt and found nothing.

“Well, I guess I underestimated them?” Talion said with a frown.

“Perhaps you overestimated the Black Wings, for you are never wrong my liege.” Baron said from the shadows again, “shall we make for your escape?”

“No, they still have a sorcerer to face and I want to be here to see them fall. Baron, bring the sorcerer here!” Talion said with a creepy smirk.

There before him stood the sorcerer shaking in fear at the bodies that began to line the floors to the throne room.

“Hello Pallor, I have a mission for you!” Talion said.

“My liege I would serve no one but you but I don’t think my power is enough to stop them!” Pallor said truthfully.

“Perhaps not at the level you are now, I’m sure you would be slain almost instantaneously. However, I have a gift for you that might make it worth a shot!” Talion said smirking.

Tiez, Talon, and Kain had struggled through more waves of basic soldiers but they still had so much ground to cover. They needed to get to the throne room before Talion thought of any other tricks, he was strong enough as it was without the power of darkness.

The wall shattered beside them as a floating wizard came rushing through, his pupils consumed by darkness as he carelessly blasted black lighting into the crowd. Tiez had barely enough time to transmute a black lighting conductor to absorb the attack another blast would be coming. It could only take so much. Tiez looked around for some sort of advantage. This wizard was filled to the brim with darkness magic and it was horrendous the things it could do in the hands of a skilled wizard. Talon ran up to strike him but was only tossed aside by arms of black light that came from seemingly nowhere. Kain knew this was his battle field, his turn to shine.

Rushing the wizard Kain summoned his demons power and struck out at the foe. The darkness that emanated from him was absorbed by the demonic magic. Converting it into energy for it’s host to use in battle. He leapt into the air at the floating wizard and struck it down with a ball of lighting formed in his palm.


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