Arcane, Prometheus, and Ophelia materialized on Pluto. Creatures began to surround them! They saw them coming. Little robots buzzed around like a swarm of bees. The other creatures stood taller than normal with long swanky arms holding pistols in each. Behind them was a large massive beast growling in anger. In the shadows were the glowing eyes that aimed right at them.

Hissing and slurring came from the void of Pluto as little robots flew towards them. Prometheus quickly summoned his Solar shield and defended his teammates as each one of them latched onto his shield and exploded. The shield fizzled from existence as creatures came forward blasting bullets at our heroes. Arcane skipped around avoiding each one as Prometheus took them each. Ophelia leapt into the air and blasted out a Void bomb blowing up the attacking creatures.

They each pulled forward and whipped out their weapons. Kinetic bullets filled the air peeling the attacking creatures. Arcane whipped out his Scout Rifle and headshot each of the glowing eyes. Prometheus continued forward attacking the creatures with his Auto Rifle. Ophelia landed in the masses and used her Hand Cannons on each one that came at her.

The Battalion had been defeated the large creature that was seemingly overseeing them came forward its howls of anger shook the planet.

“I am the mighty Reverie, your bodies will be slain here and peeled for study!” it howled.

Arcane leapt into the air and Arc Blades adorned his arms as he rushed the massive creature. Striking as hard and fast as he could before the lightning fizzled away. Leaping backwards avoiding Reverie’s stoke he escaped its onslaught.

The three guardians stood looking up at this massive beast before them. They unloaded clip after clip into its body waiting for it to finally fall. Dodging it’s strikes and blasts from the cannons it wielded. Struggling to defeat the massive creature they filled their Lights power. And all powered up at once. Prometheus pummeled the creature with its fists of Solar energy striking it hard and fast. Arcane had to wait a bit longer than the others. Watching Ophelia loading out Void Bomb after Void Bomb into it’s towering frames. Once Arcane was up he struck it again with his Arc Blades. The three Guardian’s onslaught was too much for the beast and it exploded into fragments. The fragments materialized into the Robots that begged to clasp onto their bodies. They were suddenly fleeing for their lives until the ship took it aboard.

They sat panting in the middle of their ships.

“We need to do a status report, they knew we were coming, and those robots are dangerous!” Arcane said through rushed breathing.

“Yes dock the Ghosts!” Ophelia seconded.

They each stood up and summoned their Ghosts for docking. Commander Mavericks worried expression filled the now light screen that had formed.

“Updates for me Guardians?” He said with extreme anxiety.

Arcane stepped forward as he was elected leader.

“We arrived here and were ambushed they were already expecting us.” Arcane said with worry as well.

“Did you get to scout anything?” Maverick asked.

“Sorry sir, we didn’t have a chance. They have robots that latch onto you and explode, we needed to get away. Not to mention they were joined with a massive beast I can only imagine is a commander of some kind. It was quite powerful, all three of our supers had a hard time taking it down. Not to mention the bullets we filled it with,” Arcane said upset.

“If that is any indication of the chaos that dwells on Pluto we need to make sure you are prepared, we need to power you up!” Maverick said.

“The Speaker granted our Ghosts the “forever” light, but we don’t know how to wield it?” Ophelia said worry also filling her out.

“Don’t worry Guardians, the answers will come to you when it is most needed!” The Speaker’s soft voice rang in their ears.

“Thank you Speaker,” Maverick said with a smile.

“So we will room here and heal up, it’s been a tough battle for something so new to us! We look forward to accessing the “forever light”!” Arcane smiled to the group.


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