Chapter Three (Continued)

“He is notorious for making a ruckus” the guard chuckled to himself.

Fantastic Tiez thought already a new family member to despise. They walked down the long hallway until they were finally in a make-shift village. Houses scattered and merchant stalls empty. They led us up to a house in dire need of some upgrades and knocked on the door. It swung open.

Before us was a frail looking older man, he had a white beard that went to his knees. He had a large scar across his face, perhaps a battle wound from his younger days, and sporting a rather short robe and a gloomy look on his face.

“You’re as frail as they said you were,” the old man insulted, “get in here and go to sleep it is fricking too early for this.”

Suddenly the guards pushed me inside, Herego waved goodbye and I was left alone with the old man who I could only assume was my grandfather.

“No questions now, I’m Epson, your grandfather, go to sleep and we will talk in the morning. I make mean pancakes,” he said as he ushered me into a rather empty room with a bed, nightstand, lantern, and a wooded chest. Devon crawled into the bed, it was soft and warm and that is all he needed to give up the fight.

Why is my life like this? He thought over and over as he fell asleep.

The morning light had shone through the windows and Devon decided to stand up and prepare for the day. Walking out he say his grandfather making pancakes over a fire.

“Sit boy!” He yelled as he furnished a bottle of syrup.
Devon reluctantly sat and was given a small stack of pancakes and a bottle of milk. He began to pick at his food but found his stomach had other plans. Devouring it whole another couple stacks were given to him before he was full.

“You are like a Wendigo devouring children,” Epson laughed.

“So what am I doing? I am not at all familiar with this place?” Devon struggled.

“Yes boy, school is around the corner I will bring you there myself. Outfit yourself for a day of battle!” He said as he collected the used utensils and plates and washed them in a basin.

Devon went back to his room and threw on a pair of fresh leather clothing from his backpack, wrapped his scabbard around his waist, pulled on each of his gloves, and quickly threw on his coat from the school. He grabbed his sword and sheathed it quickly as he went back to meet up with Epson.

Epson had wizard robes on and had a walking stick and quickly ushered him out of the way into the streets of the now very lively Jonril.

Everyone was going about their businesses merchants screaming their supplies, people mumbling to one another, and guards teaming up to pick on some poor unfortunate girl. He walked rather fast for someone with a walking stick and they were quickly approaching the Masonry: School of Battle gates. Walking up to it, it was magnificent. The school was quite large but not the usual castle size Devon was expecting. Guess whoever ruled here was a little more humble then most lords.

The gates were guarded by two guards who were throwing some sort of ball of light back and forth from one another. They each looked over at us and immediately broke out in humiliating laughter.

“You’re up awfully early? Didn’t go on a binger last night?” One of the guards teased Epson.

“Boy, the Devil’s Nectar is power, when you can wield that power you will understand. Just for that little jest have a little lightning!” Epson said as he pointed his stick at the boy and jolted him with a bolt of lightning.

“NO!” He cried out his hair singed.

“Good luck getting the ladies now,” the other guard laughed loudly.

“Let us through boy before I give you a freeze!” Epson said banding his stick on the ground.

Still laughing he began opening the gates to Masonry.

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