Arcane, Prometheus, and Ophelia had been transported back to their home bases at the tower. They received word that the Speaker must talk to them. They each popped by the vaults and emptied it of their Armor, Weapons, and Support Inventory. They gathered all of themselves together and traveled to the Speaker.

He sat high on his staircase looking down at them as he walked down each step. His face covered by a mask and his voice a soft caress of the Traveler’s Light.

“As you know, I am the voice for the Traveler when it has been choked. It knows all and sees all and it is very much aware of your situation here. May you please furnish your Ghosts before me?” The Speaker said arms wide.

They each quickly summoned their Ghosts and sat them free amongst the observatory. Suddenly the room went completely dark and flashed with bright white light. Each of the Ghosts was suddenly filled with light. Their armor mutated into a white shell with blue “T” markings. They hummed and beeped with joy as the Traveler granted them a gift.

“They will burn brighter, stay lit longer, and survive easier. The Traveler has granted them the gift of it’s Forever Lights, I am sure your travels will set the powers they have been granted! The Traveler and I wish you luck on your mission. Keep your light safe, Guardian!” The Speaker said, ascending the stairs.

“Well, as a new Fire-Team before we are summoned I feel we need to get to know each other a little better, therefore I propose a Patrol together!” Arcane said confidently.

“That sounds like a fantastic idea, we have no idea what we are getting into, we need to evaluate what we have together,” Ophelia said with a little smile.

“Sure, I like to shoot things,” Prometheus said as they each transmuted into light.

Their ships gathered above the solar system they each set a destination for the Cosmodrone. Flying in light speed.

“What do you think I can do?” Arcane’s Ghost beeped telepathically.

“I don’t know but I am sure it will help us on this mission!” Arcane said, slightly worried about knowing nothing about this new Pluto.

Arcane was the planner, a strategist, always read up and prepared for whatever was to come. They couldn’t expect some things of course in their mission but mostly Arcane had been ready for anything. Now, he was going into uncharted territory, not even rumors at the tavern to shed some light on the possibilities. Going in blind was not a good tactic to Arcane.

Ophelia heard her Ghosts beeping joy and was thinking to herself. She knew nothing about those that were coming with her. She didn’t like not knowing her teammates and struggled with not getting a heads up to this mission so she could do some research. But she knew one thing, battle brought out a lot in people and while she watched them battle she might be able to understand what they are all about.

Prometheus was the legendary Titan. He had vanquished many Minions of Darkness in his day, topped many hitlists, go to for strike support, and basically a master of both Defender and Striker, and knew how to use them in many dire situations. However, being so popular he was basically idolized by other Guardians and therefore a little hot-headed, but a positive member to the Fire-Team.

Suddenly each of them were materialized on the Cosmodrone fields where each of them looked around and sought out patrols. Not very long before they got to one trio of Taken Lieutenants came to corrupt the lands. They leaped into battle.

Arcane blasted white Arc Light into the sky as he dashed towards them, Arc Blades adorned his arms. Teleporting from foe to foe lashing out with the blades as they dissipated into thin air. Arcane sent waves of Arc Light into the Lieutenant until it crowed for mercy and burst into black flames. The light evaporated from his body as he filled the Fallen with Kinetic bullets to each of their heads with his Scout Rifle.

Prometheus launched into the sky and came rushing down a Flaming Hammer and crashed it onto the ground, fire exploded in all directions vaporizing the Fallen. He ran forward followed by Solar Light and smashed his hammer into the Lieutenant bursting it into fire as it was engulfed in black flames. The Solar glow was gone as Prometheus whipped out his Auto Rifle and peeled the incoming Fallen.

Ophelia sat back and prepared her attack for the final Lieutenant she leapt into the sky and blasted Void Bombs that sought out the Taken foes consuming them in it’s purple vengeance. She summoned Void energy into her palm and blasted it at the Taken Lieutenant, it went straight through his chest and he bursted into black fire. She crashed to the ground whipped out her two Hand Cannons and filled the Fallen surrounding her with Kinetic blasts of death.

The fields before them had been cleansed of the Minions of Darkness. Bodies scattered around the field plastered in deep red and black blood. They looked around at the chaos they had assumed as their Ghosts all hummed to life.

“We will let the Tower know what you did here!” They beeped simultaneously as they were issued their bonus Glitter, Loot Winnings, and Reputation points.

“To the tavern?” Prometheus laughed as everyone nodded and dissipated into light.

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