Fables of Destiny: Introduction


So I have to be true with you. I have suddenly become quite obsessed with the video game Destiny. So Today I am taking a break from my novel to do a little introduction to the story I have decided to create based loosely around Destiny ideals.

Disclaimer: I do not own Destiny, nor am I rehearsed in much of it’s lores. I am borrowing basic concepts from them and creating my own kind of world out of the thoughts of them.

Location: Saving Grace Jumpship (Jupiter)

Commander Maverick sat at the tables before a stack of files. He was a larger man, full armor, Human species, brown eyes black hair and a Ghost floating above his head eagerly looking over the papers alongside him.

“Pluto was never considered a planet before? Why is it something to consider now?” Maverick asked his Ghost.

“Turns out, it was ruled out in fact that it was not considered large enough to be labeled as a planet so we simply left it alone. However, our most recent Overdrive Scans have shown that it has grown three sizes now. Which is unusual for a planet so we have no choice but to check it out. The darkness could be harboring some sort of super species there that could prove chaotic to our regime if not dealt with effectively,” the Ghost beeped.

“Well as part of the Traveler I definitely would not take that risk. I have gathered a fire team of three Guardians that I will be dispatching soon to Pluto. That planet takes 100 years to get to the Awoken and Evo’s could be there in a long long time, the Hunter is human. Not to mention boring and we simply don’t have that kind of time. So I constructed a series of missions for our other guardians to gather supplies for me and my two scientists and together we have created a jump gate from Vex materials. The shipwright here has also created a ship that will use the machine we created instead of usual jump drives, this one will map out and locate wormholes to alter the perceptions of time to arrive at Pluto. We have outfitted them with three sparrows designed specifically for battle. We hope we don’t need them out there long but it will still take some time to get back. Ugh, this is all quite complicated stuff, could you send in one of my scientists,” Maverick said rubbing his temples.

“Good morning Commander, Eldon here! How can I be of assistance?” The scientist asked curiously.

“Send in the Guardians!” Maverick said.

“Are we pulling them from their patrols?” The Ghost beeped.


Suddenly as if nothing, light began to build in the room as before them were three bodies bodies.

“Hey Ghost, what gives!” The Titan said annoyed.

“What is going on?” The Warlock insisted.

“Shh, I think we are in front of a high ranking officer,” the Hunter said hushing them.

They all looked at Commander Maverick together with confusion.

“Good afternoon Guardians,” Maverick said as he stood up to bow to them for respect.

“Hello Commander,” the Hunter said confused.

“My apologies Guardians, I am Commander Maverick you are on Saving Grace, outside Jupiter, the super ship we have designed for our top secret project. We have been monitoring the rankings and statistics of your missions and Crucible successes. We have broken down your Raids, Strikes, Campaign, and Bounties to recruit what we believe would be the most successful candidates to this mission, to get a better understanding I think you should introduce each of you than we will share the top secret intel. Keep in mind this intel is level nine the second highest level, which means you cannot be sharing any of this with anyone. Chaos could ensue,” Commander Maverick said with a large gulp of air.

“Arcane, the Hunter, you have successfully completed all our missions with quite the strategy. Managed a number two spot on the Crucible leaderboards and of course, you have led your Fire-Team Halion for quite some time now. You have been chosen for these leadership skills,” Ghost beeped accessing their files.

Arcane stood with a little smirk. He was a smaller human, long black hair, brown eyes. Outfitted in exotic armor fit for a hunter. On his back was a Scout Rifle. His Ghost zoomed overhead in joy, a camouflaged shell and beeping in joy.

“I appreciate those kind gestures!” Arcane’s Ghost hummed in admiration, “I’ve made a good decision!”

“Prometheus, you have done quite a feat making a name for yourself. I believe you are number one on everything, I hope for sake that has not gone to your head, we have chosen you for the exact precision you have wiping out a battlefield,” the Ghost beeped.

Prometheus stood strong and looked over at them as his Ghost materialized and nodded at the others. He was an Exo, a machine race, and his markings were unforgettable. On his back he had a massive Auto Rifle, endorsed with markings and signatures of many that has wielded it.

“Ophelia, you are a powerful warlock, who has done so much to assist any and all fire-teams. Your concrete concern and helpfulness as a team member is why we chose you,”

Ophelia was in full purple robes as she smiled at them. Her eyes were bright as she was an Awoken. Her hair incredibly long and purple as well. Sporting a pair of Hand Cannons on her waistband. Her Ghost fluttered around them all in Beeped with extreme happiness.

“Thank you for that Ghost. Now, let me inform you of the mission. We are sending you to Pluto,” Commander Maverick said allowing a moment to understand what he just said.

“That is way to far away for our Hunter human here, and anyway Pluto isn’t a planet anymore!” Ophelia said.

“Ahah! Thank you for asking,” the scientist said with pure joy.

“You are correct, however we have some workarounds for that,” Maverick laughed.

“Pluto was removed from the list because it wasn’t large enough, now however it is. Why we are pursuing it is because it has grown three sizes in a very short amount of time and we are concerned. Now, we have built a ship for you that can jump to Pluto,” the scientist smiled.

They all gasped that was quite an accomplishment.

“How?” Arcane asked curiously.

“So you have all fought the Vex I am sure, they use gateways to travel. We secretly put up a bounty to collect some supplies from their destroyed gates on Venus,” the scientist said.

“I did that bounty recently,” Prometheus interrupted.

“And we appreciate it, with those materials we were able to build a jump drive capable of using wormhole mathematics to leap farther. We have built Banerunner, a ship capable of utilizing the more powerful jump drive and as a new base for your mission. We will show you the amenities shortly. However due to the complications of Wormhole Mathematics we have limited access to wormholes so we have to wait for certain holes to peak before we can use them. Therefore, timing is complicated. That is it from me, Commander Maverick will be filling you in on the mission details!” The scientist said as he began walking away.

“We will see you two soon,” Maverick said.

“Wow quite the technology we have for this mission,” Ophelia’s Ghost beeped.

“We are primarily sending you three on a reconnaissance mission at this time, however we will be setting up communications and technology there to aid us in defending Pluto and the rest of the solar system if a threat is imminent. He mentioned timing as Wormholes are only semi-predictable we will be sending you as soon as we have one locked on, which could be today could be in a month from now. It’s all complicated and unfortunately difficult but it is all we have. The ship is very important so we shall head there next.

The three of them followed Maverick as they were lead to the ship bay. Their ship was large and difficult to navigate. They tried to shove as much technology as possible into it’s limited space as they could. They walked out to the loading bays where a large blue ship sat.

“Greetings Guardians, come with me and I will escort you upon the Banerunner and show you around,” the scientist said gleefully.

The Hunter, Titan, and Warlock followed taking in the sights. They were suddenly turned to light as they were transported into the ship. It was a decent sized ship with the basic amenities. Control Panel, weapon grids, radar system, and status information. Next to each of them were different rooms. One set up for each of them. In the center was a Ghost docking station where each ghost could sit for whatever reason.

“I see you noticed our Ghost docking station? That serves as a purpose of communication from us. Each Ghost will need to be docked in order for it to work, it takes a lot our of a Ghost to run something that reaches so far away. This will be our best bet to keep in touch with one another. Each room has all the amenities as you would expect from a housing establishment and we will use the Ghosts to transmute and transport intel back and forth including samples. We believe it will be straining on not only you Guardians but for the Ghosts as well as this is quite a ways away,” the scientist spoke happily.

“So we have this ship all to ourselves and it can do mostly everything we might need?” The Hunter, Arcane, asked almost bewildered.

“Yes. Like we mentioned it was quite a feat to achieve this sort of technologically advanced super ship. We hope you treat it well!” Maverick said with a smile.

“Well then when do we go?” The Titan, Prometheus chuckled.

“Sadly we are still pinpointing that, I suggest you gather your things and send them via the Ghost Network so you can be ready when we are,” the scientist spoke up while looking at a tablet.

“Well, is that acceptable?” Maverick said in concern.

“I will do it!” the Warlock, Ophelia spoke out.

“Seconded!” Prometheus said air punching.

“I was getting a bit bored with patrols anyway,” Arcane said.

“Excellent! We will be in contact soon!” Maverick said.

“Looking forward to working with you guys,” the scientist chimed in as well!

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