Chapter Two

The three of them gathered around a campfire and were each distributed a bowl of soup and a chunk of elvish bread. Devon realized how hungry he had become. He quickly shovled down the soup, taking bites out of the bread whenever he was able too. He smiled as he ate even though it was awkward how quite everyone was.

Herego furnished a goblet of beer from seemingly nowhere and drank deeply. Wiping his face he looked over at Devon.

“Any questions my boy about Masonry: School of Battle?” Herego asked with his mouth full of bread.

“I have no idea what I am getting into, any information would be greatly appreciated. Also when will we be there?” Devon asked, placing his eatery aside as he finished.

“So as in every good story we must begin with the beginning. The history of Masonry! Masonry was not always a school, back before the Cold War each village had its own castle in which to make decisions and answered to the king. Kesh was still in power, as it always has been, but it was more of a collaboration than an all out monarchy. Each would look to each other for guidance. Of course, as always, a few people were no longer interested in such a system and wanted to be the entire rule so they created a rebellion. I’m sure you know all about the Cold War?” Hergo said, no cheeriness in his voice this time.

Devon did know about the Cold War, the villages that were on the outskirts of the Girdle of Kesh joined forces and decided to attack Kesh. Tossing the whole kingdom into an all out war. The king would not tolerate it and sent a group known as the Mythic Conspiracy to slay the kings that betrayed them. This brought the Empire into disarray and sculpted it into a Monarchy.

Since then the castles have been either destroyed by the Mythic Conspiracy, demolished by the village as a sore reminder or reworked into some sort of important establishment. That was where the school came from. It was once held by the King named Darrion, who had not aided in the overrule of the king but murdered for other means.

“Your structure will be as followed. Each morning you will attend an engagement session where Haragog will attempt to entice your spirits. Then you will have three classes each for a special skill type. The first is Experimental Magic, and the basics of how to use magic. Taught by the sorceress by the name of Lecirl Spellwand, the high elf of the Green Reaches.

The second is Survival Basics where we will outfit you with knowledge to survive the lands of Artesia. Esar Battlestrong, a hafling expert in survival.

Finally, the most important class of all; Battle Skills, where we will outfit you with the combat experience required to excel. Haragog Grindleweld, the dwarven battler will of course teach you how to fight.

The boss of this school would be Baurn, known as Baurn the Cold, he is a stern man who will not tolerate even the slight disrespect of any and all situations. Any questions?” Herego smirked.

Devon stood still and just thought deeply. Nothing came to mind. He decided to excuse himself and go for a walk.

“I’ll be back in a little bit!” Devon said as he walked into the woods.

“Be careful boy,” Herego said, “do not forget your sword.”

Devon walked through the now almost denser trees and looked around for berries or fruits he knew of he could eat. This was all a bit overwhelming for him and he just needed some time to think. Finally finding an apple he sat at the foot of a tree and took a large bite as he swallowed his sanity in merciless thought.

“I’m going to a school to train me to, basically, die slower. I know absolutely no one, not that I really knew anyone at my village anyway. Meeting my grandfather for literally the first time in my life. I’m stranded in an unfamiliar village for the next several years. To top all that off, my parents want nothing to do with me, the village thinks I am a disgrace. All in all; Not a great turn around for events.” Devon mumbled to himself.

Not my best day but I will do better tomorrow I promise that to myself, not forgetting to get up on time in the morning is VERY important!!!

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