Kattara, a village sculpted into the Spire of Light mountains of the great Artesian Empire, part of the Kesh confederacy was home to the lustrous Barbarians. An elite race of strong individuals that were cornerstones to the brute force of the Kesh military. Their houses were crafted from stone repositories from the Spires of Light where they lived and buried slightly into the ground for insulation. Their village was large but spread out. Davis Stronghold was a brute of a man. Tall bulky with masses of black hair on his head and face. He was training alone in the Spire of Light’s training caves where he would often visit to get stronger. He was the right hand man to Dargon the great general of their village. He proved himself often to strengthen his respect amongst the village. He was smashing in the rough cracked rocks of the village as he heard footsteps outside the cave. Turning around he watched another barbarian dismount their massive horse.

“Great Davis of Stronghold, I request permission to enter!” The man said in his crackled old voice.

“Speak your name as you enter!” Davis yelled out, not once letting up on the stones he was demolishing.

“I am Gregor the messenger for the village, sorry we have not had much face to face contact in a long while. I have been sent by the white mage of Kesh. Your mate is in labor! She is shackled up in the barn in agony as birth threatens to emerge from her body,” Gregor said with a bow.

“Finally! I have been waiting for this moment for a long while! A new barbarian of the Stronghold name with grace the village with his presence. I request your horse for haste!” Davis said with a large smile on his face and punching his right hand into the heart of his left with courage.

“Request granted Great Davis of Stronghold! Quick, with haste you must ride to the heart of the village!” Gregor said as he bowed slightly to the massive man mounting the horse.

“Thank You Gregor,” was all Davis let slip as he galloped into the distance.
The barn was full of sweat and screams as Dawn Stronghold lay in the hay panting from contractions. She was a strong looking woman, plump and beautiful, her mane of red hair and bulky frame spoke true to barbarian woman. Small A beautiful white mage sat by her side with a piece of parchment and a quill. Her hair a dark brown, robes of white silk, and a staff floating next to her.

“Keep breathing Dawn, you can do this!” The white mage smiled as she scribbled notes on the parchment.

“Where is Davis!” Dawn cried through the pain.

A man entered with a small bow and a quite apology. Large with grand iron armor and a battle axe at his hip. He strode in with a presence as he walked up the her and the white mage.

“How is Dawn of Stronghold doing?” The man asked worried.

“Nice of you to stop by Daragon, what a pleasant surprise!” The white mage said as her long brown hair was brushed from her shoulders, “I assure you the woman is doing very well, Davis of Stronghold should be arriving soon, with haste I assume as she is very close to gracing the world with the presence of another barbarian child!”

“That is good news indeed, Davis of Stronghold will arrive very soon as he is not a man to stride without purpose. I will leave you to your business once the child is born I will grace it with my blessings!” Daragon said as he promptly popped out of the barn.
The wind rushed by Davis’s ears as the cool mountain air begged to nip at his flesh. He pushed the monstrous mare harder as its gallops echoed the caves that surround them. His battle axe swayed on his back as he perched himself closer to the beast for more speed. The lanterns of the Heart of Kattara soon came into his view as he rode faster into the bright village. As he approached the city sidelines a stable boy stepped forward to assist him with housing the horse.

“Good evening Davis of Stronghold, you seem to be in quite a rush to arrive here, anything we can do for you?” A soldier that was hidden in the shadows asked.

“I must get to the barn, a new barbarian is coming!” Davis said with a loud laugh and rampaged inside the sidelines.

The echo of directions from the soldier filled his ears as he eagerly searched for the big red barn. The houses lanterns were snuffed as the evening had apprehended their festivities. He stomped towards the barn that had caught his attention and saw his leader Daragon pacing outside with distraught.

“Their is nothing to worry about Daragon of Turmeric, she is strong and young the boy will arrive momentarily in full health!” Davis laughed as he rushed into the barn.

“Davis of Stronghold, you have arrived!” The white mage said standing up in excitement, “not too late I might add for the child will be here soon!”

Davis dropped to his knees and almost floated over to his mate who was sweating and moaning with the energy it took for labor. Grabbing her tiny hands with his meaty fists he sat next to her and looked straight at her, a grin filling him from ear to ear. Suddenly their was a pop and a baby’s cry.

Dawn pulled the crying child close to her as people gathered around to look at the new arrival. The white mage had lifted her staff and using white light examined the child’s condition. Davis was almost overwhelmed with joy as he kneeled next to her to look at their new child.

He was a small child, not very barbarian, bright blue eyes and a small tuff of hair on the top of his head. Davis and Dawn chuckled with glee as Daragon stepped forward.

“That is indeed a small child Dawn of Stronghold, you have been lucky to be blessed with such an easy labor. Have you two chosen a name for our future barbarian?” Daragon said as another handed him a book.

In this book were the names and family trees of the entire village. Daragon took great pride in bringing upon new barbarian warriors for his army, cataloging them meticulously in this leather bound wrap of parchment. He pulled a quill from the inside cover, along with a bottle of ink and licked the tip with excitement.

“Devon of Stronghold!” Dawn and Davis said with excitement.

Daragon quickly scribbled the child’s name and attached it to the stronghold hierarchy. Already itching to train the boy for battle when he was of age. He smiled as he shut the book and laughed merrily as he excused himself from the barn.

That day, a beautiful boy was born to the infamous Stronghold name.

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