You Are Your Greatest Enemy

The ideas that infiltrate my mind. Infecting the very small fraction of my sanity still intact. Words are poisons of the mind. Words can be antidotes or clues to the chaos before you. Venomous clues you must take one at a time; hoping not to overdose. A dissection of possibilities. 

The tragedies and scenes that play in your mind like a motion picture. Images flashing pulling at each and every sense it can grab hold of and twist into some dark aversion. Your sanity screams and begs for mercy. But alas it has no choice but to give in. 

Crawl into your safe-place as you recover from the battle within yourself you inspired. Hoping for the healing of forgiveness to play its harmonic tones. In the waning distance you realize the violins are soft and staggered. As though hanging onto the very thought of “normality” waves its arms in front of you, walking away into the fog of self-inflicted suicide. 

You claw out your eyes trying to separate reality from subliminal. The pain a reminder of what’s before you and what is inside.

You finally realize; this battle cannot be won. 

You were a great adversary but yourself will overpower you. 

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