“You Need to Decide, What Kind of Person You Are!” 

Facing the possibilities that the very nature of your soul might be shattered, is something not to take lightly. I mean really how the hell could someone manage four completely different personalities, and more importantly, which one is the most prominent? I’m sick to my stomach thinking of the very things that could have happened in ones life to split themselves into four different people? What kind of hell have your surpassed to feed the emotions necessary to fuel this kind of monstrosity? Those are questions in need of answering.

Seth Leone Kaileen- I suppose, from your files, that this is the creative side to you? Perhaps there was a time in your life where you could fabricate the very nature of worlds onto paper. I read that he has no particular trigger, in matter of fact he seems to be far more reasonable then the other two? I believe you’ve told me that his ideas have made things a little easier for you? He is not very strong though. He’s been weakened substantially by the others. He seems to really not have much real organization to his life. He feels he’s fantastic sometimes but absolutely horrendous for most others. He seems to be the prime reason you go to school or wake up in the morning. You lay a heavy weight on him, when he is not as strong as the other two. However lets go over his pros and cons shall we?

Pros- Reasonablilty, creativity, positive, intriguing.

Cons- Naive, blinded, unorganized.


Kasey Grimhold- Ahha, this one is a particularly difficult identity, am I correct? He sees nothing but the darkness in the world. He seems to make your life a complete disaster by overplaying every situation you are to experience. I believe he is the most common one to keep you up at night? You struggle with him a lot because he is completely manipulative.  Always fabricates dark conclusions of the data you share with him. I believe he hurts you the most, doesn’t he Derek? He has a point to an extent of how writing might be beneficial, however he always warps it into tragedy. His trigger is negativity right? He will take a normal situation and warp it into the worst case scenario imaginable. Usually playing on the strings of your heart. I have been told he literally sucks the energy out of your other identity, Seth, to fabricate sentences and paragraphs worthy of a novel prize. You could never show these dark scenarios to anyone but admire his craft, and how much he knows about you? He can hurt you far more than any other entity. He also scares you for some of his thoughts are quite twisted?

Pros- Confident, idealist.

Cons- Minipulative, negative, drawn out.

Jackson… oh my, Fucking Cross? He is your strongest entity. He has a very unusual trigger, a song am I correct? For the safety of this experiment I will neglect to include it’s title. From what you have told me you willingly give up control to this Jackson often? Usually in situations of dire stress. From your harsh language I’ve come to understand, he’s rather standoffish? In matter of fact he is completely motivate by anger. I believe in your journal entries, I apologize for the intrusion of privacy, that you wish to become him the most? You set him aside a time ago but have signaled for his assistance rather frequently as of late? You see something completely different from the world that has to deal with him, although you make a habit to have your encounters rather private, he’s like you, but on a higher level? You see him as a confident man who takes the shit of no one to achieve his goals. Perhaps you think you are rather passive, which I would have to agree. You think women are attracted to him the most. You feel someday his reveal will be the downfall to your adversaries? However, Derek, I am afraid to tell you that this is not the case. When you give your control to him you speed. You are completely reckless, and rather unkind to anyone around you. Most people would be turned off by his presence but you basically idolize this man? I think if you were to reveal him more often in public your feelings about this would change tremendously.

Pros- Confidence, lack of worry, relaxed.

Cons- Destructive, dangerous, minipulating, careless.


Derek Mason- So this is obviously your most prominent psychosis. This is who this experiment is being performed on at the moment. The legal identity of the one who suffers this tragic case. I believe you idolize the compass, hence the four splits, and see yourself as nothing more than the host to be fed off from. You desire nothing more than to fade into the background but realize what a mistake that would be. The nice guy who always finishes last. I found some similarities in your multiple personalities, confidence and control. You both feel distraught and comfortable when you are in the passenger seat of one of these? You believe the world owes you something for how good of a person you are, and at the very understanding that the world does not work that way completely discourages you often. You cannot handle tragedies well, well, I guess I should say of the heart and soul. Death seems to not have as much of an affect on you? Sure, it is sad, but you have kind of realized it is the natural order of things and will usually be the strong one in the room; the shoulder to cry on. You however, lack the most basic of adaptation. Your immediate thoughts are to basically, let someone else do it? You cannot handle stress well. Destructive scenarios you purposefully avoid? All in all though perhaps you think you are the most understanding of the laws of the life you live. You seem to contemplate and evaluate situations appropriately, it’s usually when you are one of the others you overlook things. However, you are so distraught in your own personality that you despise being this very person. I’m very concerned about your favoritism of Mr. Cross, he seems to have some kind of hold on you?

Pros- Balanced, prominent, understanding.

Cons- Biased, distraught, hateful.
So Derek are you ready to start the experiment? Have I gotten most of the details correct?

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