Based off of the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias

It all started when I met them they called themselves Obstacle, and they said that the name was because they cause hardships for their enemies. I made the mistake of joining them! I thought I had nothing more to live for… until I met her. CAUTION: Some language and style, 17+

“So Leighton have you brought me the goods?” a man in a black taxedo asked.

“Sir it is not that easy!” a short man said as he wiped his forhead, beads of sweat were soon shaken off

“I sense fear” the man said in the tuxedo

“Fear, what fear I have not fear!” the man trembled

“You have failed me” the tuxedo reparde said as he lifted his gun and shot the man trembling in fear, he soon fell and his eyes rolled back into his head. He was dead.

“I suspect no more troubles?”

“No sir no more troubles”

The day was sunny and the air was dry I knew at once life was still going on. My girlfriend Jennifer and I went out to fill my car with gas at a local gas station. She stepped out looking as amazing as ever, she was wearing a pair of blue denim shorts and a white shirt with frills. I went to the pump and I placed the cylinder into the gas intake port and dispensed some gas into my car. I placed my elbows on the tank as it filled fiddling with the necklace I was planning to give her. As soon as my car was full I climbed inside and we drove to a beautiful site in which I was going to present my gift to her. She adored it and we embraced, I gently brushed her lips and we kissed for several moments. I had just done a deal with ones called Obstacle and we were driving to drop off our duffel bag of united states dollars. Jennifer sat in the chair next to me nervously biting her pinky nail. We approached another fantastic stone establishment and was directed to its heart. Obstacle and I were trading services I was to deliver a duffel bag of cash from an enemy gang, in exchange I was granted freedom from their group. At the stone beauty we established the trade.

To celebrate our accomplishment Jennifer and I purchased a hotel room for a night. We arrived and the decoration of this hotel room was unique and beautiful. The bed had iron head and foot boards, the designs shadow played onto the beautiful white sheets gracing the mattress. The walls were a gentle teal it was perfect. The light was on in the corner casting a small ray of light across the floor. We got on the bed and we began to kiss. I was gently kissing her neck establishing desire for her and we kissed once on the lips. I laid her down and again kissed her neck the desire and fire of our love for each other flowing through us like running water or flowing sand. The money flew around us like leaves on a cool fall afternoon, it was only once in our life would we get a chance to hold this much cash all at once. So we wanted the best of it. We were enjoying it so much, I saw the passion the love in her eyes burning like internal flames. Her beautiful red lips pressed up to mine. I looked into those beautiful eyes once more and knew we belonged together. We made the mistake of taking so much time in our pleasure that the man who ran Obstacle was waiting in a diner parking lot for us to deliver the cash. Jennifer and I had second thoughts, and we burned some of the money in hopes of great joy, why would we give such a large amount of counterfeit cash to such a horrible gang? The lights danced off of the bill and it mesmerized so. Jennifer and I felt the heat it gave off, so gently in warmed us slightly. A smile crept along our face. After noticing our mistake we decided to get rid of the counterfeit money. I drove as fast as I could to the borders of our refuge. And when I approached the end. Obstacle was waiting. He smiled. The leader wore a blue coat and a pair of black jeans and he opened his coat to display a revolver. His sunglasses reflected the madness and heat of the sun. He tossed the gun to me and it was empty. I tossed it aside and Jennifer ran to the leader and pleaded we be let go he tossed her aside and a member grabbed her, she could not move. The money was gone so we had nothing for him. I had no choice but to fight. He tossed off his coat and walked towards me and I pulled my hand back and hit him in the mouth. Jennifer began screaming for mercy and cried. The leader trembled, touched his bleeding mouth and struck with his knee. It made contact with my stomach and I fell. Jennifer’s screams got more severe, in such a moment she had no choice but to cry! One of his members tossed a pipe to him. I was on my knees below him

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