“He Had Finally Had Enough…”

I sit at the kitchen room table, burning the tips of my fingers while listening to his song. Trying to summon the god inside me to take on the tragedies that have been placed on my lap. She thought she was so clever, thinking she could hide him from, again? Foolish little cunt. I knew what was going on the entire time, I pretended not to notice so I could sleep here a little longer. She was becoming nothing more than a toy for me to play with after that, sloppy seconds but for someone like me that was okay. 

We would fuck every single night until she made me cum over and over again, I would reward her handsomely if she did well, or punish her severely if she didn’t. She became suspicious as I lasted so much longer than she was used too, making our sessions hours upon hours, until her body was worn and used. My mind a jumbled mess of the two that had gone behind my back.
Then while she slept in the wee hours of the evening, I would slip a cigarette between my teeth and slip into my car, blasting down the road at 90MPH blasting metal music at 1:00AM. Running to the bars where I would continue my onslaught of pussy. I could no longer be tamed, and thats what I wanted. Over and over again was a girl in the back seat of my car as I choked her with my cock, or filled her with my cum. 
It became a ritual of sorts. As she slipped away at work to his bedroom I would work feverishly getting my shit together. I had the place and the funds and thats when I would drop it all on her. 
The evening had a delicious melancholy tone. I tossed her onto my mattress as I slayed her cunt with my massive cock. Filling all three of her holes in lustful anger. I just needed to keep cumming before I lost my cool. Once she was throughly punished for her actions and aching for a break. I slipped out the door. Didn’t even wait for her to go to sleep. 

Her bare feet hit the floor running as I leapt into my car, a cigarette in my teeth, what a chaotic mess we had made. 
“Where the fuck are you going?” She yelled in fury.
“Look in the kitchen, bitch!” I cried as I blasted dirt behind me.
There on the kitchen table were photos with burn holes in them of the two in loving embrace. A bottle of jack sat empty next to a beer glass and an ashtray full of spent cigarettes. I could hear her falling to the floor in sadness and disbelief even though I had pulled away. A sick smile curled across my face and I screamed in frustration of the shit I had been put through. 
I walked through the dark house to his voice on the phone. 
“It’s okay baby, we will get through all of this!” He smiled, as two women sat below him rewarding his slutty behavior. 
He threw his phone on the bed and the women slipped out. I walked in as he zipped his jeans. That evening I beat the living shit out of her lover. 
His body was so terribly mangled three whitenesses had to identify his body before they could be sure it was him. On his walls in his blood were the words spelt out “Fucking whore!” I knew I couldn’t get away with this much longer but the high from being HIM made me do it all. 
I walked into my workplace and quickly bashed in the faces of all three of our security guards and caught my bosses desk on fire. I laughed in a chaotic mass as I smoked my last cigarette. Three tasers and two bullets had pierced my skin as I continued to laugh at the destruction I had caused. 
I felt the voltage light up my body, zapping through me, with a fierce burning that only made him stronger. I pulled the wires down bashing the cops into the floors. Laughing as control was completely gone. 
The detective came in and didn’t hesitate to place three slugs right in my chest. I stumbled backwards into the walls and smashed my skull against it as I fell. 
Laughing the whole time as I became nothing. 
“This is one of the most brutal cases we had of this?” The detective said as he zipped up the black body bag. 
“I know Detective, what are we going to do about it?” The deputy asked. 
“We need to find the source.” 

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