I think I HaTe her

HaTe what she’s become

HaTe how its ended

HaTe how it unfolds

But it’s not only her

I HaTe him too

A wreck for sure

A fool that only exists

Like an endless soul

He’s lost someone

And it’s changed him

But not only that

Someone close

Has closed her heart

For in her world

Love has no existence

Then there is him

He thinks somethings wrong

He’s unconvinced of his life

I disagree

But I don’t understand

I look at him and wonder

What is going on?

He’s opened my eyes

For I have fooled myself

It’s happened once

Now again

Not long ago

It happened again

Once is unconcerned

Twice is coincidence

Third is pattern

I wish it could end here

Scoffing the only people

I have ever really known

But it doesn’t

For now I look at someone

And instantly HaTe them

I HaTe their skills

I HaTe their abilities

I’ve always disliked people

But not like this

HaTe grows inside me

I know it doesn’t matter

I know no-one cares

But I feel as though

Somewhere it should

But every time I turn around

Failure strikes again

Wether it be myself

Or a skill I once possessed

However for some reason

I continue to struggle

Without giving up

I don’t understand why

I don’t understand how

But I press on

Without a reason

Is this good?

Is this bad?

I don’t know

I’m not sure I care

I just know

And thats all I need…

HaTe HaTe HaTe

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