Hacker Story

In this world identity is everything! Your ranks in the leaderboards, the stats of your characters, and your team, decided your fate. Ever since the new GameSlayer Computer Game System was released, life is all about winning! Apple and Microsoft were actually working together to make a Computer Game System! I couldn’t believe it! I brought it home, and I realized that Apple and Microsoft were meant to be together, Apple’s hardware and ease of access, and Microsoft’s software made the perfect combination. When I set it up, my breath was taken away! Ever since then I began to make a name for myself.
            Everyone called me Aequitas, Latin for Justice. This was the only name people knew! My name really was Archer Garrick, just an average seventeen year old teenager who was simply very clever! I hid my identity in the gaming world, so that no one could dare to approach my family or friends for information. I told all my friends if they were ever asked who I was to tell them that they have never met me, I was just another gamer. I had three friends in which would make up my team, Halcion, for the quarterly Team Matches Q the once champion of the gaming world, Kiba the skilled, Colt the powerhouse, and Collin the intelligent. Everything was great! But that would all change.
            It all began in a simple death match I joined. I wasn’t in a championship or a tournament, just a round for fun! I remember my character for the game was a Spartan, a warrior from the future, with advanced armor and advanced weapons. I had just made a new achievement in ways to kill someone’s character creatively. When suddenly my screen changed!
            “Aequitas you have been suspended!” something rang!
A policemen in the game literally stunned my player!
            “For what reason!” I shouted in my distorted voice!
            “For creating a fake identity!” the policemen said.
            “We are the cyber police!” the police officer said bearing the Cyber Police badge! They hacked my system digging for information, I uploaded a virus into the GameSlayer in hopes of protecting myself.
            “Very clever Aequitas but this adds more to your sentence? Think we can’t notice a virus being used in your system, Don’t worry we have everything we need!” the Cyber Cop smiled as he deleted my character.
My door was kicked down and I was instantly on the floor! Helpless as they cuffed me for Cyber Prison! I saw my world collapsing all around me as the only amazing thing I had ever done was about to be shut down! My surroundings would soon change from the usual computer screens, character posters, and fan boy figurines, to a cement holding bay. Someone walked in and I recognized him right away.
            “Hello, Aequitas, or should I say Archer Garrick,” the man smiled.
            “Hello Commander Grant” I responded.
            “So I guess you probably know you are deep in the shit piles of Cyber Prison?” Commander Grant smirked, “So now we have to figure out a fitting punishment for you.”
            “Wait just a minute! When was this law put into effect” I scoffed.
            “The law was put in effect about a month ago. I know, it took a while to catch you but we wanted to make sure that you broke every law possible.” Grant smiled.
            “It was not of my knowledge that this law was put in effect?” I said defensively.
            “Well by Agreeing to Terms in Conditions that you had to authorize when you first made this account, mentions that we may change the law as we feel without any consent or warning, therefore you don’t really have much of a defense there,” Grant said, “But I am a reasonable man, maybe we can strike up some sort of deal,” Grant smiled coyly.
            “What kind of deal?” I asked.
            “See, I know a lot about you Archer, and we all know in the leaderboards of the GameSlayer community you are some kind of a god!” Grant said.
            “Yes what does this have to do with my supposed crime?” I asked.
            “Well Archer I hate to say it, but we need your help!” Grant pleaded.
            “What?” I hesitated.
            “If you help us, I wipe your slate clean and you can go free,” Grant said.
            “Ok I agree,” I said immediately knowing I could not survive this prison.
            “Come with me,” Grant smiled as he led me out the door.
He brought me through these bleak halls and to a strange room. The walls were lined with large glass panes in which data plastered them. There were also several computers lined up. It was filled with people in uniforms. All of them with the words DIABLO RECTEAM written on their sleeves.
            “What is this place?” I whispered in awe.
            “ Sergeant Cedric, give this civilian DIABLO RECTEAM status,” Grant demanded.
            “Yes sir!” said the serious looking Sergeant as he walked to a computer typed something.
He walked over and handed me the newly created badge and a uniform.
            “Now we need the rest of your team, we have already traced their emails and they should be arriving soon, now Cedric would you inform him of our situation Grant said as he looked over to the Sergeant.
            “What you see in front of you is the most advanced AI system ever made, its name is DIABLO. There is a sinister organization called Codename Chinamen, they have infiltrated DIABLO somehow, and changed it into some kind of video game! That’s where you come in, we require your pristine skill as a gamer.” Cedric said.
            “We believe they are after an incredibly sensitive field in our system, our Cyber weaponry” Grant said concerned.
            “Please explain to me why they made this into a game?” I asked confused.
            “Codename Chinamen used to be a game company they got shut down for subliminal messaging codecs in their games. So of course this is where they advance, this is their only home field advantage. But what they didn’t expect is for us to get a gamer to thwart them!” Grant smiled.
            A group of people walked in. One was fairly tall, muscular and although he looked tough, he was really a geeky guy. Next to him was my friend Kiba, he was just as muscular and just as tall, but his military style haircut made him seem more threatening, yet again we all know he is a geek. Then there was Q the most famous gamer of all the ages! After somehow defeating him in the GameSlayer world he joined me. Q was taller than Kiba and Colt but not as muscular and he had really long hair. Finally there was Collin he was the bread and butter in my team, everyone thought he was the leader and therefore no one would suspect me! He was fairly neat and clean cut, he however was probably the smartest of them all, besides me of course! Cedric led us over and touched a panel and the glass parted, inside was a set of controllers and headsets. We quickly grabbed them in stood in front of the huge computer screen. 
            “We are using a cheat code to insert you in level five. Your mission, take down Codename Chinamen! Remember this isn’t just a game anymore, if you fail us, we might all be in grave danger!” Cedric informed us.
            “Yeah I know, but it seems like the best option, everyone ready! Let’s get our game on!” I cheered.
            “Hoorah!” everyone followed.
The huge HD screen lit up and we found ourselves immediately in the middle of some kind of dark structure.
            “Collin” I said in the mic, “I want you to find out where the hell we are? What advantages might we have?”
            “Already done,” Collin chuckled, “Level Five takes place in a giant seaside cave. Our advantages would be good cover! Disadvantages would be ricocheting firepower”                                                
We walked deeper into the cave looking around for any sort of trap CC might use. Immediately we were being shot at. Colt chuckled in the mic and went right into battle, with Q backing him up. Blasting shotgun rounds into the unfortunate terrorists. Colt vaporized a couple, stating they have been removed from the game! We walked around the rocks that were providing cover. Stepping out we were attacked! I made the shot right between their eyes. We looked at each other and continued forward. Then things went sour! A rocket blasted right by Q and Colt exploding directly behind Kiba, the explosion sent Kiba forward where a bullet met him. I then found myself in a knife battle between a soldier that had snuck up behind attempting an assassination they were right these guys were good! But we were better! I stabbed him in the throat, he vaporized. Collin had rushed in to disarm the psycho wielding a rocket launcher, shooting him in the face. Behind us was seven of their soldiers rushing in with their guns blazing. I blasted them off one by one as I struggled backwards. Q came to the rescue, blasting them away as though they were target dummies. Colt was rounding men up like cattle and filling them with lead. After the onslaught I noticed more were on their way. Damn I couldn’t see Colt anywhere! It was only Collin, Q, and I against an army.
            “Archer! Go after their leader, I noticed him fleeing! We will handle these guys!” Q said as he began firing at the incoming armies they had sent against us
            “Good luck!” I said as I dashed off towards where he had taken refuge.
A soldier leapt at me but I was too quick I shot him in the neck. I had managed to get into another knife struggle with another soldier. Ending up with another body to add to my collection. Then I came to two men with really fast shooting guns! Rounds coming at me like wildfire! I managed to get behind a bolder and cuss softly as I tried to get a shot on them! Then something amazing happened! Colt was in front of me smiling as he was blasted with lead, somehow he got his shots in! I rushed forward!
            “Let’s end this!” I yelled into the dark cove,.                                                           
            “Indeed let’s,” a voice echoed back, “Only one problem, it’s dark in here, and you can’t really see, but it seems my night vision goggles are working great!”
            “Yeah I bet,” I cussed, moving outside to the side looking in, “What’s your name?”
            “They call me Cobalt,” he laughed.
            “Why are you doing this?” I asked.
            “Ever wonder about what the government could be hiding? You see years ago we were all friends, but then a company started making freaky games!” He hissed.
            “You mean Codename Chinamen?” I chuckled.
            “Yes, of course! But we were shut down, why because we managed to discover a secret mesmerizing codec that your US government would love to get a hold of! So we were slaughtered off! The US Army came in blazing, slaying all of the workers and managing to steal our codecs so now we are hear retrieving it from an experimental cyber weapon they call SASTA, in which if it worked correctly would enslave all people to obey every word of the government! Imagine the power that would hold, your precious GameSlayer was the main ingredient!” the leader said.
            “My arrest! It wasn’t coincidence.” I whispered to myself.
Three shots filled the air each one landed in me.
            “Why are you telling me this?” I asked.
            “Because..” he slurred, my bullet striking his chest.
I placed my controller down and removed my headset.
            “You know those were all lies,” Grant said leaning on the doorway.
            “I know,” I lied, “Am I free to go?”
            “Yes, by all means,” Grant said.
I walked out with all my friends, clutching a flash drive with today’s game in my hand.     

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