The slap left a red handprint on my check…


Seth Kaileen

I pulled her close to me and pressed my lips to her. This would feel amazing, but I was not thinking, what ran through my mind was not my thoughts it was lust. Lust was fueling my passion. I felt her lips, they were so smooth and inviting, she melted into me as I teased her intruding tongue. It felt as amazing as I always thought it would. Her taste was of her own, no one would have the same taste as her. She pulled me tighter her breasts teased against my coat. She radiated warmth along with the feeling of her hot breath. I hated myself for thinking about it, even more for enjoying it! It felt too amazing. Her hands ran up my head and through my hair pulling me even closer as our tongues teased a second time. I couldn’t focus, not with her kissing me like this! What did I just do! Out of impulse I managed to separate us with a slight snap of our lips. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, her body as amazing as no other, her breasts young and perked up after our moment, her curves beautifully displayed in that low cut shirt and short skirt, her legs a beautiful glistening tan begging for my touch. I hated myself once more for thinking such things. I quickly cleared my head of all lustful thoughts, to fill it in with my reality. I just kissed my girlfriend’s best friend!

“So Seth your thoughts?” Kassandra played.

“Amanda is going to kill me!” I gasped.

“Kassandra I am so sorry, I don’t know what has gotten into me. I should never have let that get out of hand like that!

“Seth, listen.” Kassandra whispered, “I have waited a long time for that, I have wanted to kiss you ever since you and I have been together so much!” Kassandra pleaded.

“Why Kassandra? Why?” I asked very upset with myself.

“Seth, I love you, I have for such a long time now, I couldn’t have you because Amanda was with you, but every other second we managed to spend together, I have been more and more attached to you! I love you Seth I love you so much!” Kassandra sobbed

“You know that can’t happen, I love Amanda and everyone knows that,” I said as I walked off, so upset with myself.

“Please Seth!” Kassandra sobbed to no-one

I continued on and was thinking about everything, why did she say she loved me, love is not just a word love is an emotion, and it’s the most amazing emotion in the world. It also the hardest emotion to fully understand and feel. How could she say something like that to me, so quickly? It took Amanda and I a while to even consider telling each other how much we loved each other, even though we both knew how much we did love each other. We could both feel it. But Kassandra how could she say something like that to me? Now? We have only been friends for four months? My mind was clouded, and I hated it.

I managed to get home walk through my doors and put myself on my bed. What was I to do now? Do I tell her? If so what is going to happen? I think I finally messed up for the last time here. What am I going to do? If I don’t tell her, someone will find out and it will be all over the school and in no time it would end… Just like it started.

I drifted into a guilty sleep. I woke up and looked at the clock, a little while and my decision would be made. I got up and I headed to the shower, took a quick one and got dressed. I walked to my car and put the key in the ignition and soon I was off. To face my doom.

I parked my car fairly close to the school and I walked through the double doors. I passed pictures students created and headed to the cafeteria where I would meet my girlfriend (or Ex-Girlfriend…) I walked through the door and I saw Amanda. She walked up to me with those eyes. The ones you get when you have gone too far for flirting, rage filled, and hurt. In a blink of my eyes her hands were in the air coming at me from the side. I felt an intense pain on my right cheek, I felt numb and I felt hurt, not only physically, emotionally as well.

“So you kissed my best friend!” Amanda screamed

“Amanda I did not mean to, I swear!” I pleaded

“I need to think about things leave me alone!” she said as she stormed off.

“Damn!” I cried out. I walked to the men’s restroom I looked in the mirror. The slap left a red handprint on my cheek. I winced as I washed it with cold water,

“Wow she slaps hard!” I randomly whispered as I continued to bathe it in cold water, the mark began to go down, a very pleasant feeling.

I walked out the restroom door and I continued down the hall to my first period class where I thought would be a great place to be alone. I walked through the doors of my first period class and thank goodness it was empty, I sat myself at a computer and I laid my head on the keyboard. I prayed that she would stay with me.

The day went by and I had seen no sign of her, I climbed into my car and began to drive home. I fumbled my phone out of my pocket and checked my messages, one text said “Im sorry” and it was from Kassandra and I had a voicemail from Amanda. I quickly held down one and listened intently to the crackling phone.

“You really hurt me this time Seth, I know we have been through a lot, but this was way to far, I spent all day thinking if you were worth a second chance. And I have decided that its your last chance, don’t mess this up, I really love you and I don’t want to lose you. Last chance Seth,”

I felt warmth travel up my spine, I really did mess things up this time but she was giving me a last chance, so I smiled and took it as a hint from god, which reminded me of a sticker I once saw “god made me, and god made you then whispered meant to be.” I prayed silently in my head and thanked god for all he has done. I got home and I lied on my bed and felt relived, I have not lost her, but now I must be careful. I sat there for a while until I fell asleep.

I woke up and got dressed and headed to my car to go to school. I drove smoothly on the road and came into the schools parking lot and prepared for my first encounter. I walked in and I saw her in the lobby sitting there laughing with Kassandra, thank god they were still friends. And I walked up to Amanda.

“Hey babe you still love me the same?” I said shyly.

She rose up and pressed her lips to me, the electricity flowed through me. Her hot breath raised my hopes, I felt her soft lips and I pulled her closer to me, wrapping my arms around her slim waist and her arms around my neck. It felt real, better then it ever had. I felt her love. And I knew everything was fine.

“That answer your question baby?” she smiled as she grabbed my hands. Her warmth flowed through me. Thank God.

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