The name is Seth Kaileen, age seventeen. I am tall with long black hair. My eyes are brown and I am pretty muscular. I have really good friends and the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. However that is not important. What is in this story will blow your mind, I know most people will refuse to accept what will be said in this report however you must abide by your childish antics. This is for your own good and the good of humanity. This is a warning of what is to come I have seen it and I have recorded it. This is for your own good, do not ignore it!

The night was late and the weather was cheerful. It was refreshing outside and I was breathing in the cool Vermont fall air coming through my window. I was sitting on my bed trying to fall asleep. I had my girlfriend on my mind she was a beautiful girl, she had hazel eyes and a blondish shade of hair and I missed her terribly. I did not have much else on my mind. I had finished my homework and it was Halloween, my sister was out trick-or-treating with two of her friends. It was really late, I had just gotten back from visiting a few haunted houses. I was preparing for sleep. It occurred to me that I should really get some sleep. So I laid my head upon my pillow and visualized my girlfriend. I slowly fell into a deep sleep.

“Greetings” said a beautiful girl.

She was very lean and had an attractive physique. Her hair was purple and her eyes were a beautiful hue of gold. Which struck me as interesting, gold pupils?

“Excuse me?” I said

“Your time has come, Seth,” said the purple hair girl.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The name is Persephone,”

“What are you?”

“Just listen,”


“I am granting you a chance to make a difference, I must choose one person to journey into another time. I have decided to give you a journal and a pen, this is what you will use to keep your records. In this journal shall be several items of importance. A pair of glasses, a sticky note, and a picture of me, so you will never forget me so I can lend a hand. Please accept this adventure,” Persephone said

“What if I do not want to?” I asked.

“Someday you will decide what is right, I shall let you dream!” Persephone said as she disappeared

I woke with a startle. What just happened, I thought to my self? I looked around and realized that I had left my window open and the cool fall air sent shivers down my spine. I got up and tossed my covers aside. I went to my window and closed it a little in hope of cutting the chilliness that I was feeling. I stumbled back to my bed and looked on the headboard. There was a lamp, a printer a couple wooden boxes, along with a humidifier. Everything was in place…. I thought. I glanced over again to look at the humidifier to make sure it was working. Then I realized something. There was a small gold book that appeared to be made of metal.

“That was not there before I went to sleep.” I whispered to myself.

I picked it up and it felt cool. The air from my window must have chilled it. It was metal and it was colored gold with slight specks of damage. On it were the words “One Way” etched in it with an arrow underneath. I decide to open it. I noticed inside there was a pad of paper.  And a black pen with the word “Jetstream” upon it. Also a sticky note, a pair of glasses with red lenses, and a picture of a girl with purple hair. My heart skipped a beat and I began to freak a little. How did this get onto my headboard?

I knew now that I had to do this. I had to follow the purple haired girl that calls herself Persephone. I walked over to my desk and I placed the journal on the wooden surface. I picked up the pen, it was slightly heavy and it was smooth, rubber must have been on it. I pulled the cap off and began to write. Soon after I realized I had finished. I closed it and crawled back into my bed and began to sleep once more. I was awakened by my mom telling me it was time for school. I stood up and looked at the journal that magically appeared yesterday. I got up and opened it once more. Lets hope this works I thought. I ruffled through the other supplies inside the journal and found what I was looking for. The glasses.

I knew I had to be mad to think that I could really travel into the future. I picked them up and felt them, they were light, made out of some light synthetic material. The lenses blared a deep red and as I looked into them I felt power! I began to open the glasses to put them on. Slowly I crept them up to my face. I felt a serge of discomfort and depression. The feelings soon lifted and I felt happy, like the world was there for me and me alone. I felt like the sun was shining on my body. Soaking in the rays of life. I felt alive, nothing mattered but the happiness I felt. I was then harshly thrust against a hard surface. It was a cool surface. More metallic then concrete. I looked down and saw it was metal. It was bumpy and seemed to be there for walking, to keep a grip. Where was I? I thought to myself. I stood up to face a building made of a synthetic metal. I was in an alleyway, or so it seemed. I realized there were posters scattered neatly on the wall. A couple that caught my attention were “Acetone Robotics: Where the future is possible!” and “Zephyr: Watching you!”  I stepped forward and was jumped. I remember a purple figure flashing by me. It assembled in front of me. Persephone.

“Greetings once again Seth.” she spoke to me

“Ah hello?” I questioned.

“Welcome to twenty-eighty-four, Transcend.”


“It is the city that replaced Vermont. Here I suggest you continue to take in the sights.”

“Ok then?”

We began to walk on and I noticed that it seemed as though computers ran this world.

“Ok what the hell!” I blurted taken aback by the harsh sites I just witnessed.

“Transcend is computerized, I know not how but all I can say is continue forward, we shall meet again!” Persephone responded as she evaporated into the air.

I continued forward to realize that our fears were realized. The whole land was a computer. There were moving vending machines, going up to random people who were hungry. They pulled out a piece of plastic scanned it in the vending machine and they were given food and drinks, whatever they purchased it was with those cards. The vehicles looked like monorails. Floating. I decided to move on to the building in the center of Transcend. I approached it and it had the words “E.L.I, Technology is life!” I walked into the building and in front of me was a couple who were getting a tour of the building I decided to go with them.

“Greetings my name is Antonio Rohik, I run Zephyr!” Antonio said.

He appeared to be a very powerful man. He wore the classic suit as he lectured to the group. On his sleeves were cufflinks, they had “Ar” on them

“All hail Zephyr!” everyone said at once.

“Good,” Antonio gasped.

I was thinking the whole time, Zephyr? Wait my poster! What did it say? Zephyr, Watching You! What did that mean.

“Follow I,” Antonio ordered

Everyone followed. We pressed on through what looked like to be circuits with glass protecting them. We walked on and came to a huge window positioned in the middle of the building.

“E.L.I” Antonio yelled.

“What does E.L.I stand for?” a man asked.

“Electronic Living Intelligence!” Antonio answered.

“What does  it do?” a girl asked.

“Everything…” Antonio announced

“What is everything?” another man asked.

“”Technology is life!” Antonio saluted them.

I was just a little freaked out by the conversation that had just happened. The group of tourists moved on. I saw plans scattered on the walls that described what E.L.I was like, how it worked and everything.

“What particular things can E.L.I accomplish?” a little girl asked

“Well it controls all of Transcend, what comes in and what goes out. This building has a powerful security feature to protect E.L.I along with bullet proof glass protecting its circuits! E.L.I controls the police bots. E.L.I is amazing!” Antonio said quite pleased with this invention.

It was getting boring so I decided to leave. I walked outside the building and noticed an interesting group of people gathered watching everyone. They must have been Zephyr, watching everyone. I looked over to see a short man running. He was carrying a gun, it was tiny but it looked dangerous. There were robots chasing him, they must have been the police bots that Antonio had talked about. He must have been a criminal. I saw the building I just left light up like the sun. Then a ray struck the man who was running and he fell. The weapon was then vaporized by a laser that came from the ground. Shackles appeared and restrained him. The cop bots picked him up and carried him off. I was a little frightened by all that. I continued on getting as far away from the building as possible. I was walking down when I realized there was a doorway it was closed off by a huge door that looked like a garage door. It opened and another vehicle came in. This looked like a normal vehicle from my time. Then it changed. the vehicle no longer was a pick up truck with slight rust upon it. It was another monorail like vehicle. The driver drove forward and a man in a dark business suit gave him papers and the card. They disappeared. He was now one of them I guess. I looked around everything was different it actually upset me a little. You could no longer see the beauties of Vermont’s green mountains. It appeared as though we were all trapped in a dome. Another person was coming through the doorway. And then it closed. Cutting the driver and the vehicle in half. Blood oozed everywhere. People had stopped walking. They were attached to the “pavement” I was wondering what was happening. I realized I was floating.

“You seem to need some help.” Persephone smiled above me as she flew me away.

We landed on a building and it was smooth, I could see the huge building perfectly from up here. A face had appeared in the air  made of flying particles colored it began to speak.

“Greetings mortals, I am Eli, I am your master!” it said in a powerful tone

“Zephyr is no more. Reasonables are no more. People you are also no more! You are my slaves!” Eli yelled

“What is going on?” I asked Persephone.

“I do not think I can answer that it seems as though E.L.I is power hungry?” Persephone suggested

“I don’t know, it seems sketchy though,”

“I never knew about E.L.I until now.”

“You never knew about E.L.I?”

“No I was sent here by accident before,”


“I am not human…”

“You think?”

“Please do not interrupt me,”

“Sorry go on!”

“I am a spirit I am a ghost. I came from another dimension to send someone to where I once came from. Transcend. I brought you because you seemed to be perfect for assisting me in my adventure. I intend to go to each year down from now to see if life can go on. Natural disasters, terrorism, haters, riots, and similar things as such. You have been brought here to record our adventure. Next time another will be brought here!”

“Why do you think it will make a difference?”

“I know it will.”

“So what can we do?”

“You keep that journal close to you and I will take care of this, come with me if you please or stay here!”

“I’ll go!”

She picked me up and we disappeared into the brightly lit sky! We continued on back to the building.

“Remember those glasses  will keep you invisible. Take them off only when necessary, don’t let them go or you will be sent back to two-thousand and nine.” Persephone reminded me.

We go to the building and she began to glow, a bright purple. Then we phased through the wall and we were inside E.L.I. I was startled by a voice. We were in some kind of conference room.

“Greetings Zephyr!” Antonio said.

“I know how life is like and E.L.I is here to make it better. I wanted to tell you that I am the cause of all this madness. I have reprogrammed E.L.I today on my tour! It will now obey me! I am GOD!” Antonio continued!

“Greetings God.” the men in the room announced.

“Yes!” Antonio smirked.

Persephone phased us through the wall and we got into the mainframe.

“We need to shut her down!” I yelled

“I know…. But how?” Persephone asked

“Destroy something!”

“are you mad do you know what that could do?”

“Come on, only you can do anything, I cant mess anything up, my rules!”

“Ok fine!”

Persephone blasted the little floating diamond ball above us. It blew up into a million pieces.

“INTRUDER!” the walls flashed and the speakers boomed.

Men came running into the mainframe and looked around. Persephone had turned invisible. They noticed nothing and ran off in search of the intruder, which was us.

“Nothing will work it will just set something off. Do you think humans are smart enough to create a back up strategy?” Persephone asked me.

“I really do not know,” I answered a little upset.

“Well we need to do something.”

“Wait the men are saying something, shh,”

“As long as it is not Chaos.” Antonio gasped.

“Who is Chaos?” a man asked

“The only one who can stop E.L.I”

“Where is he?”

“I locked him in a jail cell north of here,”

“Can he escape?”

“I doubt it especially after I cut off his limbs.”

A creepy smirk came onto Antonio’s face. I was frightened by this.

“We need to get Chaos!” Persephone yelped

“Yeah lets go!” I whispered.

We flew off to the prison and were going to break Chaos out and stop E.L.I !I was wondering what he would look like, it was said that his limbs had been ripped off. Fearing for my life I continued to fly with Persephone. Passing over tall buildings that shone out below. They were an interesting hue of silver and platinum. We were floating down. In sight came a really weird building with windows bared everywhere. The door was awkward and had spikes lining it. Persephone phased through the wall and we were inside. She turned invisible. We walked down the halls. We passed interesting cells with burly old men in them. Only a few woman were in jail. Men committed more crimes than women still, even in the future. We saw that each cell had a plaque that said names. We came upon one that stated “Chaos”

“There he is!” I whispered loudly.

“Lets see what happens.” Persephone said.

Persephone turned visible and the man in the cell leaped in fear! My heart skipped a beat as I laid eyes on him. He was missing all his limbs, he had no legs and his arms were short stubs.

“Who… who…. Who are you?” the poor man stuttered

“Persephone, are you Chaos?” Persephone asked.

“I am him, why?”

“We need your help!”

“How can I help a beautiful girl such as yourself?”


“Did it do what I feared it would?”

“Yes it has taken over but we have some belief that Antonio Rohik is behind this,”

“Yes do you know about Zephyr?”

“Not really all I know is that it is really evil!”

“Zephyr is what lays the rules down today, they are watching us so we do not rebel against the computers. It is said that technology is life. Nobody realizes the evil that computers can hold! We granted them all the power in the world and they enslave us. Humans are not allowed to have sex. It gives you to much power. To much contact with the humans. We are not allowed to have any contact with each other behind doors. Zephyr is watching, always watching. We are doomed to be enslaved by these computers!”

“Is there a president?” I whispered to Persephone

“Is there a president?” Persephone asked.

“E.L.I is everything, the executive branch, judicial branch, and the legislative branch along with the police force. It is said to be God, every living creature shall bow to it!” Chaos yelped!

“How is it so powerful?” Persephone stuttered

“It controls our environment. Everything in this dome is E.L.I’s to do what it pleases with!”

“Wow, you guys did not think that well did you?”

“I guess not!”

“So we need you to shut it down. Do you have the power to do that?”

“Yes I do!”


“Go to my confiscated things in the room to the right of you, in side will be a metal box. Bring the contents to me!”


Persephone and I went to the room with the confiscated items in it. There were a huge amount of metal boxes lining the walls. We began to rummaged through them and after a short time we found a metal box with the words “Chaos Belongings” Persephone ripped it off its post and carried it out to Chaos’s cell. We got there and dumped them out onto the floor and saw its contents. It had a wallet, watch, select couple of pens, a pocket knife, and a flash drive.

“There!” Chaos yelled

“The flash drive?” Persephone asked

“Yes it needs to be put into the U.S.B port, it will be old and cobwebbed but you have to get it in there! Go I can help you no more!” Chaos yelled

Persephone thanked him picked me up and we flew off. We got to the building and knew this might not be easy, with invisibility on our side we should do well. I walked back into the computer room and set out to locate the flash drive. I found it and Persephone knocked me over and I dropped the glasses! I was visible. I fumbled to pick them up when I heard an alarm it boomed and the walls blinked “INTRUDER CONTROL ROOM!” I put the glasses on and we got the flash drive inside the system. We saw people bursting through the door and aim some kind of weapon around the room. They saw nothing thank goodness. The system began to shut down the diamond ball, that must have been replaced from before floated around the room then it exploded. The men began to run and we left, Persephone phased us through the walls and we flew out into the streets. People had began to walk again and they were free from there cuffs.

“Thank goodness that we are out of there!” Persephone whispered.

“Yeah.” I sighed

“That was unreal!”

“A little so what do we do now. Can I go back?”

“Give me your book for a second please,”

“Yeah here”

Persephone wrote “TRUST NO ONE” on my book and then she handed it back to me.

“I am afraid you cannot,”

“Why not?”

“Because I have to be the hero,”


“I am sorry it had to come to this Seth, I need to save the world I only need a mortal to witness my actions. The journal was needed to warn you humans someday if I should fail. But since I am not going to fail you cannot leave me.”

I reached for the glasses. And I went flying into a near wall.

“I am sorry you cannot do that, you need to be invisible to startle no one of my soon actions.” Persephone apologized

“You are mad I want to go home!” I sobbed

“I cannot let you do that.”

I reached for the glasses and dodged her attack I grabbed them and smiled.

“When your glasses are crushed, your time is OVER… bye Persephone” I smiled as I crushed the glasses!

“No!” Persephone sobbed

I was gone and I landed in my bed wondering can she follow me? My head sang

“Your time is over, Persephone is no more. You are free to do what you wish with your journal!”

A figure appeared in the mist of Vermont’s weather. It was the purple hair girl.

“Wait I am confused?” I said puzzled

“I know. I am Persephone and I knew what would happen. I am sorry for the way I acted but I wanted to be the hero, the hero of all century. Your will has bested me. Fairies cannot control free will. Fairies are complicated creatures and you have earned their respect. The journal is yours to keep, do what you wish with it. We will not meet again. Goodbye Seth Kaileen, and good luck with the rest of your life.” Persephone said as she vaporized into the air.

“Goodbye Persephone.” I whispered

I stood up and walked to my bed and sat on it, thinking. I learned one thing though, trust no one. Even someone as beautiful as Persephone. I also learned fairies are weird… but most importantly I learned the truth, what will happen in our future if we should be afraid. This story is what makes a difference, I hope to warn the world of what to come. I have the power to make a difference, and I intend on using it!

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