Death Rider

Eldon and Ziron stumble upon a struggling Navigational and decides to team up to help them take down the most powerful creature known to the Navigational.

Aegis rose his blade in defense of the attacking creature but knew he stood no chance. How did this thing find him? The Death Rider was a vigilante, it hunted those that hunted other creatures. Basically the Navigational of the beasts side. Aegis was not supposed to be fighting this, he was told it was a horseman, a simple foe he could vanquish with ease. Was he set up? It howled in the distance as it spotted him.

“Hello, HUMAN!” It screamed in disgust as it slowly walked up to Aegis.

“Hello Huntsman,” Aegis said grasping his blade tightly wishing it would all be over.

“You dare challenge something of my caliber here? You foolish disgusting creature. Hunting us all to extinction! Is that your goal?? It snarled.

“Your creatures bring great destruction to our lives!” Aegis said struggling.

“Maybe this is the natural order of things? Perhaps you were meant to be brought to your knees before us? You humans are just weak creatures that need eradicating. We are the superiors, the elite race! You should bow before US!” It cried out as the clouds behind began to form fiery skulls as their gods looked upon the battle. The mare opened its jaw in a deafening howl as it snarled at Aegis.

“You keep saying I’m human?” Aegis said with a smirk.

Suddenly black smoke gathered around him as his body transformed. There before them stood a Vidus. Golden armor has formed around his body, flames pierced through the vents. His sword handle suddenly became a cylinder. Inside it a fire burning and an hourglass.

“You betrayed us! You disgusting disgrace! I can’t wait to end you!” The Death Rider screamed as he leapt from his steed.

“Welcome to your laying grounds!” Aegis said as he rose his blade.
Eldon and Ziron had stumbled through the swampy marsh wishing desperately for a fire. Everything was damn and the ground was just moss, with a foot of water over it.

“Why is it so wet here?” I cried in discomfort.

“This is the Swamp of Mastiff, a drenched land said to house a dragon of water deep beneath its many layers of moss. It is a terrible place to camp,” Eldon laughed.

“Stupid all of this is stupid,” I whined.

“Pathetic,” Sapphire whispered inside my mind.

Wind suddenly rushed around me in waves as the water was whisked away from my clothing and the ground. Each step was no longer water but damp moss. Much more easily traversed.

“You can do an awful lot of interesting things Ziron,” Eldon said pleasantly as he too was now freed from the damn waters.

“Wish I knew what I could and couldn’t do,” I said anxiously.

“Maybe you need to start using your brain a little more?” Eldon said, seriously.

“What are you talking about old man!”

“Think Ziron, boy, you are WIND! Wind can do so much more that blow the leaves of trees. Friction to lightning. Water to air. Flames to smoke. You don’t realize what you can do, because you don’t take the time to think about what you can do!”

“Thanks for your words of wisdom, oh great master,” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t mean to interrupt your misery, but do you hear that?” Sapphire said concerned.

I listened carefully trying to get in tune with his hearing. Blades were clashing in the distance.

“How many Navigational are there?”

“Four of us one for each compass point. Serj, Aegis, Callum, and I, why?”

“What is the likelihood of running into another one of them?”

“Slim to none, we barely travel in the same direction.

Eldon furnished a compass from his coat. He looked around feverishly as he located himself.

“If it was to be anyone, it would be Aegis. This is technically his mapping points.”

“I think Aegis is in danger.”

Eldon looked at me with worry in his eyes.
Aegis was blasted backwards from the strike of the Death Rider’s blade. It laughed manically as it rushed forward. His stead followed, prepared to rip him to shreds as well. Aegis blasted out fire, this deterred the stead but the Death Rider still came for him. Walking through the fire like it was nothing.

“You think flames can stop me?” It laughed.

“I was hoping it would slow you down,” Aegis said sincerely.

He stood tall with his sword but knew he would just be thrown back again. He needed to think of some sort of strategy to get himself out of this situation. He suddenly knew of a trick he had learned. He crafted fire beside him and a clone appeared beside him. It rushed the Death Rider. Their swords clashed in the falling sunlight as Aegis sat down and began chanting. Fire and obsidian gathered around him forming a cocoon. The clone was immediately destroyed turning back into fire as Aegis chanted faster. Suddenly obsidian gathered around his body forming a new armor.

“Well guess I have no choice,” Aegis grunted.

The Death Rider took a step back as a monstrosity appeared before him. Much taller and larger then the pathetic human he was facing before. It was cased in Obsidian Armor, it’s blade was also Obsidian now.

“Finally, a challenge!” The Death Rider cackled as it came at him. It’s stead now beneath it. It’s stead picked up Aegis and tossed him aside. A loud thunderous crash echoed the field.
Eldon and Ziron started towards the loud crash they heard in haste.

“That’s not possible? Aegis is a Vidus, a warrior crafted of fire. A Vidus is clothed in golden armor that expels fire. It can manipulate flames to form physical things. It is gifted with the power of Nordic Runes etched inside the armor. It has powers unimaginable from the perspective of normal warriors. It is hard to destroy! I could not imagine the creature he would be challenging that would cause him issues!”

“Well I think you better rack your brain, something has to be doing this? Wait you told me about Death Riders? They are the only thing you truly fear?”

“Glad to hear you’re paying attention boy. Yes they are just like us extreme hunters. Would one really be out here?”

“I don’t think Aegis would really be willing to gamble that possibility on rarity. We need to get there now!”

“Yes boy lets go with haste!”

Ziron summoned light around his body and grabbed Eldon by the armpits and blasted in the direction of chaos.
Aegis stumbled back up, holding open the mouth of the creature trying to devour him. Its drool oozed out of him covering Aegis in slime. The obsidian was starting to dissolve from it’s acidic spit. The Death Rider pointed its sword at Aegis and laughed.

“It’s over filth! You cannot defend teeth and blade!”

Suddenly the Death Rider was blasted from his mare by a blue blur. Ziron stood beside him blue light exploding around his body as he looked at the terrifying monster he had attacked.

“Two against one is unfair,” I said with a frown.

“What the hell is this?” The Death Rider said flabbergasted.

“My name is Ziron, a daemon Navigational!” I said triumphantly.

“A daemon!” It growled, “more disgusting traitors?”

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