When Eldon and Ziron are challenged with the feat of a beast known as the Slaver, they uncover more than they bargained…”

Eldon walked through the deep woods with me trailing behind him. I looked around anxiously at the darkness that seemed to seep into this forest. “What are we looking for?” I asked desperately.

“The Slaver, a being from lore that takes people hostage and uses them as slaves for their bidding” Eldon said as he pulled out his sword.

Excalibur was a gorgeous blade engraved with the Nordic Runes. It was hefty and sparkled in the light. Eldon quickly tapped a couple runes and suddenly each one lit up letting us see the woods we had stumbled upon.

“Finally light,” I whispered.

“Ziron, don’t you want to see better?” A voice echoed in my mind, “I’ll lend you my power, you could use it!”

“Back off Sapphire, I don’t need you right now!” I cursed mentally.

“Oh please!” Sapphire begged.

Suddenly twigs snapped in both directions as men covered in soot appeared. Eldon had his sword aimed at him and looked them over carefully.

“What are you doing here?” Eldon asked in disbelief.

“Help us please something, something has our friends, it’s making us dig in the coal pockets, we’ve already lost three people to suffocation it’s so ruthless. I can’t!” He cried as he quickly lunged himself on Eldon’s sword!

We both stood in complete shock as one of them slid off the blade, dropping to the ground blood gushing out of him into the discarded pine needles below.

“That looks so nice!” The other man said as he ran for Eldon’s blade as well.

I quickly lit up my fingers and drew a rune in the sky as I blasted him back with a wave of air.

“Why are you killing yourselves?” I asked in complete shock.

“Anything is better then the terror we’ve felt, I want release, I don’t want to worry anymore! Please kill, it looks so peaceful!” He cried, genuinely interested in being murdered.

“Yes, kill him!” Sapphire laughed in my head.

“Stop it!” I ordered in anger.

“We will not be shedding anymore unnecessary blood!” Eldon said in frustration.

“It’s the slaver isn’t it?” I asked as the man continued to beg for death.

“Yes. A particularly powerful one this time, they never want to die as much as this guy does right now. We must be swift Ziron and end this, how many more have escaped just to seek the relief of death?” Eldon said through gritted teeth.

“Lets do this!” I said as I summoned my aura.

Light began to shimmer around my body as the world opened up, clear as day, wind fueling my power as I tried to seek the very creature that has caused this much harm. Suddenly I saw in the distance a figure of darkness. I rushed towards it!

“Yes thank god release me! Let me slay something, let me KILLLLL!” Sapphire laughed as he overwhelmed me with power.

I struggled to contain him as I was blasting towards my adversary. I leapt at it and struck it with all my might, releasing as much power as I could in one single blow. To both kill him and control Sapphire.

It was not phased.

It looked at me (if I can say that with the cloak around its head) and screeched a god awful noise that immediately discharged me and my demonic abilities. Suddenly it struck me with a giant wooden beam as I was blasted off into the trees, knocking them all over as I flew. Eldon stood above me in complete shock as I panted in the leaves.

“What happened?” Eldon said with fear.

“It…was…not… cough… phased?” I cried. Blood oozed from my lips.

“How!” Eldon cried in complete terror, “they are never this strong never!”

Suddenly the creature was behind us. Its cloak blew in the wind as it looked at Eldon.

“You will be my slave!” It cried out, it felt as if it was hurting, dying! The most unsettling noise I’ve ever heard in my life.

Eldon stood in fear as he tried to think of a strategy to save us. It prepared to strike Eldon with the wooden beam it carried. He raised Excalibur in an attempt to block it. It was ineffective as Excalibur flew into the soil. Raising it up again it screeched again. I couldn’t focus, I needed to focus, I quickly drew another rune and screamed.

“Demon Fire!”

Waves of blue flame danced from my fingertips as I leapt into the air. The light immediately covering my body as I lashed out at the screaming creature. It’s body on fire as I swiftly kicked it into the woods below. I summoned a whip of wind and lashed it a thousand times. Control was no longer mine. It was Sapphire’s now.

It screamed as the blue flames ate at it’s cloak. It struggled and tried to flee as I just went madhouse on it. Striking it over and over again with a whip made of wind. I just couldn’t stop, it felt so good to cause this much pain. I kept lashing out until the light consumed me. I didn’t want control, not if it felt this good to be a god.

“Ziron!” Eldon cried.

Suddenly I felt like I was in a pool of water, slowly drowning, light peeking from above. That light was Eldon’s voice, I swiftly swam to it, fighting the massive current as I desperately tried to get air. I suddenly surfaced and realized what I was doing.

“Sapphire! STOP!” I cried as the light evaporated from me.

“How!” Sapphire cried as he was suppressed into my mind again.

“Thanks,” I panted, still feeling like I was drowning. The slaver lay in submission as it burned on the forest floor. Eldon stood up and quickly struck his sword through it’s chest. Suddenly it let out a scream of bloody murder as it dissipate into black smoke.

“How was that thing so powerful?” I asked, clutching my chest as pain filled my entire body. Sapphire was punishing me for taking control again.

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