I sat on the bench, desperately smoking a cigarette as a young man walked up to me and sat down.

                “Hello Seth, how have you been?” he asked in an anxious tone.

                “Hello Austin, I’ve been doing okay, how about yourself?” I said nonchalantly as I puffed away.

                “What happened to you man?” he said angrily.

                “I know, I was once this amazing God and now I am nothing more. I used to expel emotions from my body in a puff of black light, I used to whip away my sadness with a breeze, I could sleep in the evening’s and wake to the futures prediction. I was great once. Now I am no more.”

                “Don’t you want it back?” Austin asked with his head hung low.

                “I used to leap over things, balance perfectly, and my hand-eye coordination was on point. I could sense danger, manipulate emotions, I could do this all once. But now I am no more.”

                “Is it possible?”

                “I could sink myself in emotions and overwhelm myself with joy. I could dedicate my life to someone. Now I can’t; no more.”

                “I wanted what you had, I wouldn’t have let it slip, but you seem to think otherwise? You inconsiderate dick.”

                “I might reconnect someday, it’s always a possibility, however it’s not in my interests, not with all this tomfuckery.”

                “I’ll take your power, I’ll put it to good use, I can make the world better, why can’t you?”

I puffed the final puff, and slipped the cigarette to the wind. I looked him up once, and once again. I smiled with a smile, that was awfully force. I rushed my hand through his hair and looked at him once more.

                “Good luck little one, don’t let yourself become me, encourage your inner power, don’t let it be seen. I have faith you’ll do better than I ever could. Prove me right little brother. Make the final stand.”



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