The great Eldon and Ziron find themselves in a hectic battle where an unlikely ally will spell the difference of success or failure…

The massive creature stood looming over us, looking down with its blood red eyes with thirst for destruction. Eldon looked in fear at the creature they had stumbled upon. The field was wet with the dew of the impending sun. Ziron had gritted his teeth at the great creature before them. “What do we know about these fucking things,” I said, fear lacing my voice.

“They are called Man Beasts, it is said a human can succumb to so much darkness that they manifest into these great massive beasts. They kill their pray by skewering them with their massive claws and then sinking their tusks into them as a tenderizer. Then they rip the unfortunate to shreds as they devour their flesh, blood, and bone. It brings them great joy. They hunt alone, in matter of fact if they were to ever stumble upon another of their species they will try to devour them as well. It is quite a site to see!” Eldon said confidently.

“This is no time to be fucking happy old man! This is scary as all hell!” I cried.

“Ready boy?” Eldon said drawing his blade.

“No,” I said as light built around my body.

“Ziron, let me handle this. Just slip into sleep and I’ll massacre this creature!” Sapphire laughed violently.

“No, I control you!” I said through gritted teeth.

“Your funeral,” Sapphire said defeated.

Eldon and Ziron rushed the ginormous creature and Eldon struck with his blade as hard as his decrepit body would allow. It screeched in pain as it flicked him away like a bother. I leapt into the air and came rushing down on him. Summoning the claws provided by Sapphire trying to pierce it’s hide. I ripped it open as black blood oozed out. I suddenly felt faint as the light diminished around me and I crashed to the ground.

“Oh, forgot to mention, their blood is poisonous,” Eldon said struggling to stand up.

“What the hell! How the fuck can I kill this thing if I can’t make it bleed!” I cried out.

“Very strategically,” Eldon said with a smile.

“This is ridiculous why the fuck do you hunt these things!” I cried out.

“I protect lives boy, I always have, always will until death greets me!”

“You might get your wish with this thing!”

“Fine, let me help!” Sapphire grunted, finally realizing he was not going to get control easily.

Light formed around my head creating a barrier from the poison. I leapt into the air and blasted towards the creature with the propulsion of wind to strike him like a missile. He stumbled back a ways as he screamed out and lashed at me. Blasting me into the soil, at least three feet down. Pain immediately entered my body as the light around me couldn’t take the entire blow.

Eldon stood up and once again ran at it. Striking wildly as he flailed. Runes were glowing this time and I saw a protective layer of mist around his body. Now he was being smart about things. The field filled with thick fog as Eldon continued his onslaught. However, it wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. The creature lifted Eldon up and brought him to his face starting at him and screaming bloody murder. Eldon looked confident. Was this a scheme?

He suddenly blasted his mist at the creatures eyes until it dropped him on the ground clawing for vision. It stomped back and forth on the field as it prepared another attack. I crawled out of the dirt and needed to think of something.

I blasted towards the creature and blasted demonic fire into its face. It howled in misery as it crumbled to the ground. I made my claws longer as I rushed down like a drill. Spinning with the wind to drill into this things hide. It immediately leapt up, almost a hundred feet in the air as it crashed down on top of me. I felt the darkness begging to absorb me. I fought for consciousness as it clawed at me. My light was fading. There wasn’t going to be anything to protect me anymore.

The creature was blasted back in a flaming fury as it crashed into the mountains thousands of feet behind us! Kato appeared in his full demon form and rushed at the creature at a speed I could barely recognize. I struggled to stand up as unconsciousness begged for me.

“Yes! That is how you do things. Come on, the darkness just seems so comforting doesn’t it Ziron? Just let it have you. Five minutes, you will feel SO much better if you sleep!” Sapphire said in a hushed, almost, melodic tone.

I was really struggling now, with Sapphire soothing me like this; a nap sounded completely amazing. I knew I couldn’t give up though. I struggled through the murky vision I had of the field. Regaining the focus of the demon that rescued me. Someday, I’ll be like that. I’ll have Sapphire obeying me! That pushed me through as I hushed Sapphire. Locking him away into the recesses of my mind. I summoned his power forcefully as I blasted towards the monstrosity.

I lashed out in a fury of quick strikes as it screamed for mercy. It was flailing on the ground as two demons horridly tore it to pieces. It screamed and screamed until Kato looked over at me.

“Lets end this!” Kato said, “Lesson two! Demon Attacks!”

Katos form turned back to himself with just a layer of light. Fire gathered into his body as a bow and arrow was formed. The arrow was ten feed long and spurred with obsidian. I decided to try to copy him. The wind built around me as it began to hit each other and create lightening! Suddenly I felt a ball of power in my mouth as I leapt higher into the air.

“Blue Lighting!” I cried.

Lightening blasted out of my mouth as it struck the foe. Spazzing and flailing as the electricity coursed through its body. It’s eyes melted and oozed out of its head. It was yelping now like a hurt dog. It tried to grab the earth trying to calm itself. No avail.

“Fusillade Arrow!” Kato cried as the arrow was immediately in the foe.

I never saw it leave his bow it was so fast. It struck through his body tearing flesh, bone, and muscle to shreds as it entered. Suddenly it exploded in the foes heart. One last little squeal of begging slipped before it turned into black smoke and evaporated into the air.

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