Mahus Clan Revenge (Part 2)

The two men beside him quickly did hand signs as they locked eyes with each other.

“Yin Release, Two-Timing Combo!” They yelled together as chakra strings flew through the air connecting the two enemies. Suddenly their bodies became one giant monster.

“Yin Release, Speed of Light Jutsu!” The leader exclaimed as Chakra built around him suddenly he disappeared.

“Byakugan,” I cried as I strained for the last of my chakra, “Hyrano, the two soldiers combined themselves to this monstrous beast and their leader activated a Jutsu that makes him ridiculously fast, your Sharingan should be able to see him!”

Suddenly a pain pierced through my chest as my Byakugan sapped a bit of my Spirit Chakra I fell to the ground panting as it shut off. Hyrano had activated his Sharingan and watched as Amadeus approached the assailants.

“Yin Release, Phantom Light Symphony,” Amadeus whispered as invisible arrows of light gathered around his hands he ran up and punched the unsuspecting beast as his arrows of light pierced their flesh.

“Amadeus hit me,” they cried in harmony.

Suddenly Amadeus was stuck from the soil crashed into a tree as blood oozed out of his mouth, the leader appeared in a shimmer crashing his column onto him Amadeus was instantly out, unconscious in the soil struggling for the light. Hyrano leapt out of the forest and quickly did some hand signs.

“Water Style; Water Shuriken Jutsu!” Hyrano yelled as water formed behind him lashing out at their attackers.

“Water Nature,” the beast said as it struck them.

“I’ll take care of this guy,” the leader laughed as he disappeared and appeared behind Hyrano, his Sharingan just barely caught a glimpse of him as Hyrano looked over in fear at the cement coming at him. Water came around him and blocked the attack, it began to ripple corroding the cement quickly. The leader leapt back pulling the weapon from the waters grip.

“Jesus, no!” He cried out angrily.

Hyrano was shocked, he didn’t do that? He wasn’t this fast yet, his Sharingan was just barely unlocked and it didn’t pick things up as quickly as a veteran Uchia’s would, not to mention he was an Escalade, not an Uchia, he had no idea how he had this either! Where did the water come to protect him? He didn’t have time to understand it as the leader was already upon him again, the water balled around Hyrano blocking the attack but turning to vapor as it surrounded the cement.

“Nice try boy, I’ve made the Yin Chakra heat up, so your water can’t degrade it any further. Nothing but water vapor for you, now time to die!” He laughed as the cement was hovering over him.

Sikki leapt into the air, “Byakugan, Palm Rotation!”

The pain struck him as Spirit Chakra surrounded him defending the two from the attack. Sikki fell to the ground as blood dripped from his nose. He tried to stand up and stare at the attackers.

“Well, you look a bit in rough shape,” the leader said trying to stand up from the blast.

“Sikki, what’s going on?” Hyrano asked.

“Nothing, lets finish this guy,” Sikki panted.

Amadeus was conscious and pulled his pained arms to his chest and pulled off a hand sign, “Yin Release Chakra Transfer Jutsu!”

Suddenly Chakra entered Sikki’s body, the Byakugan turning on and everything coming clear again.

“Hyrano, ready!” Sikki said putting his hands together.

“Sharingan,” Hyrano said as he followed each of Sikki’s hand signs.

A blast of wind built behind them water sucked inside it as a typhoon appeared, Chakra Needles poked out of the typhoon as it exploded. Blasting needles of Chakra at the foes hitting them in each of their Chakra Points. The two people were separated and the Chakra dissipated from the leader’s body as they no longer had access to their Chakra.

“This is disappointing,” the leader said with a frown.

“Sorry sir, we don’t know what happened?” The two said dumbfounded.

“They posses Ocular Kekkai Genkai, it was foolish to approach them like this. Master Camarillo is going to be disappointed,” the leader said struggling to stand up.

Suddenly three Anbu-Black-Ops appeared in the forest behind the three heroes. They sat next to Amadeus looking over his wounds.

“You are under arrest for Treason,” the three Anbu-Black-Ops said in unison.

Chakra wrapped around their arms and hands as they were slowly paralyzed. They picked up the three ninjas and leapt towards the Hidden Leaf Village. Sikki and Hyrano picked up the mangled Amadeus and followed them.

“We need to find out more about this Camarillo, we are probably in great danger,” Amadeus said softly.

“Don’t worry about it Sensei, get some rest, we will meet up with Orion and figure something out,” Sikki said, “also, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Amadeus said with a small smile.

The approached the hospital as two healing Ninja retrieved Amadeus and we followed them to one of the tents. Hokage Orion sat in a stool next to the bed helping them get Amadeus comfortable.

“The Anbus let me know the situation, what else have I missed?” He asked triumphantly.

“The Mahus Sir are rebelling against us. I fought one earlier who planned to poison us all with a Harpie,” Sikki said with a sigh.

“Amadeus told me a bit about the Harpies, but I thought they were sealed away, and they mentioned Camarillo, does that sound familiar to you?” Hyrano asked.

The color left the Hokage’s cheeks as he looked out the window, contemplating the amount of danger we were all in now.

“The Seven Sages of Sealing, locked away the Harpies we knew, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t others out there. Camarillo however, is one of the Seven Sages of Sealing. I’m concerned with his involvement of this, as they are ridiculously powerful Ninja, this could be simply a misunderstanding and he might be undercover, but I’m not certain of what is happening with this. I must speak to the council on this matter immediately. I’m sorry Amadeus, Hyrano, Sikki, this is now an D-Rank Mission, you can no longer be involved,” Orion said as he walked out the door.

Sikki and Hyrano sat down beside their Sensei, contemplating the information they had received.

“The was easily at least a C-Rank Mission,” Amadeus chuckled softly.

“You need some rest Sensei, what are we to do now? I feel like we need to help them!” Hyrano said angrily staring out the door.

“We need more information,” Sikki said trying to think of a plan.

“Stop it,” Amadeus coughed as he sat up, “this is a D-Rank Mission, you haven’t even been cleared for a C-Rank, let alone a D-Rank, back off.”

Hyrano and Sikki looked at their mangled Sensei with worry on their eyes. They looked at each other, a little plan forming between them.

“Sorry Sensei, get some rest,” they said to Amadeus.

“Well it’s not like I can stop you or anything,” Amadeus said slyly as he pulled a cigarette to his lips, “good night boys.”

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