Sometime Around Midnight

The music was melancholy as I pounded back my wine. Who would have known that tonight would be the night to tear me apart. Her hair ran down her shoulders in waves. Her eyes glimmered under the bar lights. I could see a smile stretched across her face. I couldn’t take it. I stumbled backwards, trying to get away. My memories possessing me.

“Hey baby, how about a nice glass of wine?” She whispered into my ear. A white dress was all that covered her curves. I tried not to stare.
“Yeah, that sounds nice!” I smiled, trying to prevent my heart from leaping out of my chest. I couldn’t believe I had this amazing woman in my life.
She walked over and poured two small glasses with a bright red liquid. It sparkled and gleamed as the candlelight played off of the concoction.

As if the night faded into a fog we were lying naked in bed rolling around in silk sheets. Our passion overwhelming us as we shared the most sensational affections.

Suddenly she was looking at me. She was laughing and clutching her wine. Suddenly her legs danced across the bar floor as she walked up to me.
“How are you doing?” She asked.

“I told you I was done with the drinking Derek, I’m sick of it. All you smell like is alcohol.” She cried as she slammed the door in my face.
“I don’t know what to tell you, my life is nothing but a complicated mess!” I slurred as I stumbled onto the bed.
“Don’t you ever think that maybe, for once, you can think of us? Aren’t you happy with me Derek!” She sobbed through the door.
“Of course I am, I love you, please I’m sorry” I begged, a door was all that was between us.”

“Things are okay, I’m going somewhere with my life I think,” I try to fake a smile. Trying to fool her.
“That’s so great Derek,” she smiled, “nice to see you.”

Gone like she arrived, I watched her walk away. A man wrapped his arm around her waist.

“I’m sorry for everything, everything I’ve done, I don’t know what’s wrong, I don’t know what happened!” I pleaded.
“I’m sorry Derek, I can’t do this, not anymore. I’ve put up with you this long I just can’t do it anymore!” She said tears flowing from her eyes as she got into the back of a taxi.
“Rebecca please! Don’t!” I yelled out. The cab sinking into the foggy New York streets.

The man lead her out of the bar and she looked back at me, almost taunting me with her new interest. I shook and stumbled across the floor. My stomach was twisting and turning. My fave turning pail as my heart broke.

“Please Rebecca, I’m getting help I swear please come home. Have coffee with me let me fix this,” I cried into her voicemail, a fifth of whisky in my hands.

My friends approached me, almost like they were worried. I could see their mouths moving but I couldn’t hear their words. I stomped out of the bar into the streets. Walking sideways down the sidewalk as people stared at me. I collapsed to the the ground sobbing.

“This can’t be fixed Derek, I can hear the bottle sloshing from here,” she said as she hung up the phone.
I tossed it at the wall and threw my head into my hands.


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