The Truth-Finally

“You have failed me Alexander, do you know what that means?” the man said menacingly.

“No please, they’re dead, it was a slight blip in my plans!” Alexander (aka “The Enforcer”) whimpered.

“But Caspian, he was the big deal, and it took you two tries to stop him? How upsetting,” he smirked.

Electricity flowed from the man’s body electrocuting Alexander. He floundered and choked as pain filled his body. Tears welled up in his eyes, as for the second time in his life, he felt pain.

“Please Zeus, they’re gone. I did it. Please stop hurting me,” he begged.

“You heard the man,” a voice rang behind Zeus.

“Dr. Grimhold, I knew I would run into you soon enough!” Zeus smirked as he turned around, lighting flying from his hands. A person absorbed the lightning, bursting into flames and turning into dust. Suddenly water rained down on him, sparking electricity from his body, directing it in wild directions.

“How could you, you clever disgrace!” Zeus cried.

“Not so strong without your little dog huh?” the man smiled.

A slim man stepped from behind him, he seemed to be of Haitian descent. He sported a pair of gold glasses and wore a tailored suit. He fixed his sleeves as a clone of the man stepped beside him.

“Capture the Enforcer, his powers have been shut off, and take Mr. Zeus in for questioning, he’s meddled with too much. Did you find Heather?” Dr. Grimhold asked, as he produced a pair of specialized handcuffs, “These have a sedative inside that will prevent them from accessing their abilities.”

“Yes sir,” one of the clones said as they apprehended the sparking man. The other clone managed to grab the one weeping on the wall. They both were carried to a van parked in the alley.

“We have Heather,” one said tapping an earpiece.

“Excellent, bring her here we need her,” Dr. Grimhold said as he inspected the bodies.

Heather and one of the clones stepped out of the alley. Heather looked terrified at the mass grave in front of her. One of the clones brought them chairs and he motioned for her to sit down.

“Good afternoon Heather, my name is Dr. Kasey Grimhold, I specialize in people with abilities. I have summoned you here, with the help of my friend, Abacus, and his many clones. However, I am not one who will simply demand a favor without returning one, quid pro quo, sort of say,” he smiled.

“You want me to go through all this pain to heal these three people? Why do I have this stupid power?” she sputtered in anger.

“You see it all began as a government experiment, I bet that pretty much explains it. Twenty-six individuals were chosen coded with initials that all equal one letter. For example, you are Heather Hayes Harper, HHH, you have the ability to heal, you were given this power when you were a child, you never knew why you couldn’t get hurt but you were so young, you thought it was normal. Until you grew up. Then you questioned it, and now you live in fear. That’s what I’m offering today, I have with me a serum that would suppress your fear gland in your brain, you won’t live in fear and you will forget the awful things that had happened to you before. Would you be interested? A few mintues of your time, and no more fear?” Kasey smiled, producing a small box with a needle inside.

“I hate living in fear every day, but this is ridiculous. So I am a genetic experiment?” Heather said, feeling like she’s known this all along.

“I would say, please take your time to think about it, but these people here, they don’t have the luxury and Trevor and I, um, he’s a Time Traveler, have lost touch, so it’s all you. I apologize for the horrific things that have been done to you, but me, I’m on your side. I want to get to the bottom of this. Figure out what corporation has done this. I will find them. I will destroy them, from the inside out.” Kasey said.

“You need these three to help with that?” she asked intrigued.


“Okay, I will do it. Please figure this out for me. I hate, being different.”

“Don’t ever hate who you are.”

He prepared the needle. She put out her arm and he gently injected it into her.

“This takes time to work, so this is where I leave you, but my card, in case you have questions.” Kasey smiled as he slipped a card in her pocket and walked to his van.

“Thank you,” she said, tears of joy whelming inside her.

Heather walked up to the mangled bodies and took a deep breath. She placed her arms on Quinn, who laid silently on the concrete. She felt pain through her spine, life force leaving her body. His eyes slowly opened, but they were instantly closed. Davis was the most gruesome. Bars through his chest. She needed help with him. She walked up to Caspian, the man she has saved once before. She looked at his exposed bone and blood. A smoking cigarette by him. She found herself attracted to him, like she needed to care for him. After saving her life, she had grown attached, even after his sharp words. She picked his hand up and poured herself into him. Her flesh felt like it was being seared by the sun. She felt the anger inside him. She decided, she would fix this too. What kind of man would he be after this? Suddenly his eyes snapped opened and flames played around his hands as he prepared to defend himself.

“Caspian, it’s me, it’s me!” she cried in fear.

“Heather? Have I been killed again?” Caspian said calmly.

“Yes, and I need your help with the man hanging from the wall!” she asked.

“Where is the Enforcer?” Caspian asked, ignoring her.

“He was taken by Dr. Grimhold, I don’t know where, he sent me here to save you,” Heather explained.

“Oh, okay, I will pursue the answers to that next, first off Davis!” Caspian said snapping his fingers melting the bars that help him up.

Heather walked over to him and touched him, her chest aching and her life force diminishing. His eyes opened as hers closed.

“I’m glad to see everyone awake.” Quinn smirked, dusting himself off.

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