The Battle in the Woods 

She stumbled into the soil, it’s moistness penetrating her robes. Filing her nostrils with the earthy aroma of mushrooms. Her eyes watering from exhaustion and her breath a shallow gasp she stood to her feet. The branches breaking around her as she watched glowing red eyes begin to surround her. A stream of blood metallic in her throat she swallowed in fear. 

Her sword raised, her goddesses looking down on her, and a ball of fire in her hands, she still wasn’t confident she could win this battle. 
Hellraisers; hellraisers, everywhere! 
Suddenly claws came for her glinting a speckle of light of the moonlight slicing through her robes leaving tattered remains. She blasted the horrific creature away with fire and two more appeared behind her. Tackling her to the dirt begging to rip her head off. Drool flying and teeth gnashing, what a horrifying nightmare her life had become. She closed her eyes and began to recite the old defense spell. 
“Skjöldur” she muttered in desperation. 
An explosion of magic erupted from her body, blasting away the creatures begging to feast upon her flesh. The cried in agony as they flattened trees and brush with their bodies. She looked around painfully to see that more were coming. She fell to her knees tears begging to overflow in her eyes. She pouted and began to cry knowing that this was one battle she wasn’t coming back from. 
A crash could be heard from the wood line as a Knights sword sliced through one of the creatures flesh, bursting it into flames. He swung backwards and another creature burst into smoke. He began slashing through them with his blade turning her grave into a place of rebirth. His moves were swift and quick as hellraiser after hellraiser he sliced through them in desperation. He suddenly tossed his sword into the ground and leaned on its handle. Hands resting as the gnawing creatures came closer and closer. Did he give up? It looked as though he was muttering something quietly to himself. Did he know magic. She trembled in the soil as they got closer. 
“Stríðsmenn Blása” he cried out, his eyes glazed over in light. 
Energy emitted from the blade like a typhoon, exploding around him in waves, massacring the creatures in lights unseen. Waves continued to blast from his blade making sure to get every inch and corner in it’s radius. Hellraisers were bursting in flames and turning to smoke in agonizing screams as the battlefield was cleared by but one man. 
She lay there in awe over his power. Wondering who he could be? What is he doing here? Is he a soldier, a king, a God! The possibilities of his existence were forever lasting. She looked at him her jaw dropped in shock as suddenly she realized. He was gone. She crumpled to her knees from exhaustion and overwhelming admiration for whoever just saved her life. 
Or did she save her own life? 

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