Tiez, Killer of Kings


“Get the king to his throne safe room, pronto!” A soldier said bursting through the doors. Two Knights looked at him in confusion.

“Tiez, he’s here,” the soldier clarified.

“No, how, stop him! Where is Renaldo?” The king sputtered impatiently.

“He’s going after Tiez now, but for safety sake we are hiding you away. Into the throne room, now! Only one knight will be able to go with him, quickly decide!” The soldier said through screams just outside the door.

“I will protect you until I die sir!” One knight chimed up as he ushered the king to safety.

Tiez swept through the hallways in fury as he sliced open several Knights and pressured forward. He clapped his hands and blew holes into the doors designed to protect the king. He finally reached the hall to the throne room.

“Stop alchemist,” someone ordered.

Tiez turned around to see a man wearing all blue, a state alchemist! Suddenly the room exploded in light as Tiez was attacked by Renaldo, he clapped his hands and created a wall out of stone to absorb the blow. He clapped again and ran his hand down his arm, forming a sword. He ran after Renaldo and suddenly was faced with a whip made of light, wrapped around his ankle pulling him across the stone floor. Smacking him against the walls surrounding them.

“Lightsworn alchemist, what a pity,” Tiez coughed as blood flowed from his mouth.

“I switched to a more prosperous career. I protect the king he pays me handsomely, and although I don’t get to practice as much as I would like too. I have money so…” He smirked as he whipped out a barrage of light and struck Tiez.

“The best part of alchemy is understanding it. Suddenly Tiez coated himself in silver reflecting the light away from him.

“What you can’t transmute something out of nothing!” He cried furiously.

Tiez showed him a bracelet made of several different metals.

“Clever, alchemist, what do they even call you now?” Ronaldo asked.

“Tiez, killer of kings,” he smirked as he struck his sword through his attackers chest.

Ronaldo fell to the ground panting as light struggled to stitch him together, Tiez transmuted his sword into silver and repelled the lights.

“You can heal once, you’re unconscious!” Tiez said sadly.

“They’ll find you, and kill you!” Ronaldo struggled his eyes demanding to close.

“I hope so, I like to be challenged,” Tiez said pulling the blade from his chest as his eyes closed. Light began to fabricate stitches and put him back together, sparkling around his body.

Tiez began to traverse the hallways looking for those big double doors. There before him were the doors to the king’s throne. He smiled and blasted them apart. Inside were two soldiers, who quickly found themselves crushed under stone. The room was empty, no king here!

“Of course, they managed to get him away,” Tiez said in frustration.

Tiez walked around the throne room looking for a secret room. Ripping paintings from walls and grimacing as his hope was flustering. He sat himself on the king’s throne and tried to think, how would they get away? Suddenly he felt the chair move a little. He leapt into the air and landed, beginning to inspect the chair. He smirked as he saw a little hole, just big enough for a small key. He touched his bracelet to the hole and clapped his hands, forming metal to fill its crevasse. He turned it slightly, a click could be heard.

“A secret room below the throne, clever.”

He kicked it aside to reveal a set of stairs. He walked down them as silently as he could. Feeling his way around in the dark as he descended deeper into the darkness. He discovered an intricate collection of hallways. No idea which one to follow.

“This could take longer than I thought!”


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