The Dead Guardian-Continued

Brooke looked over and saw the bushes rustling. She clutched her staff in fear as Sly went to investigate. Suddenly Sly was tossed aside a flow of blood following. He laid next to her panting as she looked over at his body and tears began to flow from her eyes. Out beyond the bushes, a black creature came out blood oozing from its mouth. It snarled at her in bloodlust as she prepared her staff, forgetting that this area doesn’t allow magic! “You filthy beast!” She cried, as miraculously a blast of magic energy exploded from her staff. 

The beast was strewn out on the glowing grass as it panted in pain. It managed to stumbles itself up and came after Brooke. She attacked him with her staff, knocking the creature aside but not harming it. She tried to do magic, but it wouldn’t work. She stared at it in fear as it came after her. 

Suddenly a glint of a blade sparkled in her eyes as the creature was cut into two. There before her appeared a man, wearing a black trench coat and sheathing a sword, she recognized him immediately. 

“Zabara!” She screeched in excitement. 

“Hello Brooke, looks like you can’t stay out of harms way huh?” He chuckled. 

“What are you doing here?” Brooke asked, suddenly realizing her companion was hurt, “Sly!” 

She hurried over to her furry friend looking at his wounds tears welling up. 

“I can’t use magic,” she said defeated. 

“Don’t worry, let’s see what I can do!” Zabara said reaching into his coat pockets rummaging from something to stop the bleeding. He furnished a small jar inside was some moss. He pulled some out of the jar and placed it favorably in his wound. Suddenly it began to absorb the moss, replacing it with flesh sealing the wound. Sly leapt up and licked Zabara’s face. He laughed as he toppled over into the grass. 

“Thank you so much!” Brooke smiled as she wiped tears from her face. 

“Anytime princess, so why am I here? Well honestly I’m searching for a rare flower that is said to grow here in the Deep Haven’s. It is said to grant more powerful alchemy, but I haven’t had the luxury of finding it. How about you? Why all on your own traveling the woods of the Guardian?” Zabara asked suspiciously. 

“I’m traveling with two people, but we had to break apart to travel these three paths.” 

A twig cracked behind them and Zabara ripped his blade out in defense. There before him was Derek, a gun in his hand aimed at him, a piece of grass in his teeth, clenching them angrily. On the other side, a blade could be heard coming from its scabbard. Zabara turned around and struck the approacher, his sword immediately tossed from his hand as Serj took a step forward. 

“Stop it guys, he’s a friend!” Brooke cried out in shock. 

“Who is this? Why is he following us?” Derek asked, never once lowering his weapon. 

“How did you know I was following you?” Zabara said clenching his fists. 

“I’m a mercenary, it’s my job to protect high disciples. I’ve been trained to recognize noises most would not hear. You tried to soften your steps with magic, and I couldn’t hear you after we entered so I figured you gave up and fled from this magic free haven,” Derek explained. 

“You’ve been following me?” Brooke said betrayed. 

“Sorry Brooke, I was worried about you and didn’t want you to get hurt. I was worried who you might meet up with and of all people a mercenary and a navigational. I was very concerned. Hoping they weren’t planning to double team you as thieves,” Zabara said shamefully. 

“I can’t take care of myself,” Brooke said sheepishly. 

“Now, how did you find me?” Zabara asked. 

“Soul Resonance, we felt her heartbeat quicken, then felt fear and sadness. We both rushed here as fast as we could,” Serj explained. 

“Now the question of the day, why are you three traveling together?” Zabara asked calmly. 

“We need to warn the king,” Derek said, lowering his weapon. 

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