The Showdown

Caspian came from behind the brick, with a grimace on his face. He looked thoroughly pissed.

“So killing your own kind is a specialty of yours?” Caspian said through gritted teeth.

“I killed you?” the man said flabbergasted.

“Didn’t take,” Caspian laughed as he whipped out his hand and snapped his fingers.

Flames came at him in a stream of blue liquid, exploding on contact with the man. However, he was left unscathed.

“That’s a pity, I will not be crucifying you this time. Your death will be in cold blood. Please my father I beg for your forgiveness as what I’m about to do is frowned upon. If I cannot be forgiven I will sacrifice my soul to you as payment.” the man said, suddenly his eyes began to glow.

Telekinetic energy blasted out of his body crumpling all the brick around them, Caspian barely managed to soften that blow with his flames as he was tossed into the bricks, a couple bones snapping on impact. He crumpled to his knees panting. Suddenly their hand was on his throat and picking him up.

“I killed you so you would be cleansed. I crucified you so you may ask forgiveness from my father, you failed to follow those simples’ requests, and now I must kill you. You will not be given a fair trial, you will not be judged, you will be sent to hell. I will not be the Enforcer this time,” The main said as he hung his head in shame. Tears flowing from his eyes. He tossed his cross in disgust at what he was about to do.

Suddenly Quinn leapt onto his feet and swiftly kicked the Enforcer into the bricks across from the crippled Caspian.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned,” Quinn chuckled as he walked up to the surprised man with bloodlust in his eyes.

Quinn picked him up by the throat and punched several arteries on the man’s body before dropping him to the pavement. The Enforcer gagged as the first time in his life, he tasted blood.

“You managed to hurt me?” The Enforcer pleaded with shock.

“Of course I did, I’m Hyperkinetic, and I know everything about you before you do!” Quinn smiled, “and I know just where to punch you for maximum effect.”

“This will not do, I cannot have this, and I have a mission to save your retched souls. Why do you not want to be saved? Why do you want to rot in hell? Why do you want to be under Satan’s rule?” The Enforcer said angrily, “you need to be saved!”

Suddenly telekinetic energy oozed from the Enforcer and he lifted up Quinn and snapped his body in half. Quinn’s scream was all that could be heard from the whooshing of his power. He dropped to the ground jerking in pain as the Enforcer approached him. He wiped his lip for the blood and drew an A on his forehead.

“You will be saved,” the Enforcer said as he silently prayed.


Caspian tried to stand up but his body was mangled from the brick wall and he didn’t know what to do, Quinn was just snapped in half. He couldn’t win this fight, he needed to get away, and what about that other guy? Looking over Caspian noticed that he wasn’t laying there, he is going to try and fight him. It’s suicide. Caspian bit through the pain.

“Don’t do it man, he’s too strong!” Caspian cried out.

Davis appeared behind the Enforcer and struck him as hard as he could. But nothing happened it was absorbed by telekinetic energy.

“You’re next,” the Enforcer laughed.

He blasted Davis into the brick walls and summoned two pipes and sent them through his chest. A gasp was all that could be heard before death claimed him. Caspian pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He took a pull in and struggled to stand up. He smirked at the Enforcer who noticed him moving.

“Why do you get up? You know you can’t fight the holy light,” the Enforcer said as he walked up to Caspian.

“I figured this may be my last breath, again, why not enjoy my last cigarette? Surly you know about the last meal?” Caspian gasped as he leaned against the brick.

“You don’t deserve such luxuries. You’re a monstrosity and need to be put down!” the Enforcer said angrily.

“Well who said you’re why I’m dying?” Caspian laughed as he closed his eyes.

He took a final drag on his cigarette and began to snap his fingers quietly building up momentum. Snapping faster flames played around his body in a swirling vortex. Suddenly a cyclone of fire was separating them. The Enforcer summoned his telekinetic energy and prepared to defend himself. The glow of eyes could be seen through the fire.

“Dante’s Inferno!” Caspian yelled as he released his fire.

A tornado of flaming disaster destroying everything in its wake, including burning up Caspian. The Enforcer tried to block it with his telekinesis but it only softened the blow. The Enforcer stood in shock as his robes were partially melted. His body burned slightly from the fire. The Enforcer looked at the ghastly view that surrounded him. Davis hung on the wall blood oozing from his wounds. Quinn had finally stopped floundering as he laid silently on the pavement, Caspian was seemingly standing still, a massacre of burned flesh and partially exposed bone.

“All I wanted to do was save you from what you’ve become,” the Enforcer pleaded as he dropped to his knees, “why wouldn’t you let me save you?”

“Maybe we weren’t looking to be saved,” a voice rang out beside him.

The Enforcer looked, with pure fear in his eyes, to see Quinn, somehow standing again. Panting as his body struggled to keep up with him.

“How are you standing?” the Enforcer gasped, truly terrified.

“There is a lot you don’t understand,” Quinn said.

A flurry of kicks came at the Enforcer slamming him into the bricks two nails were tossed at him, aimed at his head. Quinn picked up a couple bricks and tossed those too, nailing the Enforcer. He attempted to protect himself to realize, his telekinesis wasn’t working.

“What did you do?” the Enforcer shuttered.

“Simple. I’ve studied anatomy, and my studies told me there was a slim chance your telekinesis was fueled by two places in your brain. I took the risk of death to shut you down. You’re too strong and we can’t have someone like you running about. I’m sorry Mr. Enforcer, but today is your day of reckoning. I will bring you to whatever god you believe in, where you can atone for your sins. With one cut of this knife, all your blood will spill to the pavement. I will lie next to you as my body can’t fight forever. I will not be dying alone tonight,” Quinn said as he pulled a knife from his pocket. Snapping it open.

“This can’t happen, you can’t do this! I have so many more lives to save! Please don’t!” he begged.

“You haven’t saved anyone. In reality you had just become a cold blooded killer. You say you’re trying to save souls, but really you’re taking them when they are, to your standards, cursed. You are actually sending those souls to hell. If you so believe in such a place.” Quinn said walking up to him.

“No, me crucifying them should save them!” the Enforcer spoke, questioning his actions.

“That’s not how this works, I’m sorry,” Quinn said his head hung low.

Quinn placed the blade at his throat and prepared to take his life. Something he has never done before. He wasn’t sure if he had it in him. Capturing people is different. They are alive. They are just brought to their handler, they do the dirty work, if necessary, and he’s just the collector. Quinn began to tear up. Swiftly he needed to get it over with.

A crack of electricity coursed through Quinn’s body. Spasms struck him as he shuttered on the pavement. His knife tossed aside and his eyes rolling in and out of consciousness.

“I don’t know how you managed to do this to my assassin but I will not tolerate it,” a deep voice boomed.

Quinn tried to look at him, tried to get a look, but his body was already so weak from the battle. He knew unconsciousness was not far away. He fought it but his body gave in. He heard their footsteps approaching him. Wondering what he would do to him now?

“You have let me down Alexander, you must be punished…”




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